Is the curtain still using Roman? Now more and more people are designed like this, it’s really smart


The details determine the success or failure. In the decoration of the new house, there are many details that need to be paid attention to. A high -quality home improvement cannot be sloppy. So, what should be used for hanging curtains?

The traditional Roman rods are out, and more and more people choose curtain boxes.


1. Roman rod vs curtain box

The Roman rod is the crossbar of the curtain with a cylinder with a diameter of about 4cm. The length depends on the size of the window. The ends of the poles are gourd -like stigma, which plays a decorative effect, named after the style similar to ancient Roman architecture.


The curtain box is mainly used to hide the curtain header. If there is a ceiling in the room, the curtain box is directly hidden in the ceiling. If there is no ceiling in the room, the curtain box is fixed on the wall and becomes a whole with the window frame.

Second, the limitations of the Roman rod

Why the Roman rod is not popular, mainly because of its own limitations.

1. Limited load bearing

Roman rods are limited. If it is a velvet or other more material curtains, the Roman rod may be bent.

2. Limited length


The length of the Roman rod can generally be customized by itself, but the maximum cannot exceed 3.5 meters.


3. Pulling stagnation

The Roman rod mainly connects the curtains by the ringing ring. There is a large friction obstacle between the rod and the rod body. The curtains are easily stagnant.

4. High price


The price of Roman rods is calculated according to rice. Generally, the price of the rod body is determined per meter. The solid wood will be expensive, about 20-100 yuan/meter.

Third, the benefits of installing curtain boxes

Compared with Roman rods, curtain boxes still have certain advantages.


1. Hidden and beautiful

The biggest advantage of the curtain box is concealment, the overall sense is stronger, and naturally more beautiful. In contrast, the Roman rod looks a bit abrupt.


2. You can install a window mantle

The curtain can be installed with a curtain box, which has excellent decorative effect. Especially in European and rural decoration styles, window mantle design can greatly increase the face value.

3. The simple operation

The installation of the curtain box is very simple, and there is no high requirements for the technology of the installation master. Moreover, curtain boxes can adapt to various decoration styles and have the role of icing on the cake.

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