Learn from the four directions to learn about the unique charm of the “Lady in Jade” Qingshui Emerald


Qingshui Emerald is the name of a type of emerald in recent years. It is named because of the characteristics of jadeite.

The literal understanding is the color of the jadeite with the color of the jadeite, the color is uniform and elegant, the foundation is pure, transparent, and a sweet taste in it. Therefore The elegance.

The requirements of Qingshui Emerald are relatively high in planting water. Generally, it is necessary to meet the ice or ice species. Therefore, the price of Qingshui Emerald is also very high, with high collection value.


Qingshui Emerald is divided into blue clear water and green clear water. The color of green water is more clear and bright than the blue water. high.

Many people often talk about Qingshui Emerald and Bing Piao Green Emerald. In fact, the flowers have the flexibility of floating flowers, and the sweetness of clear water is sweet. It mainly depends on personal preferences. Generally speaking The collection value of emerald and clear water emerald is very considerable.


So how to choose Qingshui Emerald?

First of all, it is necessary to pick up enough, so that the emerald will be shiny and translucent.


Secondly, the color should be clean and refreshing, the distribution is even, the color is very good, the color is at the bottom, and the color roots are almost impossible.

Then the foundation should be clear and delicate, no gray, no miscellaneous, no black tone. Jade is pure, without cotton, cricket, dirty, and cracking.