A college girl wears black pantyhose to participate in the sports meeting, causing controversy


Schools usually hold school sports meetings to exercise the physical fitness of students and enhance exchanges between schools at all levels. Usually, the sports meeting is that everyone wore sweat on the field wearing sportswear, and the dress of many students at the school Games surprised us!

For example, there are four boys in Zhejiang Jinhua some time ago. They wearing JK and black pantyhose, played on the field, and successfully won the first place. Some people think that these four boys are to attract their opponents’ attention. Essence


If men’s clothes are wearing girls’ clothes to divert their opponents, then the girl’s dress will make everyone commented as impure.

At a sports meeting of a foreign language college, a girl was wearing black pantyhose, black short -sleeved tops, and warm -up, ready to participate in the race.

And the girl also achieved the first place! After being rumored to the Internet, the comments of various ways followed:

Many netizens said that this is for the sake of eyeballs, and the purpose is impure. Of course, there are also a few netizens supporting opinions. However, I think the game should be like the game. These strange aliens really should not appear on the field!

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