1.8 % off grab the Boyang Home Textiles! Four -piece set 299 yuan! At the end of the year, the opening of the position is only for clearing the goods


Boyang headquarters borrowed land, opened the position to release the price, regardless of cost, first come first first!

It’s almost New Year, have you added a new quilt and new sheets at home?

Is there still children, relatives, and friends who are wedding?

Employee benefits, visit customers, are you preparing gifts?

Don’t worry, Boyang Home Textiles will provide convenience ~

Special full cotton four -piece set 299 yuan! (Original price 890 yuan)


Special offerings of 499 yuan for Yutian silk! (Original price 2780 yuan)

Super soft and warm four -piece set 499 yuan! (Original price 2580 yuan)

All cotton dual summer is delivered for free shopping! deliver! deliver! (Value 880 yuan)


All products in the audience, buy now, the lowest price!

Don’t blink, more explosive products are coming ~


· 999 yuan grab 100%hand -pulling antibacterial mulberry silk quilt (first class chief) ~

All -cotton small blooming fabric+100%hand Lasan silk+shell keys zinc antibacterial

· In addition, the heating room is recommended to be a small white goose down and a preferential reduction of 4,000 yuan!

The original price of 5999 yuan was imported from Russia’s Daguo goose velvet Spring and Autumn, and the price was only 1999 yuan!

· Based on such a explosive price, if you buy 3999 yuan in the audience, you will get 880 yuan in cotton water to wash the summer ~


Take a look at the Boyang Fan who snapped up!

Early buy and enjoy, buy early and choose more ~

All employees of Boyang Home Textile welcomes you to “grab cheap” ~

Clearance time: As of January 5


Counter Address: Boyang Home Textile Monopoly on the Fourth Floor of Ginza Mall of China 13853033267


New site of specialty stores: 200 meters north of Zhonghua Road and Youth Road to the west (east of the Rural Commercial Bank) 18678588010