How to choose a vitrity tile tile glue


Tiles need to be stuck with glue. How to choose vitrified tile tile glue?Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.


1. Material matching

Choose adhesives suitable for vitro bricks.General adhesives include: ordinary ceramic brick adhesives, vitro brick adhesives, marble adhesives, ordinary mosaic adhesives, glass back paint mosaic special adhesives, etc.

2. The characteristics of strong viscosity

The material specifications are ≤400mm as small bricks, which can be paved corresponding to the selection of adhesives.The material is ≥500mm. It is a large and large brick. In addition to the corresponding selection of tile adhesives, you should also pay attention to the reinforcement binder.

3. Select according to the paste style

Wooden board walls, light body walls, insulation walls such as the contraction and deformation of large -scale deformation are selected from flexible tile glue. If it is a small tile glue with less deformed walls such as pouring walls and load -bearing walls.