The upper and lower Hangfang Opera Grand View Garden is officially opened at the end of the month


Source: Fuzhou Radio and Television-Futong Yue Dong

In the hot summer, sitting idle ancient ancient crickets, a cup of fragrant cream in hand, in front of the eyes, “Flower Flower Faces and Thick Boots, Lao Dan Tsing Yi Water Sleeve”, “read Bai Shi Yang Yang with frustration, sings the cavity euphemistically”, and the song can be ended. Get up and stroll around Gulu, this experience is too “penetrated” (Fuzhou, “comfortable”). The “Fujian Opera Grand View Garden” in the historical and cultural district of Shanghanghang Hangzhou was opened on the 12th. Because it can be “tasting and game, it can be played with ancient times”, elegant and grounded, it has become a hot spot for people to check in during the Dragon Boat Festival. On the 13th, the reporter visited Fujian Opera Grand View Garden on the spot.

Children experience the production of Fujian opera in the Fujian Opera Grand View Garden.

Min Yun Youyou Tea Fragrance

On the 13th, the reporter came to the Fujian Opera Grand View Garden at 88 Shanghang Road. It was originally an ancient puppet. It was walking on the stone bar on Shanghang Road. When you come to Guyu, the screen door is painted with a large cartoon image of the Sheng Dan, and the elements of the Fujian opera rush. Turning the screen door and entering the patio in the courtyard, the five characters of the “Fujian Opera Grand View Garden” came out.


The reporter saw that there were more than ten Baxian tables and chairs in the first hall of Guyu, and there were tea and various snacks and snacks on the table. Singing and groaning, the fragrance of jasmine tea floated in the air.

The “Answers” folding drama in the classic Fujian drama “Wang Lianlian Worship” is staged. The performer is Lin Qingxia, a young actor of Fujian Fujian Opera Experimental Minato. “Old Fuzhou” Chen Liji, who came with a group of old “Lili”, told reporters: “Good, watch, have tea, drink, and have low charges, the minimum consumption of 15 yuan per person is 15 yuan , And Jasmine Tea is also given, that is, we can also afford to retire! “

Inheritance and promote the culture of Fujian

The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Opera Grand View Garden told reporters: “Fujian Opera Grand View Garden Collection Fujian Opera Culture Exhibition, Fujian Opera Performance Appreciation, Cultural and Creative Experience, has created an excellent local traditional culture of protection and inheritance of Fujian opera. Cultural format. The Fujian opera Grand View Garden has two major contents of the public welfare teahouse model and the on -site Min opera performance. It carried out various offline activities to allow Fujian opera to bloom in a new era of non -heritage projects, helping to create a Fujian capital culture international. brand.”

The reporter saw that in the Fujian opera Grand View Garden, the history, inheritance and development of Fujian opera was introduced to people in the form of exhibition boards and text. On the wall of the gray board in the garden, there are great color photos of the famous Fujian opera masters in different historical periods. Chen Naichun, a famous Fujian opera master of the “Plum Blossom Award”, has the “Plum Blossom Award” winner Zhou Hong, Wu Zewen, Chen Qiong, etc. Many audiences took a group photo in front of their favorite portraits.

On the 13th, the reporter also encountered a family of three Wang Fangtian who came from Putian to travel to banyan. They came to the Fujian opera Grand View Garden when they were visiting up and down. Wang Fangtian, who loves Chinese opera, said: “We wandered up and down, and did not expect to meet with the Fujian opera Grand View Garden. I also enjoyed a culture of Fuzhou tea stalls, and Fuzhou left us a beautiful and deep impression. “

Gulu activation and use “transform”

The Fujian Drama Grand View Garden has been transformed from the Gulin He’s Ancestral Hall. It was originally a shrine of the He’s family of the Jiashi family of the upper and lower Hangzhou businessmen. It has a history of nearly 100 years. The courtyard has a total of nearly 1,000 square meters.

The relevant person in charge told reporters that in the activation and utilization, in order not to destroy the regulation and architectural texture of the ancient puppets, when setting up the Fujian opera exhibition board, all the beams, columns, and walls in the ancient crickets were “seeing each other and not touching each other”. The inner -hanging chandeliers, stage shooting lights, etc. all use traditional humping skills to achieve reversibility. The reporter also saw the literary and creative products of Fujian opera in the garden, such as Fujian Opera Facebook, the classic figures of the Fujian opera, the refrigerator sticker, and the eye mask.

“Drama Facebook is used for makeup and styling art during the opera performance. The opera Facebook is different according to the line, and at the same time, each drama is also different. We said specifically …” On the 13th interview, the reporter also met a group of children. , Here is the Men opera Facebook parent -child DIY activity. After the professional teachers popularized the Fujian opera Facebook knowledge for their children, the children and parents DIY Min opera Facebook. Mother Chen, who brought her children Chen Ziyang to participate in the event, said: “Fujian opera is a shiny business card in our city. The Fujian opera Grand View Garden provides us with a platform for better understanding of Fujian opera. Plant the children’s hearts and let the children strengthen cultural self -confidence from an early age. “

According to reports, the Fujian opera Grand View Garden will be officially opened at the end of this month. In the future, it will be “public welfare, supplemented by business”, and use the new era and new tools to show people the charm of Fujian opera, tell the story of the Fujian opera, and take on the “Urban Fujian Opera Association “Living room” responsibility.

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