A pure color T -shirt, the whole spring and summer


Cool and comfortable, with a girly laziness, fashionable!

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Wearing a T -shirt in spring and summer, comfortable and fashionable


¥ 89


If you want to dress lightly in spring and summer, you must know how to wear a “subtraction”.


The clean and refreshing beauty is becoming more and more sought after.

for example,


The versatile and simple basic T -shirt


It is a must -have item for people who are fashionable.

Lisa, Ishihara Rimi and other female stars and models,

Even people have color T -shirts

The upper body has both girls’ sugar oxygen and a bit of intellectual tenderness.

Today, I recommend a basic combing cotton T -shirt.


Comfortable and breathable, the fabric comes from

40 double yarn Xinjiang combing cotton cotton

Essence The unique natural conditions, the temperature difference between summer and sufficient sunlight, under the nourishment of glacier water, each flower grows white and fat.

The fabric woven it with it feels soft, has a certain thickness, and is refreshing and delicate.


Although soft, but not through,

It is 210g/m2,

Higher than ordinary cotton

, High elasticity and high density.

Soft, not meat, can quickly absorb sweat.

At the moment of putting on, I immediately experience the softness and delicate wrapped in the clouds, and the water absorption is also very strong, and the skin is wet and wet.

It can also gain dry and breathable experience in summer. Washing is not easy to yellow, and it is elastic.


Soft and easy to wear, comfortable and beautiful

40 tight plug plus spinning cotton yarn,

Breathable, skin -friendly and durable

Summer sweating frequently will not deform.


The texture is thin, and the feel is particularly smooth,

The comfortable wear, you can feel it across the screen ~


In terms of style, it is also very energetic.



Rose round neck

, Loose cuffs, the hem is

Straight design

The upper body is strong, comfortable and tidy.

You must be comfortable in the invisible places.


The entire T -shirt is neatly neat, and the line head is almost no, and it is neat. When you wear it comfortably, others look refreshing.


Pure color system,

19 kinds of rainbow colors

Simple and simple,

From the common black and white gray, to the hot grape purple/green stone green and other bright colors in recent years

Whether wearing or overlapping, it is naturally beautiful.

And cute and lovely

【Children’s New】

, Give the baby intimate care, the family is well worn:

A variety of colors at a time.

From the bright and cheerfulness of spring, to the vibrant of summer, with the decoration of a T -shirt, every day is full of good mood.

For girls,


Take off the jacket is the season of a T -shirt


Besides, this mysterious climate can be worn all year round.

A T -shirt+coat

: Slightly cool spring and autumn, no matter how the temperature changes in the morning and evening, it can make you look good and warm, and it is convenient to wear and take off.

Long -sleeved+short -sleeved stacking

It is well -loved by the trendy people. Two seemingly unrelated single products are combined together, and the fashion index doubles instantly. One T -shirt can take through your entire early spring wardrobe.

and also,

Pick up a piece of free and easy to pick up

: Nothing can be more comfortable than wearing a loose and soft T -shirt ~

Especially during this period of time, “


“, Combined with flat shoes, casual pants and T -shirts.

Dress like this, cool and comfortable, with the lazy feeling of girly atmosphere, fashionable!

The more basic items, the higher the requirements of the fabric.

Even the versatile solid color T -shirt does not mean to wear it casually:

Loose looseness, ordinary people not only seem to be unprepared, but also lower grades.


A T -shirt fabric can reflect your taste inadvertently.

The fabric of this T -shirt is

40 double gauze combed cotton cotton

Essence It is produced in Xinjiang cotton, and it is woven with it. “Thin, leak, transparent” can make the clothes that make the clothes cheap. On the contrary, it is a good texture.

Unlike the whole cotton fabric we usually know (with 28),


It is more delicate, smooth, smooth, and not easy to deform and wrinkle.


In a word, it is: comfortable and durable.

Note: The number of count indicates the thickness of the yarn. The higher the number, the thinner the yarn, the smoother the texture will be


Kezhong 20g/m2.

It refers to the weight of the fabric in the unit space. The greater the weight, the better the water absorption, the thicker the fabric, and the better the skin sticking.


But don’t cover it, it is breathable enough.

Even in the summer of sweat, it can quickly absorb sweat, spread to the surface of the fabric, evaporate rapidly, and high hygroscopic sweats.

It is also very durable.

Washing many times is still strong,

Especially its neckline,

Tattoo design

Usually, how to pull and pull without deformation.

In addition to being attentive on the fabric, the version is also aligned with the brand T -shirt.

Simple, capable, casual

It is its representative word.

Round neck

, Comfortable, meticulous workmanship, soft skin on the neck;

Under the principle of versatile and not picking, the round neck style is more neck curve,

Put on a small head




, Moderate length,

Big arms and worship meat

, Make the upper body look more neat;


Shoulder type design


Three -dimensional tidy


, Make the whole person look very energetic,

Wearing a look at work but not losing stability

Straight hem

Just put straight pants,

Exploring capable and casual, confident simple style style


Urban girls are salt and sweet dress.

Such a neat version is generally available for big brands, which can make your clothes more taste and beautiful, so it is very good

The daily T -shirts of the multi -fashion bloggers are this;


A pure -colored T -shirt is an indispensable item in your wardrobe, which brings more possibilities to the shape.

Pure color emphasizes the texture of the clothes itself, and it can also create its own style.

A total of 19 kinds of from the versatile


Common color

, To the full of vitality


Harajuku is bright.

“Simple and low -key star” constant color matching

Black/white/gray/ink blue/dark night gray/olive green, upholding consistently calm,

Mixed crowd, surging in the heart

“Vitality Family” Flower World


The bright color filled with youthful atmosphere, big red/ginger/treasure blue/deep yellow/grape purple/amber yellow/carpic orange/Tibetan green, spring and summer good weather, spring and summer

It’s worth a good mood of daily

Four low saturation colors


: Light powder/matcha green/haze blue/green stone green,


Easy and fresh

Summer is leisurely.

Tibetan green | white and white show “expensive”

Different from black, it is not friendly to the black leather people. This color is versatile. at the same time,

Tibetan green between black and dark blue is soft and calm.

Bright skin, white skin,

With a white bottom, cool and simple

, Summer can also highlight the taste.

Grape Purple | Bright age reduction

Since last year, I have loved purple -like purple,

This color will make you inexplicable

Essence It is a kind of


Gentle and gentle gray -tone purple

It is not easy to look old to Huangpi.

Pine stone green | Gentle and refreshing

Low saturation color scheme,

It just comes to compete with the inflammation of the summer without losing the youthful atmosphere

The upper body is cool and easy.


The size is all,


S-4XL has 7 sizes, the same men and women

You can choose according to your own measurements and clothing lengths.

And soft cute


Essence Straight hem, double-layer car reinforcement, comfortable, personal and resistant-







The upper body is strong, comfortable and tidy.

and also,