There are already users to buy Apple iPhone 12/Pro Magsafe charging treasure: a bit thick


IT House on July 19 news foreign media Macrumors reported that Apple’s new MAGSAFE charging treasure will start to reach customers around the world this week, and a luckyr has already bought one first.

The new photo shows our first real observation of Apple’s Magsafe charger designed by Apple for iPhone 12/Pro.

Steven Russell from Memphis, Tennessee, USA said he bought the Magsafe charging treasure on the local Apple Apple Store on the weekend. Since then, he shared photos on Reddit and carefully observed his design and thickness.

Russell shared some of the early impressions of the Magsafe charging treasure, pointing out that it uses a hard but smooth plastic design, which has a strong magnetic force for his iPhone 12 Pro, even if there is an apple silicone Magsafe protective cover on the device. He added that although the MAGSAFE charging treasure is quite thick, its round edge makes it very comfortable.

IT House was informed that the price of MAGSAFE charging treasures in the United States is priced at $ 99 (the National Bank is priced at 749 yuan) and can be adsorbed on the back of the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max to provide additional additional Battery battery life. Apple said that the charging treasure can use the power of up to 5W to the iPhone wireless charging, or when the MAGSAFE charging treasure is connected to the USB-C cable with a Lightning to a USB-C cable with a Magsafe charging treasure with a 20W or higher power adapter, it can reach 15W.

已有用户抢先买到苹果 iPhone 12/Pro MagSafe 充电宝:有点厚

When you connect the MAGSAFE charging treasure to the iPhone 12/Pro running iOS 14.7 or higher version, it will automatically start charging iPhone and display the charging state on the lock screen.

Magsafe’s external battery can be ordered in the Apple online store, only white, and is currently expected to be delivered in late July.