Do you like sweet and cool wind wear? Jiang Shuying He Hongshan has a good demonstration, fashionable and stylish


Hello everyone.

What style is your daily wear? Sweet style, elegant wind or casual style? I see the street shots of the female stars recently, and found that the mixing style is a big deal, of which

Sweet and cool wind

Dressing is very popular.

The combination of two different styles with different styles often has unexpected effects. For example, the feminine items are mixed with the handsome items, or the clothes of the sweet little princess style and the neutral style clothes. Can be created


Sweet and cool

The feeling comes.

The sweetness of the sweet wind is really wonderful. It can make the girls of the little princess style have a tough handsomeness, and they can also add a femininity to the handsome girl. Let’s take a look at how these fashionable girls create a sweet and cool style today.

Sweet and cool wind wearing suitable people?

The characteristics of sweet and cool wind are very distinctive, either sweet or cool. They are more fashionable, and this combination has no restrictions on the height of a man. Slim and tall people can wear them, and small and exquisite people can also wear it. But no matter how high, this figure must be over.


Wearing XL code or above

People with clothes are not suitable.

Sweet and cool wind is relatively young, only suitable for young girls, or young people who are younger than young people. If you are over forty years old and your face is old, it is still not suitable for this style to wear. It will be suspected of pretending to be tender.


Below we will introduce a few sweet and cool wind combinations to see that one you like.


Sweet and cool wind matching ideas one: feminine waist waist vest with casual pants, beautiful and trendy

One of the main points of sweet and cool wind is that there must be one


Sweet or feminine

The single product. So

Low waist vest

This is such a single product. This dress has a large skin area and is very figure. It is the most feminine item. And it can also bring a little sexy in fashion. It is one of the main items to create sweet wind.

The matching of the supermodel Ken Dou above is very classic. She is paired with a rice white wide -leg pants to this avocado green waist vest and a pair of yellow -colored short boots on her feet. Refreshing and handsome and sweet.

The exposed skin area of ​​the waist vest is large, the body is very high, the arm should be thin, and the waist must be thin. Otherwise, the waist is round, which is strong and indecent.

In summer, no clothes are more trendy than a white broadband waist vest. With a pair of light blue jeans, then pants

Roll up upward

Essence It looks casual and comfortable. Wearing double -band sandals on your feet is very fashionable.

The waist vest must be paired with loose pants to harmonize. It is more suitable than a pair of denim wide -leg pants. Although denim wide -leg pants are common. But this is the easiest item to express coolness. This cool level depends on your jeans.

For example, the girl wears a blue checkered waist vest with a printed denim wide -leg pants. There is a sweet and romantic charm in leisure. It’s quite tide.


If you have a good figure, wear wide -leg pants with casual wind in summer. This is the standard sweet and cool wind.

Sweet and cool wind matching ideas 2: Bubble sleeve short top with jeans or leather pants, elegant and fashionable


Bubble sleeve short top is a piece


The single product. This dress generally has a large neckline, either V -neck or square collar. Some are decorated on the fungus. Very romantic. In the sweet wind, this bubble sleeve top is responsible for expressing sweetness. Play hands with handsomeness. Such as jeans or something.


For example, the yellow -green bubble sleeve top worn by Jiang Shuying above is very representative. She was paired with a pair of embroidered denim shorts and wore double loafers on her feet. The sweetness is a bit handsome and beautiful.

The white bubble sleeve top is a sweet and immortal item, and it feels like a little princess style. It is refreshing and age -reducing and fashionable. With this piece of jacket with a pair of denim wide -leg pants, it has a good balance between the white tulle bubble sleeve top, which looks more powerful.

This combination gives people a good feeling, sweet and cool degree is just right.

The popular lapel print shirt this year can also create a sweet wind. Like the girl, the girl is well dressed. A black -printed dew -waist shirt with a black background, the V -port lapel is very breathable. Both collars and cuffs are stitched with white, retro and romantic, and at the same time without losing sweetness. With a pair of blue denim wide -leg pants. Fashionable and stylish.


There is also a little dew in this top, showing a figure and feminine. Beautiful and tide summer streets.

In addition to jeans, you can also use it

Leather pants

Also express coolness. Like the supermodel of the supermodel of Ken Dou above, it is good. A black and white striped bubble sleeve sleeve waist short top, paired with a pair of black leather pants, and wearing a pair of black fine high heel sandals on the feet. Sweet and handsome.

The pants are very powerful, so wearing this pants, other items should be as sweet as possible. This is only harmonious.

Sweet and cool style with ideas: French -style dress with short boots or socks with flat shoes, sweet and elegant and handsome


Many friends like to wear in summer

French style

Dress. Many of this skirt is printed. For example, the girl wearing the girl wearing the picture above is very representative, and the green deeper red print is refreshing and romantic. Heart -shaped large V -neck sleeves, high -waisted umbrella -shaped skirt design, coupled with short dresses, sweet and romantic and retro, with French style.


This printed dress is a dress with a sweetheart. This girl is paired with a pair of black short boots, and the sweetness immediately weakened. It looks handsome a lot.

The gentle and sweet attributes of the bubble sleeve printed dress cannot be changed. So if you wear a printed dress to create a sweet and cool style, this shoe must be handsome. A pair of black short boots are fine. It can be matched with any printed dress.

If you feel that the short boots are hotter, you can also use black stockings and black flat shoes to replace short boots. The effect is similar, but it is more breathable and more fashionable.

In addition to the sweeter of the printed dress with bubble sleeves, this solid lapel bubble sleeve dress is also very sweet. The black dress worn by He Hongshan above is good. The design of bubble sleeves and small umbrella skirts determines the small princess style of this skirt.

She wore a black -and -white high -top canvas shoes on her feet. This shoe is a pair of cloth short boots, handsome and stylish, and very comfortable.

It is very good to wear sweet and cool shoes with sweet or femininity and handsome shoes. Simple and saving. Needless to say the style of the dress. Shoes are also very good, such as short boots, white socks plus father shoes, black loafers and black socks. These can be combined with the sweet style skirt.

Well, here is here to talk about sweet and cool wind. Do you like this style?

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