The brand -name shoes you spend a lot of money are really not as good as these canvas shoes “buying not distressed and using very happy”


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The epidemic changes our lives, this is not fake at all!


On the last day of the holiday, I organized the wardrobe at home and packed up a lot of beautiful clothes that had not had (or have no chance to wear). While sorting out the classification, we put on the mirror stinky and addictive.


For example, some dew -meat skirts who plan to wear on beach vacation 👇👇


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Originally planned … harm, don’t plan anymore ~

For another example, beautiful silk home service 👇👇

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When I bought it, it was in




Olivia von Halle

I was tangled for a long time ~ After two days, I changed back to the old T -shirt and cotton sleep pants … Really, I wanted to make a relaxed and comfortable at home.

It stands to reason that at this time, shouldn’t you buy and buy it? I thought so at first, but when I sorted out and tried on, I couldn’t help but put a order.


What do you guess what I bought?


canvas shoes.


Thinking logic lines are like this: Since you can’t go out to play, buy something (unzip). There are still many new clothes. There are still many new clothes. , Sports shoes and German training shoes have been missing before? What does it seem to miss? 👉 canvas shoes! Intersection


It can’t be said that it makes sense, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it ~

In order to make this wave of shopping not so superficial, let’s talk about the history of canvas shoes first.

Like many other popular items, canvas shoes are also a “product of war”. During the World War I, the material was scarce, and the leather was used to make military boots, saddle, and woolen materials for military uniforms.

There are only cheap canvas and rubber left on the market.

Everyone starts to find a way to use these two materials to make shoes. It was unsuccessful at first, because the canvas fabrics and rubber were well sticky. When the craftsman was thrown into the stove, it was found that the rubber could be perfectly adhered to the canvas. The first pair of canvas shoes came from this.


Sulfur canvas shoes

Not only is the materials cheap, but also strong and wear -resistant, it is very suitable for young people who are curious about the world (but have no money). By the 1960s and 1970s, canvas shoes became a symbol of rebellious youth and rock spirit.

C This is Nirvana band wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars (American Localist Blue Star Chuck Taylor’s endorsement signature). Koben is really handsome, and the black high gang is really classic ~


Among the Beatles, the one who likes to wear canvas most is


George Harrison


, Wear during rehearsal, and wear when dating. The white low -style “laughed” Jack Purcell, the lively Boy choice.


Not only the rock superstars of that era, but now those who love canvas shoes are also cool girls with attitude. Such as “Little K”

Navy blue suit with VANS OLD SKOOL classic skateboarding shoes ~

By the way, this is the first pair of skate shoes to add leather in the shoe body, which was born in



year. At the same time, the classic side stripe “Sidestripe” was also born, also known as “Jazz Stripe”.

Another example is Kaia Gerber如

Like Nirvana Band, she is the heavy enthusiast of Converse All Star. She usually wear these shoes ~


French blogger

Camille Charriere

I also wore our “leap shoe” (French version, it is recommended to support the domestic version), with rock TEE and wide -leg jeans, it is very relaxed and not outdated.


Moreover, the editor who wrote this article suddenly found that spring is really suitable for canvas shoes! ~ 甭 What brand of brand you bought, let’s talk about how to wear canvas shoes and wear attitudes based on the style, color, and type today!


First of all, there is a “civilian spirit” on canvas shoes and jeans. At first, it was because of the practical life of ordinary people and became popular.

Cheap, strong, leisure, not so much to use, and not to gender

(If the concept of “gender flow” is currently popular, these two items are quite advanced).

Especially in the age of rock music and punk, for many trendy youths, canvas shoes and jeans are older and cooler, wearing their own traces and stains (this is how “small dirty shoes” come). So let’s say that these two belong to the “born pair.”

Then, in terms of matching, you can continue to find the same cool -tempered single product to keep the key. Like a retro leather jacket or baseball cap, and both are popular this year.

Sisters with (body) conditions, you can dew point vest lines, with a little sexy in the coolness ~


It is also particularly good -looking in the west, but pay attention to the lam of LADY models, straight, loose casual version of the most coincident.


In this type of dressing, it belongs to the existence of “adjusting the atmosphere”

Essence For example, this black and white striped shirt can pull the whole look’s leisure sense back to one pull back, adding a little workplace effect.


What’s even more powerful is a khaki trench coat, which is more profitable than long. It is a classic combination with the pair of “old -fashioned” with canvas shoes+jeans, but it has a freshness.

If there is only a long trench coat at home, the temperament of the trench coat will also change slightly because of canvas shoes. The capable of rising from the gas field to “sinking” is lazy and easy.


There is also a very “spring -style” way of wear, which is to match the shirt.



Color and waistline height

These two dimensions are drawn to draw a coordinate map. The horizontal axis is color. The deeper the color, the more stable the color, the shallower, and the refreshing; The lower (down the shirt) is more relaxed. Come according to the feeling you like, just good ~


In the past few years, the limelight of leather sneakers has always pressed canvas shoes. However, canvas shoes have never exited the trend, but are willing to be “underground idols”. Because for those who love to wear, if it is too mainstream and too red, it will not be cool.

Therefore, in the fashion circle, most of the canvas shoes and suit suits are mostly “something”. For example, the former French version of “VOGUE” editor -in -chief

Emmanuelle alt

In the impression, the three shoes she loves to wear–

Canvas shoes, denim boots, low -heeled pointed shoes

Essence These three pairs of shoes happen to bring out her style,


A little rock, a little Bosomia, and a little delicate.


Pay attention to the shoulders and versions of the suit. Emmanuelle Alt is a standing wide shoulder and waist design. The suit in this street shot is more casual, and it is very idle with color -matching canvas shoes. The older sisters wear a sense of relaxation.

If you want to rebel, you will be a little more.

The suit suit does not need to be “original” at all. Select the upper and lower style of style matching and consistent colors.

Friends in the south can try this set, casual suit+jeans in jeans+medium help canvas shoes, use a printed T -shirt to finish, add a underarm bag, the personality and commute balance are just right ~

Camille’s trousers are well selected, and canvas shoes are very class -class items with canvas shoes. Gao Mei is particularly beautiful to wear, and she is free and easy.


I don’t know if everyone is like the editor. When wearing canvas shoes, they always unconsciously match their pants, mainly to be corrupt and convenient. Preparing for changing ideas this spring to see if you look good at a skirt? I took a lot of small notes and shared it with you:

The more conventional is the matching

Denim skirt

Essence The same thing as jeans is a single item for leisure routes. There is no reason not to look good.

The highlight of this body in the street shooting is that the bag is jumping, otherwise the matching of the shirt+half skirt+canvas shoes is still relatively bland. When we wear it every day, we can try to pick a bright bag.

Still like

Knitted skirt


In this way, it is also pretty good to take into account the two characteristics of leisure & elegant characteristics. In terms of matching, you can use the color of the skirt and shoes to change, and it will not be boring.

Then it is to play this kind of “contrast”. This year, the popular hollow tight skirt has a sexy personality. It is very attractive with VANS skate shoes.


The more mixed version is the mixing of the heel mini skirt+wide -shoulder jacket ~ Zhongpu canvas shoes are a bit similar to the short boots, but not so tough, you can still bring the youthful sense of youth.


The same canvas shoes, with a tiger -style print skirt, are very special, and have a more mature sister’s temperament than solid color. The tiger pattern itself is very eye -catching. It is as simple as possible in the match. The role of the black denim jacket is to eliminate the “wildness” of a little tiger pattern and echo the color of the shoes.

After writing all the way, I found that the proportion of black canvas shoes was quite high. In spring, you may wish to change the taste and choose some shoes with “spring”. For the editor, this sense of spring atmosphere first comes from clean and soft colors.

For example, a pair of white canvas shoes. With white jeans, the youth and vitality atmosphere are full.


This is also a pair of starting to start,

Zhong Gang pure white shoes

The degree of goodness is not lost at all, but the whole feeling after the feet is different. There is a kind of refreshing student girl. CONVERSE and Vans have been bought. Here I recommend a brand that is not so popular, but very good to wear 👇👇👇


Have you heard of this brand? Chinese literally translates as “excellence”, which means to make professional sulfur shoes that are “higher than higher than higher than”. Although it is a French local brand, the design team comes from South Korea, so the design is very suitable for our Asian girls.

The most special is this fine pleated pressure tattoo, which is very recognizable and a bit like a biscuit.


The nickname came from this. I used to listen to the post -95 girl from the editorial department to talk about “biscuits shoes”, and now I finally know what they are talking about


this week


Poster Shop

The new brand was on the inside, and it was also happy with my colleagues to try on it in advance.


Excelsior wild thick -bottom high -top biscuit shoes


proposed price:


439 CNY!

I was still struggling with which color to choose (except for white and black, salted butter biscuits), but when I organized the wardrobe at home, I turned out a few small white skirts and light -colored jeans in spring. White.

If you like low -style styles, Excelsior also has it ~


Excelsior versatile thick bottom low -top biscuit shoes




This double

Bolt loo

The series of canvas white shoes can be said to be in the brand

Ace product


Essence The design is simple, but it is very resistant. The personal trial feeling is: In order to keep the shoe -shaved shoes, the new shoes will feel a little harder when you just get on your feet, but it is still very fit when you wear it.

Here is another kind of white shoes that are suitable for work


, Light -colored knitted skirt+dark casual suit+white canvas shoes

, Professional, professional, leisure and leisure. Pay attention to the low -top canvas shoes on the blogger’s feet. The upper edge of the glue bottom is also set with a circle of black edges, which can be “seasoned” for the basic “seasoning” ~

These pairs

Similar models can be found in it, and it is not humble, more detailed than those on the blogger’s feet!

ROCKFISH British 745 anti -pouring water lazy people pierced canvas shoes



From British Cornwall



745 lazy shoes

Who really buys who praises, the simple and handsome appearance, and the practical function of water -proof splashing, you don’t have to be careful when wearing white shoes! Who knows! Intersection

Excelsior caramel biscuit shoes




Excelsior also has a pair of caramel biscuit shoes that can be PK. These shoes are also “famous”.

Use special rubber color to simulate the color of caramel sauce, with rice white canvas shoe body, with an old retro feeling. Moreover, look at the ankle carefully, the hollow curve of these shoes is well designed (indeed the design team of Asia), which can show and modify the ankle lines. The purpose is to show thin legs.

In terms of matching, because caramel biscuits shoes feel cool, try a personalized dress. For example, with the Scottish checkered skirt, it is more attractive than a common denim skirt. It brings out a trace of rebellion British temperament.


If you wear it with jeans, it is recommended to wear a neutral wind shirt, such as flange checkered, military -style shirts, and work clothes shirts. These a little Geek or straight men are popular this year.


There are also “making articles” in the color of the shoe body. “Spring Special Tune”


Chili red, mustard sauce, western blue flower

Learn about? Suitable for girls who love to wear pure color clothes such as black and white and gray, add some seasonings to your whole body.


Provide a wearing idea, bright color knitwear (or sweater, T -shirt), with white denim back pants, just echo the bright white canvas shoes on the feet, beautiful!

ExcelSior wild -shaped high -end high -top biscuit shoes (forest green)



By the way, Amway is also available for this 2022 spring new color:


Forest green


Green is just the popular color of the past two years, it seems to give people a sense of spring and lush nature. And from the perspective of personal wear experience, green is better than red and looks good.

My dear newspaper friends!

Put a little benefit for everyone:

Starting at 12 noon today, the Excelsior biscuits shoes in the poster have a promotional price

~ The editor has been grabbed, and I wish you a happy buy and buy!

In the end, the editor -in -chief of the manuscript wanted to share some of her own stories with you: in high school, she encountered a lot of changes in her family. On the one hand, it was the pressure of the college entrance examination, and on the other hand, it was to face the changes in the family situation from the sky to the bottom of the valley. At this moment, she met rock music. A key high school student spent that difficult day because of rock music. Later, she had a band boyfriend who talked about 7 years of love and accompanied them to perform, rehearse, eat noodles, and never had so poor, and never so happy.

Poster Shop


proposed price:

proposed price:

proposed price:

proposed price:




This double

Now she has grown up, and has not married with a 7 -year -old band boyfriend. She continues to work hard in Beijing. She has learned the reality. She has done a last resort when facing the pressure of the workplace and has selfishness, but she always remembers it. At that time, a group of people ran to a small factory in the suburbs, bought 8 dollars of white canvas shoes, and painted the rock band logo on the upper after returning. That’s herself that she would never forget. And now, maybe it is some necessary life.

We always have youth, there are always stories that forget to be unable to drop, so happy, so impossible. But if you still remember it, it was not the result, but the process. If you have a pair of canvas shoes in your youth, you can also share your story with us

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