How to buy the 4 -piece warm four -piece set of winter warmth in 38 spinning networks


As the temperature declines across the country, the intensive bed supplies enter the hot -selling stage. 38 editors of 38 textile network recommendations. When choosing four -piece set in winter, you can choose to add velvet, because it is more comfortable and warm.

Therefore, when choosing to add four pieces of velvet, you can choose for different materials. So what kind of material is good for the four pieces of four pieces on the velvet bed in winter? How to choose a four -piece set on the bed is more suitable? Let ’s take a look at the relevant content. It has a certain reference value for the purchase of four pieces.

The four -piece suit that is more popular this year is divided into four pieces of gold mink velvet, four -piece set of snow fluffy, carved four pieces, milk velvet four -piece set! We introduced one by one:

Golden Mink velvet four -piece set:

Golden mink velvet is a kind of mink velvet. It is like a “mink” plush and warm -fitting warm sweater fabric. It is a new type of fabric, rich in plush, bright color, smooth feel, soft and strong, and warmth.

At present, the genuine mink velvet on the market is mainly a kind of bags, bags, and English names in Ocean Prefecture. There is a thin pointed hair in the fur, so some people call it a black needle bag.

Its fur and beautiful slave wool blending can make luxurious fur effects. Because of its excellent warmth effect and light characteristics, it is the new noble of European fur jackets.

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Four -piece Snow Vell:

Features of snowflake velvet fabric:

It has the characteristics of softness, lightness, warmth, corrosion resistance, and light resistance, similar to short fibers of wool. Its density is smaller than wool, and it is known as artificial wool. Although it is more than 10 % lighter than wool, it is more than doubled.

Advantages of Snow Flower:

The superflightened snow -like cotton super cotton velvet shows the fluffy cotton fabric on the surface after pulling the velvet. Through the pinhole of plora on the surface of the cloth, more fluff is produced. Soft and thick. Here is the origin, characteristics, classification of snowflake velvet.


After the velvet is pulled, the surface shows a rich fluffy textile. Single -side velvet and double -sided velvet. The single -sided velvet tissue is mainly oblique, and the double -sided velvet is dominated by flat lines. Suitable for children. This color velvet, bleaching velvet, what kind of velvet, and sesame velvet are generally used as winter clothing, gloves, shoe hats, etc.

The upsurge of snow velvet is repeatedly reused by the tip of the pilling machine, and it is formed by pulling some fibers on the blank cloth surface. The fluff is short, dense, and uniform. The printed velvet cloth pulled the velvet before the print, and the bleaching and the mixed color velvet was pulled at the end.

After the velvet is pulled, the weft has a large loss, so it is very important to master the quality of cotton yarn and pull the velvet process. There are fluffy cotton cloth, single -sided or double -sided velvet, especially for underwear and pajamas.

Four pieces of carved velvet:

Introduction to carved velvet:

The carved velvet uses the characteristic of polyester fiber acid to resist alkali to dye the bottom surface of the polyester fiber short plush fabric into different colors, and then use the carved slurry to dissolve the fiber -shaped fiber -shaped fiber, and then then Remove the carved slurry and dissolved fluff through water, and the three -dimensional and clear bumps are presented.

Features of carved velvet:

Carved velvet setting Shurou and warm -keeping fabric;

Fiber is fine, full of fluff, soft and comfortable texture;

Has a unique warm management system;

South Korea’s exquisite three -dimensional weaving process;

Special treatment of anti -static.

Four pieces of milk velvet:

Introduction to milk velvet:


Milk protein fiber is based on cow milk as the basic raw material. After dehydration, oil loss, dehydration, separation, and purity, it becomes a cheese protein with a line -type macromolecular structure; Lingling, branches, and preparing spinning raw liquid; finally made by wet spinning fiber, solidification, stretching, drying, curling, fixed, short fiber cutting (long silk wound). It is a new type of animal protein fiber that is different from natural fibers, regenerative fibers and synthetic fibers, and is called milk shreds and milk fibers.

Advantages of milk velvet:

1. Soft, skin -friendly, etc. are the same or better than cashmere;

2, breathable, good wetness, refreshing body;


3. Keeping warmth is close to cashmere and good heating;

4. The wear resistance, ball resistance, coloring, and strength of milk velvet are better than cashmere;

5. Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin does not exclude this fabric, which is quite like a layer of skin, but has a maintenance effect on the skin.

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It comes from 38 spinning networks


It comes from 38 spinning networks

It comes from 38 spinning networks