Vest+half skirt, knitted cardigan+suspender skirt, so good -looking at school


The sisters have started to school. Of course, in the new semester, of course, we must wear good -looking new clothes, and school mood is more pleasant!

Today, I have prepared for you for the tenderness, sweetness, and sweetness of various styles.


Department of Foreign Languages

Look1 vest+short sleeve+pleated skirt


The sisters of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​are docile, and the style is a proper “Korean style”! So I arranged the white T+apricot vest with the same color pleated skirt, which was super gentle.


The embarrassing season in the late summer and early autumn, the morning and evening, the hotness at noon, the vest is very suitable for this season, stacked to wear short sleeves and long sleeves ~

The color of this look is relatively plain. I want to have a highlight. You can use the campus with full campus style and bags that echo the color of clothes. Hats are embellished.


This set of sisters who are very suitable for Apple -shaped figures are used for reference. The upper body items are relatively loose to cover the meat on the belly, and then expose slender legs.

computer science


LOOK2 Chessboard Grid Vests+Shirts+Spill Pants

Girls who can read computers will have some salt in their dressing style. After all, they are strong and cool girls in their bones!

I originally wanted to arrange a must -have plaid shirt for the sisters of the computer department. Think about the recent chessboard, then the chessboard vest+shirt CP.


Inner shirts do not need to be fastened by the swing, showing a shape of an inverted triangle, with a sense of design and a large buttocks.

The clothes are simple black and white color, and then the bright color hats echo the same color and the same color, as if injecting the soul into the wear.

Department of Literature


Look3 suspender skirt+knitted cardigan+Maryzhen shoes

Most of the sisters of the Department of Literature will be teachers, so I think the intellectual temperament of them will be very strong.

The suspender skirt+cardigan is very gentle, and can be worn at school and future work. The temperament female teacher himself.


This kind of female teacher is more casual and lazy, so it will be too tight for single products.

The little sister wants to buy a short cardigan, and the long cardigan is paired with long skirts, which is easy to wear five or five points.


Moreover, the small bag will choose the underarm bag to be higher. Try to avoid the big and long bag.


Department of Business Administration

Look4 shirt+shawl+jeans

The sisters of the Department of Study Management are all planning. People who work and social ability MAX will have a relatively simple and capable dress style.

I thought of the stack of shirts, clean and elegant, and it was very suitable for autumn.

The shirt with a shawl is more casual, and it is more bright to wear. Loose jeans are more energetic and can block thick legs ~


Sisters with thin legs can replace trousers with shorts and short skirts, and the skin area will appear more goddess’s temperament ~


Art Department


Look5 Irregular shirt+half -body skirt+square shoes

The sisters of the art department always love to wear macaron color on their bodies, this set of pink blue look is very suitable for you! It’s so eye -catching!

First, a blue flower dress in the pink shirt has a sense of layering and visual impact. A layer of tulle was added in the middle of the stack, which increased the retro fairy sense.


However, this method of wearing is too loose, and it is easy to appear fat and short. This blogger is very smart, adding a black belt. While the maid man balances, he also highlights the waist and optimizes the proportion of the figure.

The mixing and matching of the socks make the whole look more advanced!

Department of Administration


Look6 short -sleeved suit jacket+dress


The sisters of the Department of Administrative Management are full of affinity, and the Japanese style dressing will be more suitable for them.


I picked a short -sleeved suit jacket+suspender skirt, which is very suitable for this time.

The short -sleeved suit outer jacket can blocked the thick shoulders and thick arms, and the suspender skirt shows temperament and affinity.

It is very comfortable to match the woven bucket bag and weaving shoes, and I am very happy to talk to you. It is your best combat clothes that requires you to take over.

Sisters who have been successful in autumn can be replaced with suit jackets, covering their hips and whatever.

Worried about sisters who are too mature to wear, you can buy light -colored suit jackets, white and fairy.

Okay, let’s go here today. The sisters should study hard in the new semester, and stay up all night and exercise!