The cotton and linen loose large -size shirt is not bloated at all, and it is full of literary style. Attached scissors


The a mother -in -law that her mother -in -law didn’t like it became my new love in a blink of an eye. Literary Fan’s cotton and linen long stand -up collar shirt


In terms of the choice of fabrics, I and my mother -in -law and I always have different differences. She always hopes that I can wear tender and look vitality.


However, I always like the tone of cold wind, and I feel tender. Essence Essence

No, today this is still a color that mother -in -law is not optimistic.

But after seeing the garment, her old man can only say: Well, the style is good! Intersection Intersection Let’s make a pink one. Essence Essence

Let’s take a look at the style I am going to say today

I feel that this color is okay, it is hard to imagine. Beauty with super good figure and white skin can try the pink effect.

Let me share with you, M code’s tailor map

The loose version, the bust is 20cm loose on the basis of the net size.

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4+2cm


Need other types

You can push the board according to the file difference of 1.5cm in length of the enclosure 4cm

The front and rear slices are cut.


Shoulder folding diagram


Swipe the front shoulder at the position of the knife mouth and suture with the back shoulder

This casual shirt. The style is casual, but the prototype is used to make a version. The folds of the front film are transferred from the chest province. The previous article has been shared with you, so you can go to see it.


Such a version of the method can achieve the effect of the picture and more comfortable to wear. There will be no phenomenon of up and back the general casual version.

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The detailed steps of the shoulder folds of this paragraph. I will wait for me to organize it for two days later, and I will share it in the circle


The production process and sewing process commentary of the shirt

Selection of fabrics: cotton and linen fabric. The fabric chooses no elasticity and does not hang down. The more textured fabrics are fine

Please shrink before the fabric is cut. Washing water or drying can be

Combined with the above tailoring drawings, and the appropriate sewing edges are added for cutting

The tailoring of the tailor: collar, door tube, and cuffs need to be made of sticky, drawing shade

There is no need to stick to the front bag to do buckle treatment



The front paste bag is sutured according to the point of the cutting of the tailor.

The front door tube is sutured with a pocket method and sutured on the left and right plackets with a stuffy seam method.


The shoulder seam of the front film is sutured and the back shoulder should be sutured according to the schematic diagram of the knife mouth


Sewing effect

Sewing side seams, those who need pockets can be added to the side stitching bag. Just like the side sewing bag in the previous article

Leave the split position in the hem.

After the back cuffs are split, suture the bottom of the sleeve, the upper cuffs, the sleeve and the body suture.

The upper collar, the hem curly edge

Switch with stuffy collar

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