20 pieces of searching for private things, they will smile with their skin


20 pieces of searching for private things, they will smile with their skin

good night! What you like


Sharing good things

Come ~

Today, Amway is given to you. All buds are purchased by PDD

Cheap and easy -to -use baby


Absolutely everyone is everyone

Daily life

Can be used;

Not only some practical

Good home

,and also



Someone does not eat my wave of Amway, will I be sad?

Now the vases have been rolled up. Is it that I have never seen the world too? This is exactly a




The bottle body is a simple four ball, but the unique one

Nordic IINS style rushing foot

, The texture of the glass is transparent, sparkling in the sun, beautiful CRY;


I bought it green, and I feel that it is already beautiful when a decoration. Of course, the flower will be even more divided. I want to do it for the room.

Create some sense of atmosphere

Sisters rush ~




Large capacity

The storage of storage is magical, it is really a lot of help me!

You can let me throw away dirty clothes, so that the room does not look messy, and it is full of a bucket of laundry to finish the work ~

The fabric is available in both sides

waterproof material

, Wet clothes are also OK, there are still on the side

Small handle

, Very portable.


I moved for a few times and didn’t want to throw it away for a few times, don’t put dirty clothes

Decorate snacks


Hey, I really have no resistance to this cute and loved small object.

But don’t say you, the little angel who took off his cheeks and played the piano to the switch, it feels like the switch seems to have survived, so that the room is also a bit of permeability.

Romantic atmosphere


Let’s say that when the exquisite pig girls are arranged, they will not even let go of the corners ~


Like to use

Call down to record life

Looking at the treasures, you must need this 3 -inch small album ~

The love of the cover is inlaid, which can be replaced with your favorite photos.


The capacity is enough


You can put 64 photos on the front and back.

When I got my hand, I also

No odor


The corner also

No burrs

For this price, the workmanship is still very passing. The photos of star -chasing girls are also acceptable to put themselves.

This IKEA style sticker was too poke, and it was given a movement of an original underground order.

There are 50 unsatisfactory stickers in 5 yuan. You just want to play. You can post your mobile phone and notebook.



It is a waterproof material,

It’s okay to tear up

If you are afraid of long time, you will leave traces, and it will be OK with alcohol or makeup remover.

This bear’s suitcase looked like playing, but some of them should not be pulled down.


More than 30 small luggage bands



Not to mention, it is also designed inside



Fixed rope

The 14 -inch capacity can also be installed.

You can use your clothes when you go near the door.


Skin care products and cosmetics

, Go out on the luggage box pole

Not occupy

When I saw those iPads on the Internet, I wanted to buy a protective bag for comfort, and I bought this after the goods than the three houses;

After receiving it, it’s really fragrant, super soft hand, because there is

Thickened cotton


Anti -fall protection, and black ones are still resistant;

I bought the 14 -inch one I bought, but it was just convenient for me.

Put some books


In spring, we mean that you want to make the phone case full

Spring atmosphere


Woolen cloth.

The mobile phone case of this embroidered flower is really at my aesthetic point, pink

Three -dimensional flower HIN girl

, I feel like I am getting tender;

The material is also very good, not the kind of soft collapse,

Very hard

The price of 10 yuan can be closed into the sisters.

Let’s try this bath towel! it is

Really gray

Ah ~ ~

When you take a bath, you can rush for a while for a while, and then use it to rub it gently, the ash will be brushed away like rain. After rubbing, it feels that the weight is 2 pounds lighter.

But pay attention when rubbing, it has two sides of thickness and fine sides, so take it to take it


It won’t hurt when rubbing on that fine side


Oh ~ ~


Want to

The bedroom is warmer


The treasures can consider entering a carpet;


I saw it on Taobao at first, but it was too expensive and I couldn’t get it. This is so this

Big size

More than 30

, It’s worth trying at all, it’s been a long time


I don’t feel bad for changing new

It really didn’t disappoint me when I bought it.




, Gray color

High -level

And the thief resistant, I paved for more than a month, I felt that it didn’t change. I could only say that I did n’t lose.


The traditional washbasin occupies a special area in the bathroom. It is easy to encounter if the space walk back and forth, which is very inconvenient.

It can be folded up and hanging on the wall when the washbasin that can be compressed is not used.

It is not easy to get ashamed without occupying space.

The trumpet I bought is used to wash socks. Large foot soaking feet is quite thick. It is recommended to the dormitory party and rental party.


Finally my puff puff and beauty eggs do not need to be placed on the balcony! I really thanks this makeup egg storage rack.

Isn’t this more useful than the pink rack? Hanging on the wall also

No need to occupy the desktop space

Intersection I turned into a storage person directly.


Put a beautiful makeup egg on the three floors, and put the powder puff below, which is compared to a closed box

Be more hygienic

Don’t worry about mold.

The storage disk I bought before is always easy to deform, but this acrylic stand

Very strong


There is no tendency to bend at present.

And his

The feet can be folded

In this way, it will be folded when it is not used,

save space

It is also convenient to carry in the future.

It is also widely used, not only can it be placed on the dressing table



You can also put it in the cabinet

Set up a tableware

The price of more than 20 is very fragrant!

My previous makeup bag was too small. When I looked at the little sweet potato, I was planted by this. The real thing was a big move to get off the car safely;

My set of water, essence, brush, various makeup and mask,

You can put it on

It was only 12.5.


What is the material


Waterproof leather

Just check the wet towel, there is also a separate grid in it, I strongly recommend this!


Sisters! This person’s exaggerated short peach armor, I don’t allow you to miss it!

Three -dimensional heart is super thorough

Superwater tenderness

, Coupled with the style of a small blush, really monkey monkeys, still very



It’s good to fit the nails, but it will be slightly available

A little transparent

It’s okay if you don’t look closely.

But I bought a lot wider, it is recommended to measure the width of your nails and then


Customized customer service customization

It will be more suitable.

Recently, the wind of this fake eyelashes is really large. Buy it back and try it.

The sun is spent!

Although it looks long, the upper eye is


Very natural curl

In a blink of an eye, it flickered like a doll.

And the comfort is also very nice, the hair is super fine, and the hair is posted on the eyelid


It’s also light

, I won’t feel tired all day.

When taking the tadar clip, it will not easily spread, but the gardenia given is not easy to use. It is recommended to use that kind

The sharp -tip of the mules will be better

As a kitchen draining pad, your high value is a bit too much!

Usually I put him on the side of the water sink to put the washed cups, chopsticks, or something, which is more convenient to get it.

When I eat snail powder and instant noodles, I also use it as a thermal pad, the material of its silicone

Easy to clean

You can also bend casually. I plan to repurchase one in the office.


This is also the baby I dug on the PDD, a pot of 13.8 also brings, soup and chopsticks!

And grandma’s color


Super cure

, Get it on your hand, it is also heavy

Ceramic texture

When I am too lazy to cook at home, I use it to soak noodles with instant noodles. Putting a noodle cake is just right, but pay attention

Can’t use it clearly


This shelf is really recommended to friends with small kitchen space, it can really let it

Double kitchen area

Four layers of baskets, the top layer, I usually add auxiliary materials such as garlic and Xiaomi, which is convenient to get.


Here are all kinds of dry goods and ingredients, as well as some mixed -like lids.


Also stable and not shake


It is placed in the bathroom to storage and washing supplies, or in the living room to install snack debris.

After reading today’s article, have you been planted?


Do you have any good treasures Amway?

You can share it in the comment area ~


These small skirts, every

Want to link!

Is it really ugly?

look in

Become a storage of small capables














Oh ~ ~




The above is the introduction and description of Tweezers Cleanser, I hope it can be helpful to you.