Meng to the foul high -value water cup, the cup body can DIY, no longer afraid to hit the cup


Summer is here, milk tea, shaving ice, suspender skirts, all kinds of high -value and small beauty are coming!


Even the mood has taken off ~

Wait, what does it seem to have a little less?

The clothes and jewelry are new. Is there still one less high -value water cup in summer?


After all, the water cup last year is not worthy of you this year!

Girls who don’t like to drink water must be because you don’t have a good -looking glass!

Speaking of high -value water cups,


NONOO & KAKAO Friends Pollting Cup

There must be a name, it’s almost cute ~


look! The cute Kakao Cartoon doll stood on the cup, hitting the girl’s heart, and looking at the pictures, I felt that my heart was going to be cute!


It is both a face value and full of strength, the bottle body is

Tritan material

, European and American baby bottle -level standards, proper strength!

Intimate tea filter design

Usually put some fruits, tea or tea, and do n’t worry about drinking slag.

Search on a certain Amway Book, it is called one



Intersection There are sisters who arranged for themselves, and there is also a mother who bought it for the child ~

NONOO Cartoon Doll Panda Press Cup (430ml)

No bisphenol A, infant baby bottle grade safety


Quartet seal design, inverted without leaking water


Click the card below to buy

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NONOO doll straw cup Kakao Friends co -branded online red cartoon doll straw cup

¥ 109



75,000 sold in 1 minute


Trian material, infant -level safety

The little friends may not be familiar with the name Kakao Friends, but it should be impressed when you see the cartoon image inside.


Starting with an emoticon package, once it was launched, it quickly swept countries.

Now it has become an independent well -known brand, derived a lot of hot IP peripheral products, and also has the theme cafe and theme parks of Kakao Friends characters.

When opening the first flagship store in Shanghai Fuxing Plaza, the longest exaggeration to queue up


Five or six hundred meters.

This time, Kakao and Tide NONOO cooperated to launch the newly upgraded cute straw cup in 2021.

Last year, NONOO’s co -branded straw cup was recommended in Weiya live broadcast room.

75 million sold in 1 minute,

Selling out instantly.

I accidentally refresh the water cup industry record ~


So many people’s cups are just a high value?

of course not! The cup body of this cup is

Tritan material without bisphenol A


, By the US FDA certification,

It is a designated material for infant supplies in Europe and the United States,

Healthy and environmentally friendly.

Of course, there are also tests from domestic professional institutions.

Also meet China’s safety standards!




Disclosure and washing the whole body, rejecting stains and dirt

In addition to high face value and high safety, the details of this cartoon water cup are really designed to the heart.


In addition to the face value, it is still a cute cartoon doll.

Dust plug

, Perfectly combine the face value and strength.

The straw is also edible material material

The design of the upper width and narrowness makes the taste more comfortable, and it is very friendly to children and girls.

(Girls can also prevent lipstick from dipping cups ~)

Tea filtration can be removed

, Super humane ~


It can block the tea residue and be used as a mixing stick.

4 Heavy Discovery Design Layer Reinforcement: Anti -lying valve+3 layer sealing ring


Essence Even if there is a inverted, there will be no leakage sprinkler. Lying down and drinking water may work ~

The entire cup can

Disassembled cleaning


Don’t give dirt a chance!

430ml large capacity

To meet the demand for daily drinking water, drink 3-4 cups a day, today you can meet the standards of drinking water ~

In order to allow sisters to go out to show their beautiful and greasy cups,

Also equipped

Adjustable cup band.


There are four stickers with each cup,


You can DIY belong to your own unique cup


No longer have to worry about hitting the cup!



4 options, the model hit the girl’s heart

Ultra -low discount price, come home, come home

Let’s introduce our protagonist in turn.

Pink · Apeach 啵啵 Peach

The combination of farts and peaches is full of joy, and just looking at it makes people want to enter the pocket.

Blue Ryan Ryan Lion


Ryan is a lion that seems indifferent, in fact, the most delicate and gentle cure,


Color and image boys are not mother -in -law ~


Green Tube Runaway Duck

Black and thick eyebrows with small eyes, and big mouths like sausages, it should be difficult to see it when you see it ~

Yellow Muzi Muzi Rabbit

Muzi is a small naughty with 100,000 why it is in my heart.

Transparent cups usually make some flower tea, decorate fruit juice, and change their face to a new cup. It is cute and more happy!

Such a high -value doll cup,


Get girlfriends, girlfriends, and children are all first -level choices

Usually shopping, watching movies, bringing babies, driving, working, picnics on it, you can come in handy anytime, anywhere.

In terms of price,


Buy the official website now

It is also cheaper twenty or thirty! Intersection Intersection

and also! Press a key point, joint model


The sisters who are fancy rush into the duck! Intersection Intersection

Quartet seal design, inverted without leaking water