No matter how expensive the lipstick is full of yellow teeth, the five “tooth rubber rubbing” makes you lip red teeth white


Are there any friends who often drink milk tea or coffee? I do n’t know if you found it. Do n’t drink these colorful drinks or hot drinks. Over time, your teeth will become yellow.


If you do n’t pay attention to the usual oral hygiene, there will be a layer of tartar that ca n’t get it on the teeth.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, you can have a bite of white teeth and laughed. It is really confident and healing!

Even the lipsticks of dozens of dollars are very beautiful, especially the aunt’s color is about to make you full of aura. The bean paste color is the gentle lady next door.


Think about how embarrassing will it be yellow and yellow if you face your favorite boy and laugh! The following Xiaoyou will share with you a few “tooth rubber wipes”, “erase” your rhubarb tooth, let you bid farewell to the troubles of teeth!

1. Shuke light showed white teeth stickers

Want to have the same bright white teeth of the beautiful girl in anime? You must try this whitening tooth sticker in Shuke. It uses scientific research on dazzling technology to quickly decompose the pigment surface of the tooth surface, combined with dense whitening technology to make your teeth look like celebrities, bright white and indifferent ~

In addition, this tooth sticker is not sour at all. As long as you use it once, the teeth can be visible to the naked eye. After using this tooth sticker, let you say to Yahuang in an instant! And the teeth will not be sour, superweight, and low sense of existence. Friends who want to try the effect can first try to use three experiences, and post it with changes in the naked eye!

In recent years, many friends have used electric toothbrushes. When using this toothpaste, use the tooth stickers and electric toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste together. The effect is better. The teeth laughed more confident.


02, cocokayla natural teeth whitening pen


What? This little blue pen can make teeth whitening? Yes, don’t underestimate it, it’s amazing! Do not say it is made of natural plant -based ingredients, and there is a unique taste of fragrance. After applying the mouth, there are fragrant fragrances, so you don’t need to rinse your mouth!

This is this small brush head that allows you to have a small white teeth in a week ~ This small blue pen like a pen, twist and expose, come out, apply a thin layer on the teeth, super invisible Essence

And after applying the teeth, it will not be sour at all, super mild, small portable, carry it with you, apply milk tea or coffee to apply it, which is super convenient.


3, Dai Shihan whitening tooth powder

This flour packaging is pink and tender, super girl’s heart, and the packaging does not look like dental powder at all, like a cream. Dai Shihan uses 800 pearls of deep sea, whitening is 2.5 times that of ordinary dental powder!


The teeth smell a faint peach flavor, I am afraid I can’t help swallowing! The powder is delicate. After brushing the teeth, I speak, and I feel that the air is sweet, and it is instantly incarnate into the peach girl.

The cost of a few cents a day can have a good teeth! Easily let you brush off the dirt on your teeth! Remove the rhubarb, and the good lipstick can be applied at will!


04, Park Baoying’s Jiakou Lin Wash

Should everyone be familiar with mouthwash, all major supermarkets are sold, but many people ignore it. In fact, mouthwash is a super convenient and practical whitening tooth artifact.


Jiakou Lin’s mouthwash is endorsed by Park Baoying’s beautiful girl, and Koreans also love this mouthwash very much, because its ingredients are very healthy, colorless and alcohol, even pregnant women can use it!


And Koreans pay special attention to oral cleaning and hygiene, so their teeth are white. It can be seen how easy this mouthwash is! It can kill 99%of the bacteria, remove the dirt on the teeth, which can save time, but also achieve a very thorough effect. If you want to teeth in vain, you must first do a good job of cleaning your teeth!


05, SIE high -glossy white toothpaste


Why do you pay attention to the cleaning of the teeth, but the teeth are still as yellow? That’s because the first step of teeth whitening is to repair the enamel!


The inspiration of SIE Gaoguanghuan toothpaste is inspired by enamel repair technology. The patented formula of Gao Guanghuan whitening makes our teeth bright and shiny. Over time, the teeth will quietly become whiter!

This toothpaste paste is tender and tender, super girl’s heart ~ squeezing on toothpaste, even brushing is a kind of enjoyment, dreamy feeling. The mouth is fragrant, the teeth are white, my boyfriend wants to hold you to kiss you with a big sip!

If you want to have a bite of white teeth, you need to fight with the stains, which is a long -lasting battle! There will be no obvious effects in the short experiment. Only persistence can be used to get the result. Don’t look at the yellow problem. In many cases, the more these small details can reflect the image of the whole person!

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