Bitter is taking care of the little master with life, and still grits his teeth to continue: I. I can


One -year -old child is even suspected of dogs, and we must believe that this is truth!


This is a busty bit dog “

Diamond (Diamond)

“It was a shoveling officer in Taiwan.


A ddge at home as an important character nanny Wang, because there is a child at home.

Starting from a young owner, A Da has been protected by a “guardrail” beside it.

This “guardrail” has been maintained to the present, and the little owner has more and more like A Da, and often find it to play.

Every morning, when the shoveling officer has made his eyes open, he can see his son beside A Du.

The shoveling officer once vowed to bet with her husband. The first sentence of the son’s spoken speech must be “mother”. The husband thinks it is impossible, and it must be “dad”.

The imagination is beautiful and the reality is cruel.


The first sentence that the son said was “dumb door”. Both adults lost to Nuan Ge Da, and then they realized that they were true love.

Even though they had a good relationship, the accident would still happen, and the little owner accidentally kicked his belly on A’s belly.

Alex Aya, there is a little owner who is not close to himself next to him.


Fortunately, A Da has enough love for the little owner, otherwise the little owner’s foot … The shoveling officer is a little scared.

Through this incident, the “competent nanny” is the highest honor for fans to A Da.


It is not easy to be so tolerant of the little owner, they really really love!

On the growth path of the little master, there is still a long way to go.


At present, you can only continue to be wronged by the little owner. This is just the beginning, and you are used to get used to it.

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