Porcelain pillows are so valuable! 20 major porcelain pillows with the highest auction price


The body is the most important “asset” of a person in the world. Once the body is lost, life no longer exists. A person must not only keep his body well, but also keep your body healthy. Many ideals are difficult to achieve. If you want to have a good body, the most important thing is to have good sleep. Chinese medicine believes that good sleep is the biggest tonic, and people who have poor sleep for many years will have a strong body one day.


If you want to have good sleep, the most important thing is the calmness of thought. In children’s thoughts, there is no complex component. As long as they are tired, even in a bad environment, they can sleep as sweet as a baby. However, if you have a heavy mind, you can’t calm your mind for a long time. Even if your body is tired, it is difficult to sleep even on the Jinyi jade bed.

Sweet as a baby

Although thinking is the most important factor in sleep, there is a good bed environment, which can help sleep, soft mattresses, and moderate hardness pillows, which can make the body more relaxed, the body relaxes, and it is naturally easier to relax. Falling asleep.

The pursuit of comfort is the nature of human beings. However, ancient Chinese are abnormal and often pursue “uncomfortable”. For example, the Tai Shi chair, each part becomes right angle, people sit up and feel hard. Another example is that the dormitory of the emperor with the property of the world does not exceed 10 square meters. Why do you want to fall asleep in such a small room? Modern people who pursue big space do not seem to understand.

Emperor’s bedroom

What makes people understand is that the ancients like to use hard stone pillows, porcelain pillows and wooden pillows. Porcelain pillows are generally made short. They can only pillow a person’s head. If the person sleeping on it wants to turn over, not only can not turn over, but also wakes up from sleep. What about pillows? Regarding this issue, Teacher Ma Weidu once said that the porcelain pillow was very small, and people could not turn them on, so they were used for the late people, because the dead did not need to turn over.

Western Han Dynasty King Museum of the King of the King of the South Vietnam, Jindai Shanxi Jinnan Kiln Sancai Poetry Poetry Hexagon Pillow

The Western Han Dynasty King Museum collected the poems of the hexagonal pillow of the Sancai Poetry of Jinnan Kiln in Shanxi Shanxi: “Three thousand miles of the old country, 20 years in the deep palace. The owner of the pillow carved the poem on the pillow to alert himself.

Regarding Mr. Ma Weidu’s judgment on the porcelain pillow, Yuzhai Jun can only be huh. There are two huge flaws in Teacher Ma Weidu’s arguments. One is about the problem of turning over. Everyone knows the story of the suspended beams. In the Warring States Period, Su Qin, in order to study hard, was on their thighs every time I fell asleep every time I fell asleep. Use an awl to stab to make themselves sober. The ancient people’s living environment is under great pressure, and the competitive pressure of the scholars is even more unimaginable. The ancients fell asleep because they were too sleepy the night before. After getting enough sleep, they got enough sleep. Turn over the body, because you sleep on the porcelain pillow, you can wake up as soon as you turn over, you can continue reading. We can also see such a habit in some poems. For example, Li Qingzhao’s “Drunk Flower Yin · Mist, Mist, Sorrows and Sorrows Days”, “The festivals are heavy, the jade pillow gauze, the early night is cold”, the jade here is the jade. ” The pillow refers to the celadon pillow of Yue Kiln. The ancients did not have a nightlife like today. Many people fell asleep before 8 o’clock. The body is unwell, and the porcelain pillow can wake up early, and the Tang and Song Buddhas flourish, and many scholars get up at three or four as the monks.

Song Sancai’s Pillow Pillow Pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Another argument flaw is that if the porcelain pillow is a underworld, can the deceased do not need a pillow before the porcelain is invented? As soon as porcelain was invented, people engaged in the funeral industry immediately used porcelain as the pillow of the deceased? Obviously, Teacher Ma Weidu’s statement is flawed.

To put it plainly, the purpose of using porcelain pillows is the same as the purpose of using the Tai Master chair. It is to alert to keeping themselves healthy while maintaining their health. Although the Tai Shi chair is hard, it does not hurt the spine. Get up early. The health benefits in it are naturally big.

Song Bai Di Black Flower Poetry Ruyi Head Pillow Pillow Pillow Palace Museum Collection

Gossip no longer narrates. Yuzhai Jun is a loyal fan of porcelain pillows. Many Song Dynasty porcelain pillows also treasured in the Yuzhai Museum. Today, Yuzhai Jun led everyone to see the highest auctioned porcelain pillow porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain Boutique porcelain pillow in it.


Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 20 Ringzhou Kiln Landscape Porcelain Pillow

Valuation: No bottom price

Transaction price: RMB 2,300

Auction: Beijing Poly 2016 Spring Auction

Specialty: Crescent Elegant Collection -Modern Art Ceramics Special Session

Time: 2016-06-06

Size: 30 × 27 × 14cm

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 19 Fish Algae Tattoo Glaze Red Porcelain Pillow

Valuation: RMB 5,000-5,000,000

Transaction price: RMB 5,600

Auction: Zhongdu International 2010 Spring Art Boutique Auction

Special: Miscellaneous Jade Ware

Time: 2010-01-09

Size: 38cm long

The 18th blue and white figure porcelain pillow (one) of the porcelain pillow auction list (one)

Valuation: RMB 100-100


Transaction price: RMB 5,980

Auction: Shanghai Hongsheng in the early spring of Jiangnan in 2012, China Banking Auction

Specialty: Jiangnan Xinyun. China Banknotes (1)

Time: 2012-03-29

Porcelain pillow auction list 17th pink beauty porcelain pillow porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain

Valuation: HKD 8,000-10,000

Transaction price: HKD 11,500

Auction: Dunhuang’s first large -scale art auction in 2012


Specialty: Porcelain Miscellaneous Neda

Time: 2012-10-06

Size: 24 × 16 × 19cm

Porcelain pillow auction list 16th Qingguang pink color flower and bird pattern porcelain pillow porcelain porcelain porcelain porcelain

Valuation: RMB 15,000-25,000

Transaction price: RMB 23,000

Auction: Chengdu Bayi 2014 Autumn Art Auction

Specialty: Suxin Qingyu -Antique and Literary and Maxima Masana

Time: 2014-10-25

Size: 38cm long; 10.5cm wide; 9cm high

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 15 Song Chan Kiln Green Glaze Peony Porcelain Pillow Pillow


Valuation: HKD 30,000-60,000

Transaction price: HKD 34,500

Auction: The first art auction of Datang International, Hong Kong, 2012

Specialty: Chinese antiques


Time: 2012-11-24

Size: 11cm high; length 24.5cm

Porcelain pillow auction list 14th Song Turtle Begonia -shaped porcelain pillow (one)

Valuation: RMB 35,000-38,000

Transaction price: RMB 37,400

Auction: Shanghai Oriental 2003 Autumn Auction

Specialty: Porcelain, jade, miscellaneous, crafts, jewelry jewelry

Time: 2003-12-16

Size: 14.7 × 10.5 × 5cm


Porcelain pillow auction list 13th Qing Tongzhi coral red bamboo bamboo pattern porcelain pillow

Transaction price: RMB 43,700


Auction: Beijing Poly Phase 15 Boutique Auction

Specialty: Switching — Special Session of Private Tibetan Porcelain Miscellaneous Top

Time: 2011-07-26

Size: 19cm long

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 12 Liao to Golden Green glaze flower pattern porcelain pillows

Valuation: HKD 60,000-80,000

Transaction price: HKD 75,000

Auction: Hong Kong Sotheby’s Spring 2019 Auction

Specialty: Different on earth: Qi Fun

Time: 2019-04-02

Size: 27.6cm

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 11 Yuan Green Glaze Beam Porcelain Pillow

Valuation: RMB 70,000-100,000


Transaction price: RMB 80,500


Auction: Beijing Rongbao 81st Art Auction


Specialty: Antiques and crafts

Time: 2017-04-02

Size: 17.6 × 9.7 × 9.9cm

The shape of the waist is a typical Song Dynasty shape, with emerald green glaze, and the mysterious point on all sides.

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 10 Yuanzhou Kiln Yellow -green glaze double lion porcelain pillow pill

Valuation: RMB 80,000-150,000

Transaction price: RMB 92,000

Size: 19.5 × 12 × 10cm

In the early Northern Song Dynasty, the yellow -green glaze printing mold was made. There was a male lion head on each side of the pillow surface, and the eyes were full of anger, and the mouth was roaring and lifelike. There is a hydrangea in the middle of the double lion, with smooth decoration and high artistic accomplishments.

Porcelain pillow auction List 9th, Five Dynasties Five Dynamic Glaze Flowers “Sassas” porcelain pillow porcelain pillow

Valuation: RMB 120,000-180,000

Transaction price: RMB 138,000

Auction: Xiling Yinshe 2015 Autumn Auction

Specialty: Chinese porcelain special session


Time: 2015-12-27

Size: 9cm high; 22.5cm long; 12cm wide

This porcelain pillow is clever, and the “Sasan” tattoo is fell in the pillow. The ring -shaped vines around the flower, making the protagonist dazzling. The blank is covered with tender leaves, making the overall picture lively and lively. The porcelain pillow is carved out of the flower diagram with a hollow method, making the entire porcelain pillow beautiful and generous. There is no decoration in the pillow body, showing a simple appearance. There are milk convex inner bottom. The “secret magnet” handed down is extremely scarce, and it is all the small wares such as a bowl of a bowl. This pillow is only seen! It is also more like a large artifact, and it is even more rare!


Porcelain pillow auction list 8th before Mingfeng Kiln porcelain pillow pillow pillow pill

Valuation: RMB 120,000-160,000


Transaction price: RMB 161,000

Auction: Xiling Yinshe 2015 Spring Auction

Specialty: Literary Fang Qing Playing Anti -Play Miscellaneous Poor Session

Time: 2015-07-05

Size: 29cm long; 18.5cm wide; height 8.5cm

Porcelain pillow is a daily necessities. It is a more popular shape in ancient Chinese porcelain. Porcelain pillows were first built in the Sui Dynasty. After the Tang Dynasty, they began to produce a large number of production, and gradually became the favorite bedpiece of people. During the two Song Dynasty and the Golden and Yuan dynasties, the development of porcelain pillows entered a prosperous period, and the place of origin was all over the north and south, and the shape was very rich. At that time, more popular geometric pillows, animal -shaped pillows, architectural pillows, character pillows, etc., were delicate and delicate.

Porcelain Pillow Auction List 7th Yuanying Green Glaze Student Porcelain Pillow

Valuation: RMB 300,000-400,000

Transaction price: RMB 165,000


Auction: Beijing Zhongshu 2007 large -scale art auction

Specialty: Porcelain Art Products

Time: 2007-08-26

Size: height 17.4cm; 36cm long; 16.1cm wide

This pillow plastic worker is meticulous and the stories of various scenes are stacked. There are many changes, with a sense of symmetry. The character is chic and lifelike. The tire quality is delicate, the glaze is white, and the luster is soft and elegant. It is a rare art treasure in Yuan porcelain. It is an important physical material for studying the art of ceramics in the Yuan Dynasty and the art of the Song and Yuan Miscellaneous drama. Flat -bottom, octagonal, blue glaze, glaze -lust, exposed tires, and tires with blue gray. For Yuan porcelain, it is rarely passed down. At present, only five can be seen nationwide, which are hidden in the Capital Museum, Jiangxi Fengcheng Museum, Anhui Yuexi Cultural Relics Group, Shanxi Datong Museum and Chengdu Cultural Relics Store in Sichuan Province. It can be called a masterpiece of the ghost ax, which is a well -deserved national treasure -level cultural relic.

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 6 Yuanzuku Kiln Ruyi Fish Algae Porcelain Pillow Pillow

Valuation: RMB 150,000-250,000

Transaction price: RMB 172,500

Size: 29.4 × 22 × 11.5cm

The typical shape of the Yuan Dynasty, black painting in white ground, because of its appearance looks like Ruyi. The magnetic pillow glaze is fat, the tire is gray and hard, and the makeup soil is applied, transparent glaze, and the tire glaze is very tight and complete. The buckle is sounded, and the pillow surface is painted with a fat carp to swim in the algae. The image is vivid and lively.

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 5 Song Dengfeng Kiln Deer Porcelain Pillow Pillow

Valuation: RMB 150,000-200,000

Transaction price: RMB 195,500

Auction: Xiling Yinshe 2017 Spring Auction

Time: 2017-07-15

Size: 11.7cm high; 22.9cm long; 18.6cm wide

This porcelain pillow is the deainer kiln system. The tire quality is relatively hard and fine. The pillow surface is engraved with fairy deer patterns. The fairy deer is full and full of dynamic. The whole device is full of irregular films, with a sense of age, and high artistic value and collection value. The porcelain pillow is oval as a whole, the lines are smooth, the knife is skilled, the glaze is yellow in white, the carved pattern, the three -dimensional sense is strong. Complete appearance is a treasure worth collecting.

Porcelain pillow auction list 4th is Ming or previously Dingyao portrayed flower porcelain pillow

Valuation: RMB 180,000-300,000

Transaction price: RMB 207,000


Auction: Guangdong Chongzheng 2018 Autumn Auction

Specialty: Cuihua · Ancient Literary Shop Qingfeng


Time: 2018-12-13

Size: 15cm high; 28cm long

This ding kiln is a rare vision of Hualien pillow. Its firing process is clever. First of all, brown makeup soil is applied on the white carcass, and then the outline of the pattern is outlined on the makeup soil, and then the makeup soil other than the pattern is removed. Essence

Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 3 Yuanzhou Kiln Tiger Poor Porcelain Pillow Pillow

Valuation: RMB 200,000-300,000

Transaction price: RMB 230,000

Auction: Beijing Zhongpai 2016 Spring Auction

Specialty: Porcelain Specialty

Time: 2016-05-29

Size: 36cm long; 27cm wide; 14cm high


Porcelain Pillow Auction List No. 2 Song Dynasty Yellow glaze Lady Porcelain Pillow


Valuation: HKD 300,000-300,000

Valuation: No bottom price


Auction: Beijing Rongbao 81st Art Auction

Auction: Beijing Rongbao 81st Art Auction

Specialty: Antiques and crafts

Specialty: Antiques and crafts

Time: 2017-04-02


Time: 2017-04-02

Specialty: Chinese porcelain special session

Transaction price: HKD 330,000

Auction: Macau Longxi 2012 New Year Art Auction

Specialty: porcelain, miscellaneous items


Time: 2012-01-08

Size: Tong high 12cm


Pillow -faced lotus leaf, rectangular base, lady lying on the seat, the body is covered with yellow glaze, the glaze is smooth, gentle like jade, peach blossom noodles, willow leaf eyebrows, Qiluo fragrance, half dragging clothes, gently love between flowers, euphemism Lings. Sophisticated and beautifully produced.

Porcelain pillow auction list No. 1 Yuanzhuka Kiln Black Painted “Lu Dong Bin Play Peony” porcelain pillow pillow pillow

Valuation: RMB 600,000-800,000


Transaction price: RMB 690,000

Auction: Beijing Rongbao 2017 Spring Art Auction


Specialty: Huating Yazi · Antiquewen Play


Time: 2017-06-02


Size: 42.6 × 17.8 × 15cm

Together: “Zhenyuan Wang Family”.

The Yuanyuan, that is, Lianyuanli, the administrative division set up in the Yuan Dynasty, was located in Pengcheng Town, Handan today. The “Zhenyuan Wang Family” was the most famous first -best kiln factory in Pengcheng kiln in the Yuan Dynasty. This square porcelain pillow is long -forming, the pillow noodles are open pattern, and the white ground black painted “Lu Dongbin Three Opera Peony Fairy” myth. The traditional peony pattern is drawn on the front and back, exquisite brushwork, elegant layout of the picture, vivid characters, and long artistic conception. This device is quite good, the ancient charm is full, and it is rare for preservation. The Yuan Dynasty’s complete porcelain pillow of the Ming Dynasty was extremely precious. It is known that there are only treasures in Overseas Museums in the United States Seattle Art Museum, the Hangu Lulu Art Museum in Hawaii, and the French Jimei Museum.

Northern Song Ding Kiln White Glaze Children Pillow

Northern Song Dingyao White Glaze Children Pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Tang Sancai plus blue carved flower cricket pillow pillow

Tang Sancai plus blue carved flower pillow pillow pillow pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan


Song Chan Kiln white ground black flower figure pillow pillow

Songshan Kiln White Di Black Flower Character Tibetan Pillow Palace of the Palace Museum in Beijing


Song Pearl’s Folding Branches Peony Pillow Pillow


Song Pearl’s Folding Branches Peony Pillow Pillow Pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan


Songsha Kiln “Zhangjia made” white ground black bamboo pattern pillow

Song Chan Kiln “Zhangjia made” white ground black bamboo pattern pillow pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Tang Sancai Pillow

Tang Sancai Pillow Pillow Palace of Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Song Zhangjia made “Mangzhou Kiln Baiyi Black Color” Little Peach Red “song brand pillow

The Black color title of the white ground of the Kiln Kiln Kiln “Little Taohong” song brand pillow pillow pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Song Sancai’s Pillow Pillow

Song Sancai’s Pillow Pillow Pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan


Tang white glaze green pillow

Tang white glaze green color pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan

Yuanqing glaze carved flower long square pillow

Yuanqing glaze engraved flowers long square pillow Beijing Palace Museum Tibetan