A “small suit” this spring fire is good -looking with skirts or pants, and it is also foreign and fashionable.


This spring must wear items, let’s get a wave of gets ~

The small suit must be the first choice!

The office workers are more capable and delicate in workplace elites. The student party can also wear it. There is a sense of leisure and casualness.

The wrapping is strong, and the shoulder line is tough and clear. This version of clothing is fashionable and fashionable whether it is matched with skirts or pants.

One. How to choose a small suit?

1. Solid color set

As a suit, as an existing product, it is very convenient to wear. The necessary package plan for lazy people, and for sisters who do not match the suit,

A whole set of suit, workplace style, mixed -matching style, semi -cooked wind, no matter which one, the style will be clearer, and the dress is more complete and coordinated

, So when you choose, click directly, just choose it.

2. plaid

The checkered suit is a suit version with a high appearance rate. The charm of the checkered suit lies in its unique retro sense. It is easy to wear a modern effect, so walking

Retro route

The sisters must start with a checkered suit.


In addition, Miss Korean Miss often uses a small suit to use a high -necked bottom shirt.

Interpretation of gentleness


Let the whole person look clean and neat.

3. Men’s clothing

(1). Business suit

Men’s small suit, this spring must also get one, the men’s business suit is more serious, and two occasions can be worn. What about the first,

It is necessary to create a very tough gas field. It is effective to use men’s clothing to make potential

It is also more effective in doing things. The second is to create mixed -matching style. The business suit is very high -level and high -level.

(2). Checked suit


Men’s plaid suit is different from women’s models, that is, oversize, it is a bit of Oversize ~ Suitable for creating cool neutral winds, compared to the above business department


More casual


In fact, it is also good to show gentleness.

Match the casual and gentle inside with the loose men’s checkered suit

It makes people feel like I see, and the whole person looks very small, making people very protective ~

4. Long model/short model

In addition, it is the choice of long and short models. Short models can better reflect the prosperity of the suit suit

, Long models are easy to create a sense of tenderness and leisure, different lengths,

Different coverage

Then tolerance is different.

Of course, if you want to cover your body to choose a long style, you should also pay attention.

If you don’t want to wear a small short leg

It needs to be used to improve the waistline so that a small man can easily control it.

TWO. How to wear

1. Skirt

1. Bottom shirt+sweater+checkered wool woolen skirt+white suit

It has not ended in winter, and it is better to keep warm in the transition season.


Compared with strong and eye -catching

Inspired by the combination of popular color vitality and extreme gray. The orange and gray checkered skirts are also generous.

2. High -necked bottom shirt+checkered suit jacket+dark coffee pleated skirt


Daily commuting can also be worn like this. In the early spring season, a gray checkered wool suit is retro and fashionable. Although it is a medium -length version, the pocket is stuck in the waistline.


You can also wear it.

Light coffee bottoming shirt,

The color is gentle, the overall color matching is very high, and the brown pleated skirt,

The maturity and the sense of girls are integrated into one, and the method of wearing up and down is stable.

Two, trousers

1. Khaki suit jacket+white knitting bottom+beige cigarette pants

This set of wearing is simple and advanced. In fact, khaki color is actually very appropriate to feel the recovery of all things in the spring.


With a white knitting bottom for warmth, beige pants pants to modify the fat



Method of upper width and narrowness

It is more suitable for a large waist and round body. This set is more suitable for babies and mothers. The comfort is very high, and the shoes are not tired.

2. Red semi -high neck knitting base+blue suit jacket+wide -leg pants

The warm and cold contrasting color wear well, and the color design feels new and stylish.

The color is dark, the white complexion, the blue suit jacket

Partial model

It will be very aura to wear. With the version of wide -leg pants, black stripes have a sense of workplace, creating the style of the female boss.


3. White shirt+light coffee color striped small suit+beam jeans

The classic two -piece suit that is indispensable in spring, clean white shirt and jeans with age reduction, classics can still be new and fashionable when wearing a variety of ideas!

Light coffee -colored striped suit jackets, with decorativeness, also look capable and handsome, showing a casual feeling, jeans are definitely thin king fried items

It is matched with thick -heeled animal ankle boots. It is fashionable and stylish. It is simple. This spring, a small suit together, warm and handsome!