When adding a shared printer, this error code appears due to the Win10 upgrade patch


When adding a shared printer, this error code appears due to the WIN10 upgraded patch. A type of computer connects a barcode printer through USB and model TTP-644MT. Now you need to share this printer on the LAN. The computer is installed with Windows 7 32 The system of the position needs to access the computer shared by the printer is 64 -bit Windows 10 system. The conventional operation is this desktop computer accessing the Internet, shared printers. Other users can connect to the printer to print normally. Now it is not convenient to pull the network cable connection Computer, by connecting a USB wireless network card, directly connect to the local area network, and then share the printer, try multiple Windows 10 computers to report an error information for 709 error information, the computer can print out the output on the other network sharing printer normally.

Checking the firewall and sharing settings are normal. Check the printer sharing settings:

It was found that there was only X86 tick, X64 was not installed, and the driver was successfully installed after hooking. The shared printer was added again through the client, or the error was reported.


The printer is connected to the normally, and the shared document on the computer can be accessed normally through the IP address or computer name. You can also see the shared printer, which cannot be added normally.

It was tested due to Microsoft’s new patch. As long as it was uninstalled, it could be installed normally. Through the computer sharing printer, the problem brought about it was incompatible, but the installation of the shared printer on the client became very simple. Double -click the name of the shared printer, and the driver will be installed automatically. In this way, the computer that connects the printer must be turned on to printers normally. If it is directly connected to the printer installation of the local area network via the printer’s network card To install the printer driver, all printers need to install this printing driver to work normally. The current all -in -one machine is particularly suitable for this installation method. Because there is a local scanning function, each computer needs to install a separate printer alone. The driver is the driver. This method does not need which computer must be turned on. As long as the printer is turned on, any computer can be printed.

The sharing operation of this printer needs to master the following operation skills:

1. Printer driver installation;


2. Share settings for printers on the computer connected to the printer;

3. Add shared printers to the user’s computer;

What needs to be understood:

1. Computer IP address

2. The computer operating system is 32 -bit and 64 -bit. The driver is not compatible. The corresponding version needs to be installed separately.