Yang Mi and Ouyang Nana love to carry on the street!Prada nylon bag


Yang Mi and Ouyang Nana and other actresses love the same PRADA practical nylon bag, now you can buy it at one time in Taipei Breeze


Prada’s most classic and best -selling nylon bag, because of lightweight and practical, can be said to be one of the private bags that many fashion tide people love in private. Since 1978The unique nylon material has a history of nearly 40 years, and it is still enduring. It is also the first choice for many people to start with Parda.Now, PRADA is limited to pop -up shops during the establishment of Taipei Breek Xinyi Department Store in Taiwan. As long as you can visit the most comprehensive products, including Yang Mi and Ouyang Nana, etc.Planting backpacks, oblique backpacks, pockets and berts can be enjoyed at a time, and then watch more exciting content!