The working principle of “Cutting Paper Cutting Machine Knowledge Encyclopedia” paper cutting machine Safety operating procedure


1. Introduction to paper cutting machine

The paper cutting machine is a traditional product, which is used to deal with the demand for paper tailoring in the post -printing period. From mechanical paper cutting machines to tape control paper cutting machines, but also to microcomputer program control, color display, full image operation guidance visual processing and computer assisted cutting system for external programming and editing production data, so that production preparation time Short, the cutting accuracy is higher, the labor intensity is lower, and the operation is safer.

2. Working principle of paper cutting machine

Generally, the paper cutting machine has an automatic switching system. As long as the paper is lost, the paper cutter will automatically rotate and chop the paper. Some paper cutting machines need to press the start button, and the paper cutter will rotate, which can continue to cut the paper. After the paper is finished, press the stop/reverse key to stop turning the paper cutting machine.

Third, the paper cutting machine to buy

1. Mechanical structure

The paper -cutting machine of the dual -rail structure is very troublesome when adjusting the accuracy, and the price of the guide rail after wear is more expensive. The precision of the paper cutting machine is simple and convenient to adjust the accuracy of the papermaking machine. Once worn in use, it only needs to be replaced.

2. Security

Whether the papermaking paper is a defense falling device; whether the sports parts are equipped with a fully enclosed safety cover to prevent the parts of the components from accidentally broken into personnel damage; ) Let’s prompt the safe range.

3. Work efficiency and cutting accuracy

「切纸机知识百科」切纸机的工作原理 切纸机安全操作规程

The paper push pads of the mechanical paper cutting machine and hydraulic paper cutting machine must be controlled by buttons and hand wheels when proceeding and retreating. In comparison, the operator’s labor intensity is relatively large and low efficiency. The program -controlled paper cutting machine optimizes the work efficiency by optimizing the tailoring process.

4. After -sales service

In the distribution of a good manufacturer in the distribution of after -sales service outlets, it will definitely consider whether customers can get satisfactory services and technology support in the shortest time. Specific embodiment of the comprehensive capabilities of mechanisms.

Fourth, the operating procedure of paper cutting machine

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance and safety points of the paper cutting machine, and the paper cutting machine can be operated after passing the test.

2. Before going to work, the operator must wear work clothes, tighten the cuffs, prohibit long hair, slippers, skirts, and jewelry operating machines.

3. Check whether the photoelectric protection switch of the paper cutting machine is normally and reliable each time before booting. Try the knife three times first, observe whether there is a back knife, and find that the switch is strictly prohibited.

4. Before turning on, add the lubricating oil of all the lubrication points of the machine. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, whether someone is doing other maintenance work on the machine.

5. Check the operation of the machine, concentrate the lubrication system, the emergency stop buttons of each part, whether the safety device is normal.

6. The top of the paper cutting machine is strictly forbidden to put tools and other objects on it (such as steel ruler, board, screwdriver)

7. When installing or disassembling paper cutting blades, manual operations should be used. After the main motor is completely stopped, the switch can be switched to the switch switch position.

8. When adjusting the depth of the tape of the paper cutting machine, the paper cutting knife should be increased first, and then the depth of the adhesive bar is adjusted from shallow to deep to deeply.

9. After the blade is blunt, the blade should be replaced immediately. Do not continue to use it, so as to avoid excessive loads of the machine and cause damage to the parts.

10. The pressure adjustment of the papermaker pressure paper is not allowed to be greater than 60kg/cm2. (Generally around 45).

5. Paper -cutting machine blade replacement method

When changing the knife, first turn off the main motor, wait about 2 minutes, and confirm that the transmission belt is completely stopped, and the two wooden knife swords (provided by the manufacturer) are placed under the blade. Select the switch to place the sword position “”. The knife bed function selection switch must be cut in the tailoring position. Use the sleeve to rotate the band -end noodle nut to remove all the screws on the blade, and then use the inner hexagon wrench 4mm, leave the knife device brakes away, rotate the knife device to put the blade smoothly on the two wooden knife swords, install two knife handles, remove the blade, pay attention to holding the blade to prevent the wounded.

6. Paper cutting machine maintenance and failure maintenance

Maintenance of paper cutting machine

1. Before the start of the work (continuing to work after the shift or the midway), check the main components of the paper cutting machine for inspection, and add lubricating oil.

2. After the work of each shift, cleaning the machine should be cleaned at a time, and the exposed rubbing surface should be wiped and adding the river oil lubricating oil.

3. In the case of normal two -class work, the paper cutting machine makes a comprehensive cleanup and inspection of the machine every two weeks.

4. If the paper cutting machine is stopped for a long time, you must wipe all the bright surfaces, apply rust -proof oil, and cover the plastic cover to cover the whole machine.

5. If the paper cutting machine is stopped for more than March, the moisture -proof paper should be covered on the anti -rust oil.

6. When checking the disassembly paper cutting machine, it is forbidden to use inappropriate tools and use unreasonable operation methods.

Cutting paper failure repair

1. Half -automatic movement is immediately moved and immediately moved. Most of these causes of faults are caused by short circuit caused by pedal switches or water inlet socket sockets. The other is that there is a problem with the manual starting button switch. The repair method is to replace the new switch, socket, button switch or disassemble the maintenance -related damage parts.

2. Step on the foot switch when half -automatic work drops, and then rises after letting go. This phenomenon is generally the left side of the bidder is close to the switch damage or the connection. The solution is to replace the switch or connect the switch connection.

3. Put on the foot of the switch to the slide of the foot when the semi -automatic work, and the printed seat does not move after the left move. The cause of this failure is that the left side of the bidding seat is close to the switch that is not felt or problematic. The solution is to adjust the switch sensing point near the switch or replace the close switch; and the micro -motion switch in the foot switch is stuck without action, which will also cause this failure. The solution is to adjust, repair or replace the micro -switch in the pedal switch to adjust, or replace the new micro switch.