Cooperate with the trendy big coffee, can this cashmere brand like it by more young people in China?


Reporter | Huang Shan

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“Women’s Daily” recently reported that DAMIEN Bertrand, the current general manager of Dior Dior, will replace Fabio D ’Angelantonio and serve as CEO of the Italian high -end cashmere brand Loro Piana. The new time is November 25, 2021. Both Loro Piana and Dior belong to the French luxury company LVMH Group.

At present, Damien Bertrand has served as the general manager in Dior for five years. In September 2016, the LVMH Group dug Bertrand from L’Oreal Group and asked him to be responsible for Dior women’s clothing business. After that, he took over the management of Dior Men’s and children’s clothing business and became the brand’s second leader.

“Damien will lead Loro Piana into a new stage of development. While ensuring the development of new categories, it is ensured that the brand is still loyal to its unique value and continuously pursue excellence.” Toni Belloni, general manager of LVMH Group in an internal announcement express. In other words, after taking over Loro Piana, Damien Bertrand will continue and further consolidate the brand reform and layout of Fabio D ’Angelantonio in the past five years, including product line expansion and international market expansion.

In 2013, LVMH Group acquired 80%of Loro Piana’s shares for 2 billion euros, becoming its holding company, and the remaining 20%of the brand’s shares are still in the hands of the brand’s founding family. After being compiled by the LVMH Group, Loro Piana accelerated the expansion of the global market, and wherever they go, the city’s high -end business districts in various markets, such as Avenue Montaigne, France and the Ginza area of ​​Tokyo, Japan.

In the Chinese mainland market, the interface fashion statistics, Loro Piana has opened nearly 20 offline boutique stores, which is more concentrated in northern cities such as Beijing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Dalian, etc., while Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, etc. The front -line consumer cities are also covered. Loro Piana has cooperated with high -end retail real estate in China, including Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, Beijing and Xi’an SKP, Beijing Wangfu Zhonghuan, Hangzhou Vientiane City, etc.


At present, Loro Piana has 152 stores worldwide, of which 135 are direct -operated boutique stores. According to the Women’s Daily, Loro Piana will also open boutique stores in Doha, Qatar, and Palo Alto, California in the next year. It is not difficult to see that in the global market expansion, Loro Piana will insist on following the footprint of the rich.

Loro Piana founded the top six generations of cashmere textiles and other textiles. The brand is famous for using rare small cashmere jackets. Its double -layer cashmere long coat is priced at 5,4800 yuan, while a Turner double -layer cashmere coat is priced at 8,8600 yuan, which is extremely extremely, which is extremely extremely. luxurious.


In a report in the Financial Times in January 2020, then CEO Fabio D ’Angelantonio said the brand is a group of” global elites flying worldwide. ” In order to serve these customers, Loro Piana will provide them with “private clubs” generally top services around the world, so that they can meet.


In addition, Loro Piana is also expanding the product line in an orderly manner after being acquired by LVMH Group. From the original cashmere clothing, Loro Piana has expanded bags, shoes, and lifestyle products, such as providing Kashmir cushions and cushions for home, private aircraft and yachts.


Loro Piana’s reform strategy does play a role. The aforementioned “Financial Times” quoted analysis data pointed out that the annual revenue of Loro Piana was 700 million euros when they were sold, and almost doubled in 2019. However, according to the Women’s Daily, the annual sales of Loro Piana in 2019 were 1 billion euros.


Although the positioning of top luxury goods and expanding the global market brought development to Loro Piana, after the new crown epidemic in 2020, the brand that the brand was originally weak needed to improve. In the two -year financial report after the epidemic, LVMH rarely emphasizes Loro Piana’s performance in a general report. According to the aforementioned “Women’s Daily” report, Loro Piana is expected to achieve revenue in 2021 surpassing 2019 data.

The expensive pricing strategy, exquisite service and offline retail space have won older and rich customers for Loro Piana, but Loro Piana lacks a sense of presence among young people. The consumer groups growing in social media and digital marketing means different marketing methods to reach it, which makes Loro Piana, which was originally conservative in digital strategies, to more exposed to the problem.


However, the goal of Loro Piana’s youth is very clear. In the aforementioned “Financial Times” interview, Fabio D ’Angelantonio said that Loro Piana’s customers and women are equally divided, and as more and more from the addition of Silicon Valley and Chinese New Rich Strategy from the United States, the brand is younger year by year.

In October 2021, Loro Piana cooperated with Japanese street trending godfather Fujiwara to launch the first co -branded cooperation capsule series. This series consists of clothing and accessories, using high -quality wool and cashmere fabrics to interpret street clothing style.

Cooperation with Fujiwara is also the first attempt in the history of the Loro Piana brand. Once came out, Loro Piana opened a limited -time flash shop on Taikoo Li and Beijing Sanlitun Taikooli in Shanghai, and took up the platform for young artists to help.

The Women’s Daily quoted people familiar with the matter and said that Phoebe Philo, a well -known designer funded by LVMH Group, is discussing a project with Loro Piana, but it is still in the contact stage, and the specific plan is unknown.