A list of lazy cancer patients, a pair of leggings is enough


Choosing temperature in winter is still a century -old problem. Many sisters can not give up the demeanor but can’t carry the invasion of the cold wind. They must only choose to wear bloated clothes to spend the cold winter, but now the leggings can be able to be able to be able to get the leggings now. Solve your troubles.

The warmth and good wearing of leggings make the lazy cancer patients cry, and the most suitable coat for patients with lazy cancer is the down jacket. It is a solid leggings below, and it will not step on the mines, nor will it look very old.

Of course, when everyone is wearing bottom pants, the uniform style may cause people to have visual fatigue, so it is also important to wear your own new ideas. Let’s take a look at the various matching of the leggings. Bar.


Leave pants+skirt


How can girls’ favorite skirts be absent from the winter feast? A slim skirt can also show the charm of your women in winter. Wear a pants with thickening leggings in the cold weather to take care of fashion and fashion and fashion and fashion and fashion. demeanor.

The thread is high waist, the abdomen is plastic, the bloated, soft and comfortable fabric, the upper body effect is thin and slim, the bomb is stylish, pulling the buttocks lines, and outline the small waist to shape the sexy buttocks.


The tight and stylish half -town collar, stretch the neck curve, while protecting the warmth of the neck, unlimited shoulder width and restrictions. Beautiful winter.

Leave pants+down jacket

How can the cold weather be carried by yourself? Of course, a down jacket is required to help. The thickened fabrics resist the cold wind and the hooded style adds a few points and free and easy. Can be worn well and keep warm.

A comfortable high -waisted design, effectively covering the small belly, super bomb fabric, and thin feet, shaping the S -shaped charming curve for you, double -gear design in the hips, better wrapping, strong hips, bid farewell to the hips, showing the curve, showing the curve nice.

Practical big pockets can be filled with things and checkered styles, adding a little retro and playfulness. It is a loose silhouette, covering the meat and generous, and can be wrapped warm throughout the winter.

Bottom pants+sweater

In winter, everyone’s favorite inside is a sweater, solid or contrasting design, all kinds of, that is, keep warm and have a sense of fashion. While the New Year is coming, the red sweater is paired with velvet leggings, and with velvet leggings. The New Year is popular, and the beautiful New Year is together.

Elastic comfortable fabrics, free legs, delicate and versatile, thin versions, high waist abdomen, creating slender legs, refusing to bloated, smooth and warm, and can still light their legs in the snowy days.

半高领的设计,保暖度upupup,配上大宽松的设计,里面再加件加绒衣也是可以的,字母的设计,增添了几分小女生的俏皮感,搭配上打底裤,这个冬天Who is not a little fairy.

Belo pants+woolen coat


The most classic and most common match in winter. The tone of the coat is sharp, paired with solid sweaters and leggings, and a belt on the pants can be divided into the following proportions. Proper temperament goddess get.


Fashionable waist three -dimensional wave line, one stitches and lines, showing quality, soft elastic fabrics, let you 360 degrees unrestrained, showing a comfortable life, high waist and abdomen design, effectively covering the belly of the meat, and belly, wearing a small waist waist, a small waist waist Essence

The design of the large lapel, effectively thinning the face shape, slim -fitting design, and creating a charming curve. The design of the sweater and the sleeve design inside the overall design. Properly Korean drama heroine.

For lazy cancer patients, preparing a few leggings in winter, it is enough to change back and forth.