To tell the truth, the ground lamp is still very useful


As the design of the main lights is popular, the demand for other auxiliary light sources in the space has begun to increase. Like what kind of downlights, spotlights, line lights, and ground lights, a variety of light combinations rich in space layered, creating a living atmosphere.

Take the floor lamp, for example, every time we stay up late, get up at night, don’t want to turn on the headlights and don’t want to touch the dark, the existence of the ground lamp is much considerate.

The gentle and dazzling light can light up the positions you need at home according to different switch modes, the bedside, aisle, stairs, etc. These areas that are often easily ignored, one by one, follow your steps, follow your pace. Follow the destination.

In this issue, it is mainly to share the specific role of its home foot lights.


Ground lamp characteristics

The ground lamp cannot be used directly as the main lighting in terms of brightness or light. It can only be used with other light sources and regional lighting.


1. Low power consumption:

Most of the floor lamps are made with low power and low power consumption of LED lights. Even if it lights up at home all night, its power consumption will be much lower than other lamps.

2. Strong targeted:


For those who live in the elderly and children at home, or those who have frequently staying up late and getting up at night, the ground lamps are used as night lighting fixtures to make safety guidance.


1. Not bright enough:

If the home is designed by the main lamp, it is not enough to use the lighting of the land to light. It needs to be matched with two and more than three lamps to meet the normal life lighting needs.


2. Small irradiation range:

Basically, the floor lamps are installed on the aisle passing by the feet. The center light is high, the lighting distance is short, and the radiation range of light is small.


Geetonic light


During the development of ground lamps, it is not limited to a way of lighting, but has types of lighting panels, light control, voice control, human body infrared, etc. Different types of performance are different. You can choose according to family habits.

switch panel:

Ordinary floor lamps are planned when the spatial sockets are discharged. It is on the same switch panel like other lamps as space. After fixed position switching, the floor lamp is kept on or extinguished.

Light control:

The light control floor lamp, in simple terms, is not bright when there is light during the day, light is light at night, and the lamps that are adjusted by themselves according to the strong lightness. Switch panel control.

Voice control:


As the name implies, the sound of the ground lamp is triggered by the sound, the shouting, the sound of the palm, the footsteps, etc., the volume reaches a certain degree, and the floor lamp at home will light up.


Infrared with the foot lamp:

Compared to switch panels, sound control and light control, infrared footprints are used more and smarter.

It is a self -equipped light -sensitive element and a special sensor to detect the human body’s infrared spectrum to control the lighting lights. People come to light, people go to destroy them, and they are more intelligent and more power -saving.

Establishing of the ground foot light


A good bedroom lighting design can create a comfortable atmosphere and promote people to get better into deep sleep.

When playing with mobile phones, watching dramas, and brewing on the bed, you do n’t need too strong lights. You can choose to install the foot of the foot lights around the bed for soft lighting. Drink water at night and toilet.


When many people make lighting at home, they often ignore the regions of the aisle and corridor. They think that a chandelier on the top or the wall lamp on the wall is sufficient.


In this way, when the living room, bedroom, and bathroom are in aisle at night, you can only find the switch in the dark. When the light is turned on, only the bright headlights can be selected, which is very inconvenient.

Installing the foot lamp in the aisle or corridor area, you can solve this trouble well. Even the black night night, the ground lamp can be safely guarded at home.


The winding upper stairs are often long and narrow. The ordinary lights are basically not fully illuminated in this area. As a result, when the space light is dim, they are worried about the danger of being empty.

The advantage of using ground foot lights is that it can be distributed along the stairs on the walls of each step, giving you sufficient safety, while also setting out a more advanced beauty.

The seemingly insignificant ground foot lights can exude a soft light on every dim and dark night, and the corners are shining on life.