The use of “” in mahogany furniture


What is chéng?


的 is a very interesting component. It is not only a structural component that can communicate large and small wooden works, but also a decorative component that carries beauty.

In ancient times, most of them were erected on both sides of the ancient door to prevent the car from touching the door.

In mahogany furniture, the new meaning is cited. As a “wooden pillar” that can strengthen the body as a furniture, it has also been developed many shapes: straight 枨, Luo Guo, overlord 枨, and so on.

Today, let’s talk about the structure in mahogany furniture.


1 straight

Straight, flat and straight dumplings.

From the perspective of origin, Chinese classical furniture originated from architecture, and the structure of one -leg and three teeth can indeed remind people of the beam structure in classical architecture.


The upward dumplings are up, so as to receive the visual effects that are straightforward and change. In terms of shape, the dental structure can be regarded as a variant of Luo Guo.

Architecture of Naoki Source → Naoki 的


During the Sui and Tang dynasties, high -type furniture had been popular in my country. Especially in the Song Dynasty, the framework structure replaced the box plate structure into the mainstream of furniture shape, and the pull between the frame also had room for development and evolution. In the early days, the puppets were straight. Later, in order to decorate, the arched bending Luo pot appeared.

As the tenon -and -mortise techniques emerged in the late Ming Dynasty, the practice of Da Bian Anzhi has disappeared. The door -shaped teeth strip extends to the legs and shoulders, bringing out the tender leaves of the small hook, and the corner lines of the commissioner will end straight, and the lines are perfect and smooth. The slender four legs and straight stubborn noodles started to stand up, and their legs were slightly skimped.

2 Luo Guo 枨

Luo Guozheng, raised up the tall in the middle, saying that it was named like a humpback (northern called Luo Guo).

Luo Guo is a dumplings rising upward to increase the lower part of the lower space, so as to receive the visual effects that are straightforward and changing. In terms of shape, the dental structure can be regarded as a variant of Luo Guo.

Architecture of Luo Guo 罗 → Luo Guo


We can obviously see the role and form of form in the architecture of the furniture. In addition, it is an obvious structural part and changes the stress mode, and the structure is more stable. As shown in the figure, A force makes the puppet tightly on the leg, making the legs and 枨 a natural tight state.

From a structural perspective, the mule is more available, which is more effective for the stable structure. However, when the lady is low, it will prevent users’ legs and knees activity, which will cause inconvenience. The two ends are leaning down, and Luo Guo -psionic arched in the middle is the creation of the law to solve this contradiction.

During the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Gao Gongluo Pot has been used independently in the furniture. However, due to the insufficient lighting of the room at that time, there were relatively few indoor furniture. It was often used and mobile in one device. The mechanical intensity of Gao Gongluo Pot was difficult to meet the requirements of use.

Among the Mingqing hardwood furniture that has been passed down, the structure of Luo Guo 枨 to add dwarfs and cardia flowers is quite common. Many of them are designated as classics of Ming Zuo furniture by various academic works.

Luo Guo’s approach itself is very particular about it. It is not simply the standard of the arc to reach the standard, but it needs to highlight the echo and fluency of the furniture.

3 Overlord


Overlord 霸, the oblique 枨 on the inside of the upper part of the legs, the lower end is combined with a hook -mounted mortar with the legs and feet, and the upper end supports the wearing band under the panel. The name “Overlord” seems to be the meaning of lifting the arms.

The amount of overlord’s body is small, but it has a vital role in the overall structure of the furniture -not only increases the solidity and is very beautiful, watching it is simple and smooth, the handsome and beautiful inside Elegant charm.

Some overlords are gathered at the upper end of its gap, and four gaps are touched with square wooden blocks. They are nailed under the panel to fix the dumplings. This device should only be used for square furniture, which is concentrated because of the end. If it is a rectangular table, the upper end of the mule is scattered, and this device cannot be used.


From Song to Ming, all components of furniture have been continuously improved, and the production process strives to be elegant and simple, and it is beautiful. The shape of the overlord is smooth and smooth, which is in line with the principles of mechanics. The foot feet are full and smooth. It sets off the specific stability of the family in the form of a high bow back.

The connection position of the overlord of Ming -style furniture and the legs and feet is strict. It must not only meet the principles of mechanics, increase the solid of the table, but also follow the golden segmentation ratio, and pursue the high unity of practicality and decorativeness. Excessive and timidity is an unconfident performance; if you are too low, you will affect the user’s free movement and visual effects.