Queen Spain wears a “silk” dress again, elegant and advanced temperament, it is too much eye -catching


Friends who know the European royal family, hear it



The name must be familiar. That’s right, she is the Queen of Spain today, and she is also one of the royal members of the fashion circle. Although he was born in a civilian family, his face value and temperament were not inferior to the royal family members, especially when she put on a gorgeous and elegant dress, it really made people look bright and very feminine.


At the recently held the 43rd Children’s Literature Awards Ceremony, the Queen Spain once again put on her “silk” green dress. The elegant image once again attracted many fans’ attention, showing the feminine charm, and showing the local style. Come out, it’s so eye -catching.

Next, let’s talk about this dress of Queen Spain together, and I hope to choose some inspiration for everyone to choose a dress.

Green “Silk” dress analysis

I believe that the first impression after many people see the photo is color,

“Gem Green” not only has a very dynamic sense of vision, but also can set off the mature temperament of older women.

It looks extraordinarily atmospheric. The main thing is that the “Gem Green” color dress looks very high -level, and it is very consistent with the atmosphere of the official activity. Moreover, the materials of the dresses are quite fashionable, which is very helpful for the royal family identity of the Queen of Spain. It is very luxurious.


Therefore, when choosing a dress, older women must consider the charm brought by fabrics in order to greatly enhance their fashion taste.

For example, the “silk” fabric dress selected by Queen Spain, even if there is no too gorgeous pattern decoration on it, it can give people a very elegant sense of vision. Because the “silk” fabric itself has an elegant luster effect, it is very helpful for improving personal taste and highlighting the sense of nobleness, and it is also in line with the mature temperament of older women.

From the print design on the dress, the exquisite pattern can increase the charm of the female after Lai to a height. It can also make the shape look more elegant and enriched with three -dimensional sense, and will not produce a monotonous visual effect. In particular, this exquisite pattern with local characteristics also adds the charm of exotic style to the dresses, which looks more character.

In addition, the tailoring design of this dress is also worthy of reference and the key to improving the image.


One is:


The collar design of the dress, the classic V -neck can not only reflect the swan neck behind Lai, but also the small exposure skin looks particularly feminine, and it will not make people feel vulgar.


two is:


The skirt of the dress adopts the “pleated” design method, while improving the sense of fashion of the skirt and standing, and it will not affect the temperament of the Queen of Spain. It still looks elegant and atmospheric, and is very good.

Finally, let’s talk about how simple the matching of the dress is. A fashionable dress does not need to be matched with any clothing at all. A pair of high heels can easily create a fashionable shape and improve the elegant temperament of women. However, on the choice of high heels, try to match the fine heels as possible, which can make the shape look more exquisite and very temperamental.

How about it? Is this Queen Queen’s dress beautiful and fashionable? There are many eye -catching skirts like this. Friends who like the royal style look down together, hoping to find more inspiration for everyone to wear.

PART1: Monochrome dress elegant, advanced ↓

Monochrome dress is a dressing method often used in the royal family. It is simple, atmospheric and very high, and can also interpret the temperament of mature women. Especially the high -saturated dress shape can help the queen of Spain stand out from the crowd, which looks particularly grabbing.

However, the solid color shape is likely to make people feel monotonous, so try to show the beauty of the lines as much as possible when dressing, so as to enhance the charm of women and highlight the body advantage. And most women wearing solidar dresses will portray the small waist like Laihou, and they look particularly slender and thin with their legs.

PART2: Mono -colored skirt wear ↓

The matching of the dress is simple, but it also hinders the creative space of women. Therefore, if you want to have more matching space, you may choose a solid single skirt to create a high -level and elegant image.

But when you match the skirt, you must pay attention to coloring. The correct color can make the shape more attractive and look very atmospheric. If you do n’t know how to match, you may wish to learn the Spanish queen with a white top, and it ’s friendly to combine with any color skirt, and it is a bit fresh and fashionable in the high -level sense.

Part3: Printed skirt ↓

In addition to the solid skirt, the printed skirt is also a very good choice, but you must pay attention to the style when choosing. Especially for older women who want to show elegant temperament, the length of the skirt should not be too short. It is recommended to choose a printed skirt like the Queen of Spain to show the atmosphere and improve the temperament. Do you think so?

After reading these fashionable skirts, I have to admit it,


After Laihou is really an example of “skirts” in old women, elegant and high -level, too.


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