Liver testing the good choice of relaxation of office workers in Ruiduo shell chair


As a member of the office workers, I know the discomfort brought by the sedentary. The most direct thing is that the neck is stiffening. Whether you are standing or sitting, keep a posture for a long time, and the pressure on the waist spine and various joints will have a lot of burden.

If the physical discomfort problems are not soothing in time, it will become the legendary “occupational disease” over time. But if you put a massage chair at home, make a proper massage and relaxing after returning home, which is of great benefit to maintaining your health!

There are not a few massage chairs on the market. There are one or two thousand yuan of low -end ones, and high -end ones are 30,000 to 40,000. How can I choose the right massage chair? The editor tests dozens of massage chairs and recommends the Ruido Dream-6 shell chair.

亲测瑞多贝壳椅 上班族放松的好选择

Ruido’s home massage chair, fully automatic space compartment mode, three -gear zero -gravity relaxation experience. Use intelligent APP to control the massage chair, combined with 12 sets of automatic programs, with constant temperature heat compress waist care, many mode, full functions, you and parents can use it.

亲测瑞多贝壳椅 上班族放松的好选择

The whole body massage function of Ruido Dream-6 contains the rolling scraping and the palm bumps of the palm of the feet, so that I can refresh the scalp to the fingertips. There are stereo speakers in the Ruido shell chair. Listening to music while massaging.

亲测瑞多贝壳椅 上班族放松的好选择

The price of Ruido Dream-6 is less than 10,000 yuan. Real love. Now the New Year’s Day event, you can’t hesitate, hurry up!