In 2021, the installation, maintenance, demolition finding analysis and high -altitude installation, maintenance and demolition examination summary


Question bank source: Safety production simulation test, a little public account applet

Safety production simulation test is a little bit of general: installation, maintenance, dismantling and finding an analytical reference answer and high -altitude installation, maintenance, demolition test test analysis is the teacher and high -altitude installation, maintenance, and demolition operation certificate for the safety production simulation test. Summary of students who have worked relatively to help install, maintain, and demolish the exam summary of the students to pass the exam smoothly.

1. [Single -selected questions] Special operating operating qualification certificates of special operators shall be stipulated by the State Council ’s construction department. (A)

A. Unity

B. Various kinds

C. All kinds

2. [Single -selected questions] The test items of speed difference self -controllers have a standard cycle. (B)


A, one

B. Three years

C. Two

3. [Single -choice question] The centrifugal safety lock rope speed of the electric hanging basket is not greater than () m/min. (B)

A, 20

B, 25

C, 30

4. [Single -choice question] Contains a large amount of dust but no explosion and fire hazards, and select the () type lighting device. (B)

A. Explosion -proof

B. dustproof

C. Seismic

5. [Single -choice question] The eye ring of the hanging rope must be equipped with a () card. (B)

A. Round

B. Heart shape

C, ellipse

6. [Single -selected questions] The basic height of the high -altitude operation is based on the position of the operation. (A)

A, 6

B, 4

C, 3

7. [Single -selected questions] Places with explosion and fire hazards, select the () type lighting device according to the level of dangerous places. (B)

A. Seismic

B. Explosion -proof

C. dustproof

8. [Single -selected questions] The rope of seat belt and a fixed seat belt should be checked in the use of (). (B)




9. [Single -selected questions] The commonly used hanging basket suspension agencies include shelves and wheel racks. The shelves are suspended beams of () or similar structures. (C)

A, wall surface

B. Channel

C, roof

10. [Single -selected questions] Use line lights and low -voltage lighting fixtures, and its power supply voltage should not exceed () V. (C)

A, 48

B, 65

C, 36

11. [Single -choice question] Use () voltage to be used in an occasion that is easy to shock. (A)

A. Specifications



12. [Single -choice question] The security screws of the self -locking device must be flexible and (). (A)

A. Effective

B. Safety

C, smooth

13. [Single -selected questions] The () of the foot buckle should be firm and flexible. (B)

A, belt

B, small claws

C, iron chain

14、【单选题】 人工用简单的工具(如五金工具、倒链、大锤、撬棍等),切断与机械设备连接的电线、电缆、管道等后,松开机械设备与设备基础或The connection of the bracket will remove it from its installation position. This demolition method is (). (C)

A, cut or mechanical demolition

B. The method of combining manual and machinery

C. Artificial demolition

15. [Single -selected questions] The height of the metal pipeline riser of heating, water supply and hot water supply systems is installed height, which should be () m from the ground () m. (B)

A, 1.3 to 1.8

B, 1.5 to 1.8

C, 1.5 to 1.6

16. [Single -selected questions] The basic chemical anchor embolism of large advertising facilities should be conducted after 72 hours of implantation. The following () item test must be performed. (C)

A. Torque

B, strength

C. Pull

17. [Single -selected questions] Disassembly large -scale static equipment and facilities related to flammable, explosive or toxic, and harmful medium should be strictly set up in strict accordance with (). (C)

A. Work staff requirements

B. Live environment

C. Construction plan

18. [Single -selected questions] In addition to the employees who are damaged due to security accidents, in addition to enjoying the social security of work injury in accordance with the law, if they still have the right to compensate for compensation in accordance with the law in accordance with the law, () shall submit compensation requirements to the unit. (A)

A. Have the right to

B. No right

C. Appropriate

19. [Single -choice questions] Anyone who participates in the high place must pass the physical examination. Those who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, (), vision and hearing impairment are not allowed to work. (C)

A. Nearly eye

B. Diabetes

C. Hypertension

20. [Single -selected questions] The scaffolding should be prepared in accordance with relevant regulations. The scaffolding of the operating layer scaffolding should be strictly laid, and the lower application () bottom. (A)

A. Safety

B. Flame retardant safety network

C. Demon -type safety net

21. [Single -selected questions] The test items of the safe self -lock (including supporting cables) have a standard cycle. (B)

A, March

B. 3 years

C, June

22. [Single -choice question] The specifications of the expansion bolt of triangular frames must not be less than (). (C)

A, m6

B, M10

C, M8

23. [Single -choice question] 330kV and the above -mentioned transformation project, the staff in the neighboring high -voltage and strong power places should wear (). (B)

A. Work clothes

B. Anti -static uniform

C. Ordinary work clothes

24. [Single -selected questions] The issuer and the person in charge of the work ticket with power work shall have (). (C)

A, more than 10 years of work experience

B, more than 5 years of work experience

C. Experience of Phasement Operation Practice

25. [Single -selected questions] When dismantling large -scale sports equipment (need to disintegrate), the construction unit shall be accurately calculated in the structural stability and the weight of the lifting according to the disintegration of ()) to ensure safety. (A)

A. Original design scheme or drawing

B. Design scheme or drawing

C. New design scheme or drawing

26. [Single -selected questions] All the lifting tools, ropes, seat belts, etc. used by all should be checked in detail. (C)

A, regardless of the size



27. [Single -choice question] All substances that can help and support the burning are called (). (B)

A, oxidant

B. Burning material

C. Catalyst

28. [Single -selected questions] In all aspects of production, we must strictly abide by the safety production management system and (). (A)

A. Safety Technical Operation Regulations

B. Company leader arrangement

C. Interest

29. [Single -choice question] The fire -fighting pump room installation () control distribution box, its rated current is 100A. (C)

A, 3

B, 2

C, 1

30. [Single -choice questions] When setting up scaffolding, the () must be guaranteed. (A)


B, horizontal pole

C. Outer wall

31. [Single -choice question] The rope fixed directly adopts the weight of the dumplings, which must not be less than that of the human body weight. (B)

A, 2

B, 5

32. [Single -selected questions] Before the construction of large -scale static equipment and facilities demolition projects, special plans should be prepared according to the characteristics of engineering characteristics, equipment, facilities, and engineering quantities, and shall be implemented after being approved by the technical person in charge or supervision engineer. During the construction process, if you need to change, it shall be implemented after approval. (B)

A. Project chief worker

B. Original approval person

C. Project manager

33. [Single -selected questions] When the construction of the roof curlers waterproof layer is carried out, a special () should be adopted when the roof operation of the slope is large. (C)

A. Construction plan

B. Design plan

C. Safety measures

34. [Single -choice question] The riser is installed in the unified hanging lines from top to bottom. (B)

A. Word steel

B, type steel

C. Corner steel

35. [Single -choice question] A neon light factory uses a cut saw operation during the construction of a building. The splash sparkling the splash caused the stacked polystyrene packaging box, causing the fire to cause the accident, and the direct cause of the accident was (). (B)

A. Unused flames

B. Unable to set up a fire board

C. Unused fire extinguisher

36. [Single -selected questions] When the vertical pipe is installed, the riser is lifted straight to find it. After accurate, () is processed and fixed with cards. (C)

A. Rust removal

B. Insulation

C, anticorrosive

37. [Single -choice question] The length of the mobile hanging ladder should not exceed () m. (B)

A, 10

B, 6

C, 8

38. [Single -choice question] Electric hanging basket is loosened or down or falling buttons in the work cannot stop. First of all, it should be (). (A)

A. Press the emergency stop button

B. Reverse button

C. Release the electric mechanism brake

39. [Single -choice question] It is strictly forbidden to operate at high altitude after (). (A)

A. Drunk

B. After meals

C. Smoking

40. [Judgment question] Manually dismantle the construction of the building. When removing beams or suspended components, effective drop control measures should be taken before cutting off the support of both ends. (√)

41. [Judgment Question] During the operation, the operator should check whether the seat belt should be tied at any time. High -altitude operators must not lose safety protection when transferring operations. (√)

42. [Judgment Questions] Safety guardians are set up at the construction site of the heights. (×)

43. [Judgment Questions] Generally, as long as the rough research object is touched (or rolling) on ​​its surface as long as it is touched on its surface, it is easy to judge the sliding friction and rolling friction. (√)

44. [Judgment Questions] High temperatures at the GBT4200-2008 level Ⅱ or level Ⅱ or higher cannot be operated. (√)

45. [Judgment Questions] When dealing with dynamic problems that are subject to constraints, the ideal rigid model of constraints (that is, other objects that limits objects) is simplified. (√)

46. ​​[Judgment Questions] The operation of the heights should be undergoing the bottom, the tools are in the bag, and the parabola is strictly prohibited. (√)

47. [Judgment Question] When operating at a high place, the operator must wear a helmet at the construction site. (√)

48. [Judgment Questions] After removing the residue, the vehicle of the soil Qingyun transportation shall be loaded in accordance with the regulations. (√)

49. [Judgment Questions] According to the nature and rules, the common force in mechanics includes gravity (gravity), elasticity, friction, the resistance of the medium, electric field power, Lorenz force, etc. (√)

50. [Judgment Questions] Templates apply ropes and wooden bars to slide into the pit. (√)

51. [Judgment Questions] After the air conditioner is removed, it is necessary to block the ports of the interior and the port and the port of the copper tube. (√)

52. [Judgment Questions] The spirit must be concentrated when the work is up and down, and the dangerous behavior such as holding things in the hand is prohibited. Tools, materials, parts, etc. must be packed in the toolbag. (√)

53. [Judgment Question] The indoor machine hanging board shall not be fixed directly on the gypsum board. (√)

54. [Judgment question] When the helmet is not in use, it is not easy to expose in the sun for a long time. You need to place it in a dry and ventilated place to stay away from the heat source. (√)

55. [Judgment Questions] Ellirebility transmission line Route, rods, wires, thunder wires, golden gear, insulators, grounding devices, etc. (√)

56. [Judgment Question] When installing the outdoor unit, consider good ventilation, it is best to be above 2m from the opposite wall. (√)

57. [Judgment question] After the hard hat is wet when the water is wet, it can be placed on the radiator and baked on the fire until dry. (×)

58. [Judgment Questions] Strictly implement the safety work order system. Before the daily work, the security officer must be read to all construction staff to read the safety work order votes. (×)

59. [Judgment question] The concrete base is not allowed to operate on the concrete during the maintenance period. (√)

60. [Judgment Questions] Artificial demolition construction shall be carried out from top to bottom and layer by layer. (√)

61. [Judgment Questions] When the basement and internal air in -defense are not circulating, ventilation and ventilation facilities must be set up. (√)

62. [Judgment Questions] In the state of operation, such as scaffolding and large equipment, you must use a seat belt when dismantling. (√)

63. [Judgment Questions] The unloading and suspension ropes of the plate -type single -person piano generally do not connect to a activated knot. (×)

64. [Judgment Questions] The construction method of the overall group standing rod tower and the decomposition group standing rod tower shall be implemented in accordance with the safety regulations of the overall group vertical tower. (×)

65. [Judgment Questions] After the construction of the day, all machinery and equipment should not stay away from the demolished building. (×)

66. [Judgment Questions] On the suspension platform of the electric hanging basket, the emergency stop button that can cut off the power circuit in an emergency should be set. (√)

67. [Judgment Questions] The mobile operation platform shall prepare the construction plan in accordance with relevant regulations. (√)

68. [Judgment Questions] The voltage in daily contact is 220V and 380V. (√)


69. [Judgment Questions] The construction unit must be checked regularly on safety protective supplies, and it is found that unqualified products should be replaced in time. (√)

70. [Judgment question] Install the outdoor unit to avoid the doors and windows on the opposite side. (√)

71. [Judgment question] During the exterior wall cleaning operation, the two can use a safety suspension at the same time. (×)

72. [Judgment Questions] Transmission voltage: Generally divided into high voltage, ultra -high voltage and UHV. (√)

73. [Judgment question] The working rope of the heights is generally processed by chemical fibers, a nylon rope, and a nylon rope. (√)

74. [Judgment Questions] The installation of the basement and civil air defense equipment must be provided for construction personnel for construction. The underground humid or water should take moisture -proof and waterproof measures. (√)

75. [Judgment Questions] The special plan for demolition of the project shall be implemented after being approved by the person in charge of the technical or supervision engineer. (×)

76. [Judgment Questions] During the job, once the self -locking device fails, the operation is stopped immediately. (√)

77. [Judgment Questions] The welding machine should have a leakage protection energy saving device, and the dual line should not exceed 15m. (×)

78. [Judgment Questions] The classification method of the height of the altitude is two types of A method and the B method. (√)

79. [Judgment Question] 8 -character ring descending device is generally cast by aluminum alloy, light and durable, and convenient operation. (√)

80. [Judgment Questions] When installing the outdoor unit, you can place it directly on the ground surface. (×)

81. [Judgment question] When the elevator for construction should be used in accordance with relevant regulations, when the elevator cars are passed and loaded, the overload shall be prohibited, and the load shall be evenly distributed to prevent the importance. (√)

C, 3

82. [Judgment Questions] All high -altitude construction projects of new processes, new technologies, new materials and new equipment shall be signed by the operators in accordance with regulations. (√)

83. [Judgment Questions] Equipment and facilities shall prepare special safety plans based on engineering characteristics, equipment, facilities, and engineering quantities before the start of the project. (√)

84. [Judgment Questions] When the ladder is lacking, or the rope is not pulled in the rope, you can operate as appropriate. (×)

85. [Judgment Questions] The stick descending device is to control the decline of the operator by using the work rope entangled on the stick. (√)

86. [Judgment Questions] In the use of the heights, the seat belt should be fixed on the fixed object during use. (√)

87. [Judgment question] The higher the climbing, the smaller the danger of falling. (×)

88. [Judgment Questions] The boothing roof is fixed and not moved, so the surface may not be processed. (×)

89. [Judgment Question] The owner is separated. (×)

90. [Judgment Questions] The structure of the mechanical demolition framework must be constructed in the order of the floor, the second beam, the main beam, and the pillars. (√)

91. [Judgment question] Insulation rubber pads are made of special rubber and used to strengthen the staff of the staff to the ground insulation. (√)

92. [Judgment Questions] When the static crushing agent is operated, the operator should keep a safe distance after the crushing agent is injected in the hole. (√)

93. [Judgment Questions] The person in charge of the construction before work and the crane driver should be commanded uniformly. (×)

94. [Judgment Questions] During the construction of a large -scale sports facility demolition project safety plan, if it is necessary to change, it should be signed and approved by the technical person in charge and the project manager before implementing it. (×)

95. [Judgment Questions] Before the construction of the line, all construction personnel must be technically and safe, and all construction personnel must be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the bottom. No one may change the construction plan at the bottom. (√)

96. [Judgment Question] The spacing of the mobile pedal is not less than 400mm. (×)

97. [Judgment Questions] The modular rope and wooden bar slide into the pit. (√)

98. [Judgment Questions] Pass through the objects that are hanging or transported. (√)

99. [Judgment Questions] When the heavy objects are lifted during the construction of the advertisement, the heavy objects should be lifted in front of the hook. (√)

100. [Judgment Question] The higher the ground from the ground, it is not easy to cause fear. (×)

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