People are afraid of entering the wrong line, and the decoration is afraid of entering the pit! These 22 pits in the just -in -demand clan are not said, but they are also blocked.



For Xiaobai, the new house decoration is really a very difficult thing, because I do n’t understand. I do n’t know how to decorate in many places? This is why many owners regret and worry after the renovation. This is the root cause. Therefore, today, the king summarizes 22 decoration details. Everyone must pay attention to it, don’t regret it after the installation.

1. The skin bed is not durable

The bed really does not recommend buying a leather bed. My family had seen a leather bed at first. It was really good -looking. The high -end atmosphere was on -the -grade. I bought it all at once, but when I got home, I found that this is really a pit! This taste is very big, and the skin is dropped, and the child is too skinny, which is not the same. If you give me a chance to buy a bed again, you must buy a wooden bed.


2. Don’t stick small tiles in the kitchen


The housewife should understand this more, because the kitchen is where the oil fume is relatively heavy, and the wall can easily adsorb the oil fume. If you buy a small brick, there are many gaps, and it is easy to adsorb oil fume dirt. It’s really terrible. The most pitted is the small white brick, and it is easy to turn yellow.

3. Tile soaked water

There are many tiles that have to go through the process of soaking in water before laying. However, there must be how much to soak the master here. You retreat.

4. Be sure to affix with sewing floor tiles

It is very seamless now, which is really not enough. With the hot expansion and contraction of the weather, it is very easy to roll up. In the later period, it is easy to occur. In fact, there is a good seam. It is beautiful to make a beautiful seam, is it also guaranteed?


5. Switch socket

I regret not listening to the master’s words. When the layout of the socket, the master Qian asked Wan Wan to say that the socket was more okay. I thought he just wanted to make money. But in the later life, it was found that this is really important. This socket is not enough to pull the trailer board. This looks messy and not safe.

6. No matter how small the bathroom, you must do wet and wet separation


At that time, my bathroom was not separated from dry and wet. After I found that after taking a bath, it was like a water war. It was splashed everywhere.

It is not recommended that you make a shower curtain here. You can do it on the floor. When it takes a long time, it will make black mold, and it looks very worried.

7. Carpet

The carpet thing was really tall when I just bought it, but when I was in use, I found that the thief was inconvenient. Really, it was easy to accumulate dust. It’s really troublesome to clean.

8. Curtain

Do n’t say what the trend chasing in the bedroom curtains, and choosing the curtain that does not shade, which looks very good, but when you meet the Sunday, it is difficult to sleep for yourself.

9. Leave the mouth of the porch shoe cabinet

If the Xuanguan Cabinet is customized, it is recommended that you leave empty in the small mouth, so that the shoes that are replaced every day in the later period will not say that the cabinet door is opened every day. It is very convenient and clean. My family has forgotten. Every night, when I get off the door of my house, it seems like a dried fish.

10. Don’t open the window inside

When my family was renovated, I found that the windows were not soundproof. This changed the window. What I didn’t expect was that it was really inconvenient to open the one inside. Behind the window really can’t do anything else, it’s hindered to put a flower stand. Everyone must pay attention to this.


11. Don’t be light -colored on the kitchen table

The dark color seasonings of the kitchen are very much, so it is not recommended to use light colors on the table. Once my family was soy sauce fell on it, I did n’t have time to deal with it. Later, I could n’t handle it. Essence


12. Put on the pelvic pelvation

Regardless of your bathroom basin or the kitchen sink, it is recommended that you install the pelvis. In this way, if there is dirty things and water stains on the table in the later stage, it is very convenient to go to the sink. But if your home is in the pot, it will be necessary to clean it, it is not so easy. And that corner of the corner is stuck, it is very ugly.

13. Don’t make a trash can in the cabinet

Don’t make garbage bins in the cabinet. This is much better in terms of beauty, but when you cook, you can’t throw a garbage and open the cabinet door countless times! And the garbage is placed inside, it is not in front of the eyes, it is easy to forget. This time is long, and it is easy to cause a bad smell. Especially in summer, it may smell you want to vomit.

14. Don’t believe in waterproof coatings

Waterproof coatings are generally used on the balcony. At that time, the decoration did not understand. I thought it would really be good waterproof. However, I did not expect that the bubble was in the end. So it is not recommended, it is best to put tiles.

15. Water bend

It was really necessary to keep the water bend. My family had forgotten to install it at that time. Later, the bathroom kitchen smelled the odor everywhere. After that, many people said that it was a problem of floor drain. Later, I also bought and replaced. Later, I learned that it was a problem of water bending. Without water, there would be such a smelly smell.


16. Tattoo Floor


Do not choose the lines on the floor. This line is easy to stuck in the dust. When you mop the floor, you will never be dragged.

17. drying rack

The water of the drying rack is really too large, especially the automatic drying rack. This water is really dark and it is easy to break. In fact, as long as the family is bought manual, I have bought it for five or six years. Bad.


18. Floor tiles should be wear -resistant

When buying floor tiles, we must choose wear -resistant floor tiles, because this is directly wrong with our shoes every day. If it is not abrasion, it will easily lose its gloss, and it will become ugly.

19. Background wall

Don’t spend a lot of money to install the TV background wall, it is really not practical! My family spent more than 4,000 installations. When I did n’t hang on the TV two days ago, I felt okay, but I later hung on the TV and found that the money was really worthless. Essence I really want to dismantle it now.


If you really want to make it, you can buy a simple wallpaper or install a few storage boxes to embellish it. It is very perfect.


20. Dark line tube reserved on the TV wall

When doing hydropower, you must remember that the background wall must be made of a dark box, so that the TV set -top box and the network box line can be directly penetrated under the TV cabinet in the later period. Ugly.


21. Don’t ask acquaintances to decorate

This is the most important point. Do n’t ask acquaintances to decorate, do n’t ask acquaintances to decorate, do n’t ask acquaintances to decorate. It ’s important to say three times, because it’ s not only the price is not cheap, but the quality is not guaranteed enough. Do you have any quality? Have you heard of killing cooked? I believe that those who have experienced experience!


22. Tatami

This tatami is really not practical, especially the storage port is on it. This storage is a storage artifact, which is inconvenient to put things at all. Unless you make a drawer storage, it is acceptable.


However, this tatami is made, which means that this furnishings are fixed, and the position of the placement will never be changed. There is also the weather in the south, which is easy to humid, black, mold and other phenomena. Everyone should consider it.


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People are afraid of entering the wrong line, and the decoration is afraid of entering the pit! These 22 pits in the just -in -demand clan are not said, but they are also blocked.