No dry glue labeling machine to make food label more standardized


Pre -packaging foods are inseparable from food labels. Food labels are important ways to protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. Food labels do not meet the requirements of specifications, such as tag folds, easy to blur, fall off, etc. According to regulations, relevant departments will punish the food processing enterprises involved in the matter. To this end, enterprises need to choose the appropriate labeling equipment, such as non -dry glue labeling machines, and timely processing problems in the process of use, such as the label to ensure the normal work of the label machine and ensure the quality of the labeling.

Recently, the production label of a food processing enterprise has not been punished in accordance with the regulations, and the fine is more than 190,000, and it confiscates illegal income. This is also “alert” for other food processing companies’ standardization of pre -packaged food labels. Food labels mainly refer to text, graphics, colors, symbols, and all descriptions on pre -packaged foods. According to relevant regulations, food labels shall not be separated from pre -packaged foods, and the “explanatory objects” of food labels shall not become blurred and falling off during circulation.


At present, the category of my country’s labeling machine is increasing. There are flat labeling machines, non -dry glue labels, double -sided labeling machines, corner labeling machines, unilateral labeling machines, etc. The technical level is also very Large improvement has improved from manual and semi -automated labels to automated high -speed labeling machines. The labeling efficiency and label quality have been greatly improved. It has been widely used in food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics and other industries. So, how can food processing companies better ensure that food labels meet the requirements of norms?

Some people in the industry believe that, on the one hand, companies need to understand the relevant regulations of food labels in the “Property Labeling Rules” to avoid unnecessary punishment for pre -packaged food production labels because they do not know the relevant requirements. On the other hand, we must use a professional labeling machine, and can choose the appropriate labeling equipment, and deal with problems that occur in the use in time, such as the label to ensure the normal work of the label machine and ensure the quality of the labeling.

It can be known through the incident of punishment through food labels that do not meet the regulations. Food labels appear folds, blur or even fall off in circulation, making it impossible for consumers to obtain label information normally or intuitively. “Regulations. To this end, food processing enterprises need to choose the appropriate labeling equipment, such as non -dry glue labeling machines to ensure the quality of labeling. The author learned that the labeling machine of non -dry glue can automatically complete the split bottle and the bidding band synchronous separation label, and the label efficiency is high.

More importantly, the non -dry glue labeling machine uses the technology of electromechanical integration, and the overall sensitivity is high. Even the irregular packaging corners can be flat and beautiful. In addition, there is a strong torque motor -driven advance system. The low -speed torque is large, the speed is stable, avoiding unstable labeling speed, incorrectly caused damage, and then affects the quality of the label. In addition, a photoelectric control device can control the label pressure and temperature of the label according to the needs of the process to ensure that the label is firm and will not be tilted and does not fall off.

However, it is worth noting that although the labeling machine can ensure the beauty of the label and the food label is firm and not falling off, it does not rule out the impact of other external factors that causes the food label to “warp”, so that the subsequent falling off is subsequently falling off. Happening.

For example, the viscosity of the food label itself is insufficient, which requires the increased label viscosity to make the food label more firm; the packaging materials are too smooth, such as bottles, cans, boxes, etc., which will increase the difficulty of labeling. The surface quality of the material ensures the label quality.

In addition, thicker materials will also affect the labeling of food labels, so it will use soft label materials as much as possible to enhance label ductility to “warp”. In addition, at work, the labeling machine is prone to static electricity, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the label. Users can appropriately improve the humidity and cleanliness of the label site, so that the labeling is away from dust to improve the effect of labeling.