Classic time -Triumph Speed ​​Twin


Classic time -Triumph Speed ​​Twin

The magnificent 1200ml side by side double -cylinder engine can erupt the powerful torque of 112N · m;

Naked engines, heat sinks that are deliberately polished, dual -row exhaust pipes with horn shapes … radiate a strong steel texture;

The front fork of the rubber dust cover+double cylinder shock absorber creates an antique charm;

Single round headlights, double -round instruments, solid fuel tanks, long strip cushions …

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Each carefully designed details on this car point to the industrial age that has disappeared.

In the motorcycle industry, most of the historical brands are lucky, because they have rich cultural assets, and they can use modern technology and concepts to “resurrect” the classics; at the same time, they can also perfectly integrate historical culture and modern technology, thereby showing unique uniqueness The meaning of aesthetics. Triumph “Speed ​​Twin” is such a classic model.

The earliest “speed double cylinder” was launched before World War II, and after the end of the war, it quickly became the darling of the market. At that time, this motorcycle was equipped with a parallel dual -cylinder engine, but the weight was lighter than many single -cylinder motorcycles; the engine displacement was 498ml, and the strong power made it easy to exceed 140km/h; the frame structure was lightweight. Control light and flexible … With these advantages, the “speed dual cylinder” quickly detonated the US market and witnessed the golden years of the Triumph Motorcycle -allegedly, the 500ml and above motorcycles sold in the US market in 1969 In the middle, Triumph occupied half of the mountains!

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Now, Triumph uses the latest technology and aesthetic concepts, so that the “speed dual -cylinder” is the full resurrection of glorious and classic models!

Although the “speed double cylinder” is very close to the previous name of the “road dual -cylinder” launched, you must not think that this is the twin brothers. In fact, the performance is very different!

The name of “speed double cylinder” is domineering than “road dual -cylinder”, which is first reflected in power devices. Although it is equipped with a parallel dual -cylinder engine, the cylinder diameter and punch adopted by the “Highway Double Tank” are 84.6mm × 80mm, and the displacement is 900ml; Sight to 1200ml, 300ml more!

Thanks to a larger displacement and a new fuel supply system, the peak power of the “speed dual -cylinder” effectively improves, reaching 71.5kW (6750R/min); from the speed of 2200R/min to 6750R/min, the power growth is clear Linear characteristics, giving the rider’s extremely refreshing acceleration experience. At the same time, for the positioning of classic cruising, this side -by -side double -cylinder engine has the characteristics of low speed and large torque -the maximum torque is as high as 112N · m. At this time, the speed is only 4950R/min, which is significantly enhanced from the “road dual cylinder”! Between the speed of 2200r/min and 6400R/min, this side -by -side dual -cylinder engine maintains high torque output of 100N · m or more. Whether it is a load acceleration or a high -speed overtaking, it seems calm!

The control performance of “speed dual cylinder” is more flexible. Triumph engineer installed a steel pipe+aluminum alloy cradle frame, the wheelbase is a moderate 1430mm, and the drag distance and the rear tilt angle are 22.8º and 93.5mm, respectively. This turning geometric setting is relatively positive to create a soft and natural driving experience for the riders. In terms of the suspension system, the front wheels are installed with a 41mm front fork and a schedule of 120mm. At the same time, the rubber dustproof sleeve is added to give a sense of acquaintance in the industrial era; On the double tube shock absorber, emphasizing the charm of antique and ancient color.

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph Motorcycle emphasizes both performance and style. “Speed ​​dual cylinder” is very painstaking in various details, and strives to set out a strong classic taste. Although the high -performance parallel dual -cylinder uses liquid cooling heat dissipation, this power heart still inherits large heat sinks, with black spraying, and finely polished on the edges, allowing the cold black and metal to contrast with each other. On the left and right sides of the engine, a slender speaker tube muffler is led to echo the front and back of the parallel dual -cylinder engine. In addition, large single -round headlights, dual discs speed meters and speedometers, solid fuel tanks, long strip cushions … Each carefully set details shows a strong nostalgic charm, which makes people produce in the middle of the gaze. The illusion of backflow!

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

But don’t be misleading! Under the classic shape of the “Speed ​​Double Tank”, it is hidden in modern technology and performance. Intelligent equipment such as electronic throttle, traction control system, driving mode, anti -hug braking system is standard configuration, so that the riders can control the in -depth deeper control of more in -depth. , Driving safer!

Electronic throttle: replaced the previous steel throttle. When the riders twist the throttle handle, the engine electronic management system integrates the angle of the throttle unscrupulous and the engine speed, gear, air flow, temperature and other information, which instantly calculates the results, and then provides the best fuel supply.

Traction control system: Adjust the torque output of the engine, making the rear wheels accelerate more effective and safer. When the system detects the signs of the rear wheel slip, the instruction will be issued to reduce the engine torque output, thereby enhancing the safety driving performance.

Driving mode: “Speed ​​dual cylinder” comes standard with three driving modes, such as highways, rainy days and sports. The highway mode is a standard driving; the rainy day mode reduces the power output and improves the driving safety of the weak grip pavement; the motion mode is a full -power output, and the accelerator response is refreshing and fast.

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Anti -hug and death braking system: The front and rear wheels of the “speed dual cylinder” are installed with 310mm dual brake discs and 220mm single brake disks, respectively, controlled by 4 Pistons caliper and 2 piston caliper, respectively. On this basis, a anti -hug brake system is equipped, which enhances the stability of the brakes and makes the riders feel confident when emergency braking!

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph Speed ​​Twin

Engine type: cold liquid, SOHC 8 valve, tied for dual -cylinder engine

Displacement: 1200ml

Line diameter × rush: 97.6mm × 80mm

Compression ratio: 11.0: 1

Maximum power: 71.5kW (6750R/min)

Maximum torque: 112N · m (4950R/min)

Fuel supply method: multi -point order electronic fuel injection system

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Drive method: chain

Clutch: Wet Multi -Film

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Transmission system: 6 speed

Frame: steel pipe+aluminum alloy cradle frame

Back dumping angle: 22.8 :

Drag distance: 93.5mm

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Wheelbase: 1430mm

Seat height: 807mm

Suspension system: (front) 41mm upper fork, the itinerary is 120mm

(Rear) Double cylinder shock absorber, the itinerary is 120mm

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Brake system: (front) 310mm dual disk, fixed 4 piston caliper

(Post) 220mm single disk, floating 2 piston caliper

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

Tire specifications: (previous) 120/70 ZR17

经典的时光——Triumph Speed Twin

(Post) 160/60 ZR17

Fuel tank volume: 14.5L

Net quality: 196kg

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