Sun Yunyun’s “Deep Vest Line” swimwear photos perfectly interpret sexy figure


Sun Yunyun, the first place in Taiwan, has the exquisite appearance, slender figure, and excellent fashion taste of frozen age. She has always been loved by the fashion industry. At the age of 43, she still has a perfect posture. Taste, as long as she opens her face open, it can cause the topic, and she often shares new fashion products and daily life through IG. Recently, I posted a memories of going out in 2017 in IG. In the photo, she wore a striped bikini, super super Tighten the body to attract everyone’s attention.

Sun Yunyun, who has millions of IG fans, often share with you new fashion products and your daily life through IG. Each one is wonderful and beautiful to attract the public’s attention, including Balenciaga posted woolen hairy slippers, Dior Chez Moi Home Service, Celine 2021 spring and summer sports underwear, Gucci new package, etc. Recently, Sun Yunyun posted a post on IG and recalled the beautiful photos of the beach when he went to the beach. In the photo, she wore a blue powder striped bikini to show the tight abdominal muscles and slender legs. , Perfectly interpret the summer vacation style of sunlight, beach, bikini.


Speaking of Sun Yunyun, everyone will first think of her pair of slim strokes. Even if we wear short boots and flat shoes, beautiful long legs, but in addition, her abdominal muscles and vest lines are also amazing. Because a photo of a Celine sports underwear is too frozen and hot, it is praised by netizens as a girl mother. And her freezing age is maintained by her perseverance. The secret of Sun Yunyun’s frozen age has always attracted much attention from the public. In the past, she posted her old photos for 20 years. Age news.

Sun Yunyun once said that she had developed daily habits such as light diet, regular exercise, and observing changes in weight at any time, so that she had no chance to gain weight. In addition, Sun Yunyun will also be fixed for TRX to sculpt the body curve. Through the action of the side rod, the abdominal kick, etc., the abdominal muscles are also posted on her IG. TRX is a kind of movement that can exercise the muscles of the whole body. It is very helpful for the sculpture body, and even Sun Yi really loves to do it.


Finally, share the static yoga movements that can be done while slipping on the phone, but the skinny legs and thin belly can be beautiful!


The first action: flat support


It will mobilize the whole body muscles, which can enhance the arm and waist and abdomen force, and alleviate the tension nervous system. You can thin buttocks, thin legs, thin waist.


The second action: eight points support

It can relieve physical fatigue, correct hump, and then beautify the shoulder lines to improve constipation.


The third action: swan style

You can exercise your legs, extend your spine, relax your neck, and continue to do it every day. You will find that the neck lines have begun to disappear!

The fourth action: starting type

Remember to change the edge in turn, maintain natural breathing and body balance, and long -term adherence to improve the width of the fake.

Fifth action: laid -down type

It helps to improve the blood circulation on the face, eliminate fatigue, thin shoulders and waist, and can also stabilize legs.


Sixth action: Lion body style


It helps to increase the flexibility of the body, repair the lumbar spine, stretch the abdomen, and skinny abdomen, which can relieve sore for a long time!