How to choose a dining table for new house decoration? Remember these 4 points, look good and atmospheric


Many people often only stay in the tangled appearance when buying a dining table, but they do not combine their actual situation. Many restaurants are small at home. Isn’t it to buy a round dining table to add to themselves? I ca n’t have passed back and forth. Before the dishes are all on the dishes, people ca n’t come out.


The choice of the dining table involves whether it is in line with our entire home improvement style and whether the material can bear friction, especially at home. You have a marble dining table, and you will scrape you one after another in two days to look distressed and touch your hands.

So how do we choose a table that suits our home? Remember these 4 o’clock, the table of choice is beautiful and atmospheric, let’s take a look at how to choose the table.


Nowadays, the materials that can be selected at the table are also divided into many types, glass, stone, wood, and so on. For now, there are more tablets with wooden materials, and it is suitable for a variety of decoration styles, such as Nordic style, Chinese style, etc. The effects are very fashionable. The key is that the wooden table is very environmentally friendly and durable.



The larger the area, the more people are enough. The rectangular dining table and a round dining table can avoid this problem well. In these two tables, the restaurant has a small area, and those who have a small population at home do not need to consider the rectangle. Because it can be put on the wall. If there are only three people in the family, you can put the walls at all, leaving more space for the aisle. When you come to the house, you can move the table out.



When we buy dining tables and chairs, in addition to considering the materials and appearance, we must also consider whether the size of the dining table is suitable for home? There are fewer people in the family. To buy a large table of six people, it will make the original small units more crowded. The height of the table and chair is not suitable for ergonomic principles, which will greatly reduce the comfort of the meal. The following is a more suitable dining table size based on how to share with your own actual situation.


To meet the principles of ergonomics, the principle of ergonomics is essentially allowed to sit on a chair, to maximize the natural form of the human body, and the body does not need to adapt to it to reduce fatigue. The most comfortable sitting posture is the ground with both feet, leaning on the back of the chair, and the calf and thighs are 90 ° natural right angles. If the chair has a handrail, our forearm and upper arm are 90 ° natural right angles.



The dining table needs to be enlightened. Some people say that a dining table is a model who is dressed as you. In order to show its unique style, you can choose different tablecloths, such as simple hemp tablecloths to show a traditional flavor. The bright and bright tablecloths can make people feel a cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition, the appropriate lamps above the table can not only allow people to appreciate the beauty of the “color” of food, but also create a charming atmosphere. Enjoy a carefully cooked dinner with friends and relatives at the carefully dining table.