The hotbed of unpopular? The first round of the German Cup this year is particularly “cold”


At 9:30 on August 8th, Beijing time, Frankfurt played the first round of the German Cup. Facing the team from Debing, Manham, Frankfurt, who ranked fifth in the league last season, accidentally lost the game with 0-2, and this was not the only unpopular in the first round of the German Cup this year …. …


After losing the first official game after leaving the team, Frankfurt’s new commander Glasna was naturally depressed, but he was congratulatory to his opponent: “To congratulate our opponent Manham, we must tell the truth, They are worthy of this victory. And we have not kept a threat to the goal for a long time. We did not find a suitable way in the offensive line. In the second half, we still have a good goal opportunity. But after we lost the goal, the ball was lost, and the ball was lost. The formation of the team was chaotic, lost the second goal, and got the red card. Manham has always been confident, and because of the support of the fans. “” After the game, we all blame themselves and everyone is disappointed. I made a lot of mistakes and started from me. But I am not worried about the Bundesliga now. We will carefully analyze the competition and make good performance. “

Frankfurt’s ball control rate in this game was as high as 68%, but only 1 shot at 11 shots. On the other hand, although Mannheim did not have the advantage of the ball control, they were more proactive in the offensive. They completed 14 shots, of which 10 shots were positive, which continued to cause trouble to Frankfurt’s back line. In the game, the Frankfurt Gate Tatrap, which was saved 7 times, commented on the team after the game: “Before Manham got two scoring opportunities, we have always played well and occupy the advantage of the game. I didn’t feel that we would be eliminated. However, in the starting stage of the second half, we lost two goals in a row, which should not happen, especially the way to lose the ball. We are very disappointed. After we were punished Difficulty. But there is no excuse for losing. Whoever can advance this game will not be a doubt, but we cannot do it. “


After a lapse of 19 years, Mannheim finally reached the second round of the German Cup, but instead of saying that Mannheim played particularly well, it was better to say that Sankeford played too dull. This year’s Frankfurt welcomed many changes after winning the Fifth League of the League last season: Glasna, the new coach Glasna from Wolfsburg, was better at tuning defense compared to Frankfurt’s offensive tradition. And the team’s main shooter Andrei Silva also switched to RB Leipzig at a price of 23 million euros, replaced by Bore from the Ajia River bed. As for Haizer & mdash; & mdash; this attacker who is interested in this Frankfurt high -level relatives, the transfer is still not settled, which is also a major reason for Frankfurt’s attack.


However, Frankfurt is not alone. As of the current German Cup, the German Cup Mid-Bundesome Yunda Bowomei also lost 0-2 to Osburk from Germany. In addition to this, Bundesliga teams such as Cusron, Mainz and Wolfsburg also experienced a hard battle when facing low -level opponents from the regional league.

Faced with the local league team Evasburg, Mainz was in 120 minutes to 2-2 square meters. It was not until the penalty shootout and defeated the opponent to advance to the next round. Cologne faced Carl Zeissera, who also from the regional league, and they were dragged into the intense penalty shootout in 120 minutes to 1-1.

Wolfsburg was shocked. Minsteprussia achieved a lead in the 73rd minute of regular time. Then Brekaro’s whistle was flat. In the end, Wolf Fort promoted the next round with a score of 3-1.

The curtain of the new season has been slowly opened, but the performance in the German Cup has also sounded the alarm to many teams. The problems in the game need to be analyzed and resolved after the game. The team also has the opportunity to adjust and enrich the team lineup.