Taste Dian olives



The picture shows the sunrise of Jishan, Binchuan, Yunnan. Photo by He Guosong

The song “Butterfly Spring” sang: “The olives are delicious and sweet, open the moss to drink mountain springs, and the mountain alliance swears the first …” Yunnan olive, also known as Yu Ganzi, is slightly sour at the entrance, but chewed carefully, but the aftertaste is endless, just like many people, just like many people The love process also fits the love of young men and women in Yunnan ethnic minorities, so people like to call it “love fruit” or “lover fruit”.

The hillside of Yunnan olives on the dry hot river valley on the land of Yunnan is a very ordinary wild fruit. Most people who grew up in the mountain have experienced olive experience. In the era of material scarce, wild Dian olives, as a fruit, often appeared in ordinary people. Eating fresh olive fruits requires some courage, because the fruits are added with astringent, and the mouth of the teeth can bear this unique taste. When I was a kid, I liked this taste. I bite it in one bite, the sour taste, drank a sip of water, and returned to Gan Gan. In hot weather, it was a kind of enjoyment. If you want to save olives for a long time, you have to make “soak olives”, marinate olives with salt water, add some seasonings of licorice, seal the bottle and tank, the acidity of the flesh decreases for a long time, and it is more delicious to eat.

Today, I leave my hometown and work abroad. I rarely have time to pick olives in the mountains, but every time I see someone selling olive fruits, the sweet and sour, strong and light nostalgia will flood my heart. I look forward to going to the mountains in the mountains and the simple olives that grow under the blue sky and white clouds and bathe the pure mountain breeze for a while.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, a female entrepreneur named Huang Wenying invited us to her Yunnan olive planting base to taste Yunnan olives. We call for friends and go.

The car rolled over a hillside and reached a place called a slate. Get off the car, the sun on the hillside is just right, and the hillside hillsidal rushes into the eye. The mature olive fruit of one tree and one tree is attractive cyan, and even the air is filled with sweet and sour mellow fragrance. The most amazing thing is that the huge fruit of Yunnan is like table tennis, which is really different from the small olives in my memory. I couldn’t wait to pick one and sent it to my mouth. After the artificially cultivated Yunnan olives, the sourness is significantly reduced, and the flesh is more crispy and tender.


We strolled in thousands of acres of olive woods, while wearing the refreshing mountain wind, while listening to the story of Huang Wenying and this barren hillside. Five years ago, Huang Wenying contracted this deserted mountain and introduced a new variety of Yunnan olives for planting. At that time, there were only a handful of specialty planting Yunnan olives on the land of Yunnan. For a mellow olive dream, Huang Wenying, who was born in agriculture, dared to dare to do it, and delivered a passionate and full of hard work to this land. The process of developing Yunnan olive planting is inevitable that it is difficult to bump all the way, “like olive fruit, all sourness is paved with sweet aftertastes.”

According to historical records, Yunnian olives have been cultivated in my country for about 1800 years, which is an important heritage of the treasure house of my country’s national medicine. Medical scholars in all ages believe that Yunnian olives have the functions of replenishing and quenching thirst, clearing throat care, moisturizing the lungs and lowering blood pressure, and removing stagnation and phlegm. Modern scientific research proves that Yunnan olive fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, amino acids, tannic acid, and trace elements necessary for various human body. They are called “natural vitamin pills” by the pharmaceutical community, and their related product market prospects are bright.

In a small courtyard on the sloping hillside, we drink olive fruit wine together, eat special dishes “green beads to the phoenix” -The mature Dian olive fruit stewed chicken, which tastes mellow and sour, taste buds very enjoyment, and nutritional value also It’s very high, this dish was smiled as “soul chicken soup” by us. When the wine arrived, someone sang “Olive Tree” and cleverly merged the lyrics at this time -where you want to ask me where I come from, my hometown is here. Why are you pursuing, sticking to a hillside, just for the olive trees in the dream, just for the sweet aftertaste of life …

Editor -in -chief: Wang Yiting