Choose a bath barrel to let the baby enjoy the bathing



In summer, the baby’s exercise is large and easy to sweat. Parents will choose to shower the baby every day. Many parents will find that babies like to play with water, but the bathing tools of most families are shower heads. In order to satisfy the careful wish of the baby to play with water, parents might as well prepare a children’s bath barrel for the baby. In this way, the baby is happy, and it is more convenient to take a bath. It will not waste water.


Many Baoma will be puzzled. How can I choose a bath barrel? What do you need to pay attention to when you use it? Let’s take a look together.

1. Different age and different choices

In fact, not all babies are suitable for bathing with bath barrels. Children at different ages are distinguished in the choice of bath barrels. Before the newborn can sit independently (about 10 months), the editor recommends choosing Baoma to choose the bathtub. Because their upper body is basically supported by mothers. The shallow bathtub will be more convenient for the mother to support the baby, and it can also be used with a bathtime and bath.

After the baby can sit independently (baby 10 months), the editor suggested to choose a bath barrel for the baby. Because the inner diameter of the bath barrel is small, compared to the bathtub, the space of the bath barrel is narrow, and the baby is not easy to slide and is safer.


2. Precautions for using bath barrels

1. The water temperature should be 37-40 ° C.


The temperature of the water heater can be set to 40 °, so that the hot water released is usually not higher than 40 °. Parents do not feel hot when trying the water temperature, the best warmth. Many parents like to take a hot bath for their children, fearing that the water temperature will not be cold enough. In fact, this is a wrong way. Water temperature and water heat are a problem. If you have always been used to bathing warm water, your baby will not feel cold. If Baoma is really worried about the child’s cold, you can add a certain amount of hot water during the washing process, but the water temperature is still not recommended to exceed 40 °

2. Take the bath time and grasp it


In the summer, take a bath for the children every day, and let the baby stand in the bath barrel with a shower head. Parents should remember that the baby should not take too long for bathing, it is best to control within 15 minutes. Because “according to research and practice, it is best to control the baby’s most comfortable and most difficult time to be confused at 10-15 minutes.” Give the baby to a fast bath so that the water temperature will not be cold and fast; It will cause your baby’s skin to lose water and be too late.

3. The amount of water should not be too much


When bathing with a bath barrel, it is recommended to put water below the baby’s chest. Half -body bath is less burden on the body. If the water level exceeds the chest, the child may have discomfort such as chest tightness during the bathing process.


So what should parents pay attention to when buying a bath barrel for the baby? Let’s take a look together.

1. Bath barrel material must be strong


If the child’s bath barrel material selected by Baoma is plastic, then it cannot be measured by the purpose; Baoma must test it in person, press and step on one step, if there is a sink, it proves that it is not strong enough and the hardness is not enough. Because children’s bath barrels must be strong enough to support the baby and a large pot of water, and the baby will play while taking a bath. The activity is more intense. If it is not strong enough, the bath barrel will soon be scrapped.

2. The safety of bath barrels is important

There should be a safe design of the bath barrel. For example, the thermometer was installed in the bath barrel. When the mother poured the hot water into the bath barrel, the thermometer immediately became red, so the mother can add appropriately according to the temperature displayed by the thermometer. Cold water to adjust the water temperature. The height of both sides of the bath barrel should not be too low, because the baby may fall from the top or climb out of the barrel at any time.


3. Humanized design

If Baoma worked hard to turn the bath barrel every time and pour the bath water, then Baoma can consider buying a children’s bath barrel with a mobile bath. This humanized design can help Baoma quickly eliminate the water in the bath barrel and make Baoma more time -saving.

4. Choose a children’s bath barrel with cushion

Considering the delicate skin of the baby’s skin, the bath bucket you buy is the best kind of washing bath barrel with a layer of cushion at the bottom. With this layer of cushion, the baby is sitting in a hard -tied bath barrel and a bath will feel comfortable and comfortable.

Let’s take a look at a few good children’s bath barrels with Xiaobian.

【Keyi Baby Bath Barrel]


Brand: Youbi


Recommended reason: The bath barrel is designed with 360 degrees, which can last long. The bottom is the disassembly double -layer barrel bottom. The barrel body does not directly contact the ground, and the thermal insulation effect is more significant. Anti -slip stool design is added to the bath barrel, which can protect the baby’s spine and avoid the baby’s danger due to sliding during the bath.

【OKBABY Baby Bath Barrel】


Recommended reason: Designed for babies for more than 12 months, the water level of the bath barrel is lower than the baby’s heart position, allowing the baby to enjoy its own temperature and water SPA. The tube contact surface uses delicate frosted, and the surface is smooth to prevent the baby’s delicate skin from scratching the baby. The intimate design allows the baby to fall in love with a bath once.


【Little Bear Bobo Children’s bath barrel】

Brand: Bear Bobo


Recommended reason: The bath barrel adopts a high -length and lengthened design. The bath barrel has strong load -bearing, effectively anti -tilt, and the baby’s bathing is safer. The bath barrel is made of new environmental protection materials, green and safe; protecting the baby’s health, the mother is more assured.

【Frog Dudi Bath Battle Block】

Brand: Frog Dudi

Recommended reason: The bath barrel adds non -slip and dismantling bath stool design, and the baby is more free to take a bath. The increase in space can effectively surround the temperature, so that the baby is like a warm and comfortable bathing experience in the arms of his mother. Increase the foldable bucket, which can be drained directly, which is more convenient.

Summer has arrived. In order to make the baby take a bath more convenient, the mothers quickly prepare a children’s bath barrel.

Choose a bath barrel to let the baby enjoy the bathing