The pet rabbit’s pumpkin -shaped pet rabbit warm nest is good


The pet rabbit’s pumpkin -shaped pet rabbit warm nest is good

The pet rabbit’s nest, do you have to care about the problem of pet rabbit nests for rabbits? Have you never thought about this problem, or just want to put the rabbit in the cage? Why don’t you want to raise a dog like a dog? Prepare a cool nest for the little rabbit. Today, I will introduce a few nests that are very suitable for pet rabbits. Friends who have rabbits at home must have a look.

1. Pumpkin -shaped pet rabbit warm nest

The shape of the rabbit pumpkin -shaped warm nest looks like a cut large pumpkin. The “pumpkin” is full of fluffy cotton, soft and breathable, and it is suitable for use when it is not very cold in winter.

2. Cradle velvet pets pets warm nest

The biggest feature of the cradle -shaped warm nest is that the side is relatively high. The thick velvet can block the cold wind blowing directly, making the rabbit sleep more stable.

3. The box -shaped pet rabbit warm nest

Because rabbits have the habit of drilling holes, this warm nest can give the little guy more sense of security, but it is often checked and see how much “landmines” have left in it.

宠物兔的窝 南瓜形的宠物兔暖窝不错哦

4. Pet -shaped pet rabbit warm nest

The structure of the stump -shaped nest and the box shape is basically the same. The circular “tree hole” is more comfortable, and the rabbit can expand the entire body. Between the green leaves swaying in the wind, do you see the cute long ear elves?

5, foldable pets, rabbit warm nest

Pressing down the “roof” on one side, the warm nest of the house immediately turned into a luxurious soft bed. Whether in the severe winter of the north wind, or the sunny but a little cold early spring, this folding warm nest can meet the needs of rabbits.

6. Cute rabbit -shaped warm nest

In these warm nests described in this article, the author is the most meaningful thing. Not only is there a large space (so large that you can put down the heating pads), the shape is also quite cute, especially the white ball ball on the back, which makes people watch it. I can’t help but want to catch ~


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