65 -year -old Liu Xiaoqing took a close photo, wearing a leopard tight dress, full of energy, a pair of thin legs is too eye -catching


On July 16, Liu Xiaoqing took recent photos on the social platform to share daily wear with you. She sent a text: But I forgot these brands they dressed, and fans who like it yourself!

In the photo, Liu Xiaoqing was wearing a leopard tight dress, a gold -embroidered pattern bag, a wide eaves cap, a black sunglasses, and a delicate and elegant dress. At the age of 65, she is still in good condition, fair skin, slender legs and long legs, which is no different from the girl’s legs. Only the belly was slightly raised, and the traces of the years were seen.

Some netizens praised her with a good temperament, and she was full of noble ladies. Some netizens admire her domineering and independent personality. Of course, some netizens talked about her clothes. They did not show her temperament and gas field, all of which were worn a little.

Liu Xiaoqing was called the most beautiful “Wu Zetian”. So far, this role has rarely surpassed her. Although Liu Xiaoqing was over 40 years old, the face value was still very resistant, completely interpreting the character “Wu Zetian”. This role is very in place, showing everyone the legendary life of Wu Zetian.


Liu Xiaoqing’s activity on the screen has not been very high in the past two years. The recent Liu Xiaoqing played the old grandmother in the TV series “North Ernar”. The role has a clear positioning for the role you currently play.


As a well -known old opera actor, Liu Xiaoqing is beyond doubt. I hope that in the future, she can also see her bringing more and better works, and also wish her a happy and healthy life.