Nordic wave dot system, creating an exclusive sweet two -person world


The owner is a younger two post -85s. The girls are particularly lively and talkative. She told me that she likes pink gray and ripples. I hope that the design of the new house can have these two elements in it. This time we adjust the small bedroom structure to create a sweet two -person world with both functions and aesthetics.

living room


The entire wall is based on white, with woodwax oil smoke -colored oak flooring, gray fabric sofas embellish the Nordic pillow, the sofa is not right to the background wall, relying on a set of white decorative cabinets to let the space break the traditional pattern. The soft furnishings of the living room are dirty powder and black gray, supplemented by rose gold and natural stone patterns.


Design fireplace shape in the central axis of the living room. The left bucket cabinet decorates INS wind -hanging painting and the right stand is set to make the living room storage neat and orderly. Add French carving and other elements to increase the space value in detail.


Dining room


The folding door of the fine -frame glass is used as a partition to ensure the transparency and brightness of the space, and it also controls the oil fume. The restaurant continues the white wall, with golden elements to brighten the space, dirty pink dining chair with wave dotted tablecloth.


The kitchen adopts the popular tile ground with small white brick walls, white cabinet doors and black countertops and handles, and use contrast colors to make the space capable and tidy.



The master bedroom has sufficient lighting, and the simple hard installation uses carved discs and classic angle lines to make the entire space more refined. The sleeping area adopts a soothing gray background to continue the pink soft outfit. The chandelier of rose gold becomes a bright color of the space. On both sides of the bed, different bedside tables and lighting are used to meet different living needs, and at the same time, it seems more changing.