This jasper is crazy! There is a top -grade called spinach green in the jasper


Many jade friends who have just started playing jade are more curious, why often see a group of people on the Internet, such as the video below: the following videos:

There is also the following:


The scene of the ingredients is very fierce, as if those materials do not need money. So what are these people grabbing? Some people say that they are grabbing jasper raw materials.


In fact, it is not important to grab the material, but I have to say that when the green spinach green appears, it may often need to be grabbed to get it.



Why are the top spinach green in the market

In recent years, the jasper market has developed very quickly, and the jasper of various colors has continued to rise, such as apple green, duck egg green, porcelain white, pink white, etc. But no matter how the jasper market changes, spinach green is a topic that can never be around.


after all,


There is a top -level sheep fat jade in Hotan Baiyu. There is a top -grade called spinach green in the jasper!


However, people who like jasper may also find a problem, that is, the good spinach green on the market is very small, especially the spinach green materials, and there are almost no.


Nowadays, the quality of spinach with good quality on the market is mostly some corners. Many of these materials are old -fashioned, which were cut down from those old old materials.


Therefore, most of the good jasper we see are some small works, and large pieces are basically invisible.

Even in the mountain material wholesale market, although many spinach greens can be seen here, most of the spinach green materials are not good, or the color is dull, black, or the color transition is not uniform.


It is not surprising that good spinach green is so scarce and difficult to find, and it is natural to be robbed by everyone.



What does top spinach green look like?


What is the top spinach green? Many people think that as long as the color is dark green, spicy green, and similar to spinach, even the top spinach green. In fact, this view is not comprehensive.

We first have color. Although the green jade is expensive, the top spinach is not color like spinach green or good spinach green.

Good spinach green, just like the spinach leaves just picked, the dark green, the color green is like spinach but not stuffy, the color looks the best, the sun is like fresh spinach, and the surface Looks green. It was not the old spinach sold in the afternoon, but dark green was dead.

Followed by oily. The oily nature of top spinach green can be manifested in terms of visual or touch.

Visually, the green surface of the good spinach is shining with oil, which looks green. In terms of touch, it is also oily. This kind of oil is emitted from the inside out.

Many old players have no reason for the old pits and green jade. Because this oily sexy is not available in many new pits.

Finally, fineness. When it comes to the fineness of Jade, many people may first think of duck eggs. The fineness of the good duck eggs can make the lights without structure. In fact, the top spinach green can also be difficult to see the structure.

In general, a top spinach green should be like this: thick and elegant, lush and lush, slightly green, green and green, and the unforgettable life is attached with a smooth and smooth oil from the inside out.

Of course, good spinach green should be comprehensive measured from the aspects of color, oil, and fineness, which has nothing to do with the noun.


Therefore, whether it is the old material of the No. 7 pit or the new pit, as long as it meets these conditions, it is top -level.



The price and counterfeiting of spinach green

The Jasper Market has developed particularly fast in recent years, and this kind of fast is first manifested in price.

Maybe in the past few years, you can buy a piece of spinach green for thousands of yuan, and you can start a top spinach green pit for tens of thousands of yuan.

But today’s spinach green market, there are not many jasper you can buy. The sapphire of more than 10,000 has long been commonplace, and there are many jasper with more than 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands!

In short, the price may be several times more expensive than a few years ago.

At the same time, due to the sharp rise in the price of jasper and the strong market demand, this has led to the phenomenon of fraud in the jasper market. Among them, spinach green is the hardest hit area.

For example, many novice players have been on the spinach green bracelet, and some people even buy a piece of glass tens of thousands.

Does the spinach green bracelet above look beautiful? The color is spicy and green, and the jade is clean, and it is even more absolutely not bad.


The unable to fall in the video is the spinach green bracelet in the picture above. Therefore, it looks beautiful and charming, but it is actually a fake. It is made of material, which is made of glass.


Therefore, although spinach green is good, it must also face its market. Thousands of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, just want to buy a top spinach green bracelet or jade card, which is very dangerous.

Because such a price is difficult to buy good spinach green, it is likely to buy the material, or the Manasbask, which is impersonated by spinach green.


As the first and most well -known jasper, the spinach green jasper is the most stable type of jasper. It is no wonder that many jade friends praise the queen in the jasper chromatography.

But unfortunately, the top spinach green is getting less and less. If you meet, please cherish it ~