Only by seeing the electrical wiring of the two countries, the gap is known! Germany is simply obsessive -compulsive disorder, India is fat enough


Workers in Germany have always been famous for their rigorous and serious product quality. Most of the impression left by India to the world is a magical image of casualness and boldness.

If the electrician of the two countries is PK together, what kind of magical chemical reactions will there be? Is India conquer Germany with the magic skills of “opening”, or is the rigorous work attitude that Germany is so rigorous to make obsessive diseases nowhere to shock India?

Looking at Germany first, German workers are really patient. The assembly line of German factories is also known as “production line ruled by obsessive -compulsive disorder.”

In such an environment, the German wire is like this:


Even if the wires have been chaotic, in the hands of German electricians, they will be convinced.

The Germans are strictly doing things. The vegetables in the vegetable market are head and tails in the tail and tails. The size of each fruit melon is no different. Even the ingredients for cooking are accurate to call it with an electronic scale.

Looking at the magical India, you will see it:


Is such a wire terrible? I always feel that I will fall and entangle you in the next second. However, India’s electrician seems to be very calm about such a situation.


When they work every day, they really look like Spider -Man ~

Not to mention such air homework without protection measures.


However, this is also emotional. As a developed country, Germany is more advanced in various infrastructure than India. India, as a developing country with more people and less places, is still struggling with national food and clothing. Get over and over.

But when it comes to electricians, it must be mentioned in China.

China is the second largest country in the world. The city is densely populated and the electricity consumption is large. In addition, China has popularized various electronic equipment and electronic infrastructure. The wires and cables have become the “lifeblood” of most cities in China.

So what kind of scene is China’s electrical wiring?

China’s land is vast, which requires that electricians must not only have a very strong awareness of the overall situation, but also be as careful.

In some large cities, in order to save space, the layout of the wires should be dense and compact, and those large cable towers on the vast suburbs of mountains and rivers must not only be neat, but also integrated with the surrounding environment.

It can be seen that China ’s electrician is not worse than German electrician, and gallbladder is not smaller than Indian electrician!

Text/Hai Haixia