Meghan finally changed back to the summer dress, wearing beaded white skirts elegant and fresh, and Harry holding hands with Harry is sweet and sweet


The Meghan couple recently participated in concerts in New York, a charity concert aimed at promoting global equality to gaining the COVID vaccine. The couple appeared in Central Park and told the audience about the fairness of vaccine.


Meghan finally replaced her favorite coat and put on a white dress. This exquisite flower skirt comes from Valentino. The fresh temperament worn by the model is not much different.


Meghan, who gave birth to two baby, can maintain such a good figure. This simple and neat white dress is her always favorite style. The exquisite beading style is embellished at the neckline and skirt, blooming elegant and gorgeous beauty, exquisite round neck tailoring and short sleeves, adding a little sense of randomness.


Meghan’s shape is still very eye -catching this time. The straight version of the dress is more suitable for Meghan’s “apple shape” figure. It can not only cover the belly, but also show long legs. shape.

With gorgeous diamond ring and Cartier watches, every time Meghan appeared, she always loves to match these shining accessories to show her gorgeous beauty. With a white dress, her style has become fresh.


This time Meghan’s makeup hair style is also very eye -catching. The low ponytail hairstyle exposes the neck curve. The bangs on both sides of the face can modify the arc and make the face more compact. Her makeup is still the usual small smoke makeup, and her lip makeup is also nude, so that her eyes can be brighter.


A beaded flower, embellished on the skirt, blooms a romantic gesture. The white line is versatile, which can brighten Meghan’s skin tone and let her show her fresh and elegant beauty.

Meghan, who was holding hands with Harry, was full of love in the eyes of the two. Although they had left the British royal family, their feelings were not affected at all. After giving birth to their daughter Lily, they seemed to love each other more.

Meghan always has the right to coquettish by Harry. She snuggles in Harry’s arms according to people. The smile on the two faces is very infectious and looks like ordinary couples.

You must know that the shape that Meghan appeared before is mainly based on the professional style set. The shirt is paired with high -waisted trousers, and a camel coat, wearing a bloated feeling. It can be seen that after she gave birth to Lily, her figure has not recovered well, and the whole person is a little fat.


In addition to camel -colored coats, this wine -red suit is also very hot, especially in the weather of the big sun. However, the set of modified body is even thinner, the wine red is more retro, and the overall shape is quite eye -catching.

Meghan finally changed back to the summer dress. Wearing a beaded white skirt is elegant and fresh, and Harry held hands with Harry. Do you think that Meghan’s white dress looks pretty good?