There are so many types of skin care on the market, what is the difference?


Essential oil refers to the use of distillation, squeezing, extraction, dipping, or adsorption, etc. (usually a certain part of flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, barks, or trunks) with sezen glands The general name of plant essence oil.

The types of essential oils are diverse and unique, and are used in daily care and even medical care. So, what requirements should be used as a essential oil for cosmetics?

First of all, the use of essential oils and use sites must conform to the definition of cosmetics. Cosmetics refer to the surface of the skin, hair, nails, lips, etc. with rubbing, spraying or other similar methods. Daily chemical industry products.

Secondly, essential oil products can claim the functions such as beauty skin care and aroma, but its claims cannot exceed the scope of the efficacy of cosmetics. If the pharmaceutical value, disinfection effect, etc. in the propaganda of essential oil products, or the use method is not directly used on the surface of the skin, but through internal or inhalation, inhalation, etc., it does not meet the scientific definition of essential oils for cosmetics.

At present, the most common skin care essential oils in the market generally have unilateral essential oils, compound essential oils and basic oils.

Unilateral essential oil

It is a 100%pure plant essential oil. Due to the deployment of other components, it is usually named after the plant or plant, such as rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, and camellia essential oil.

Generally speaking, unilateral essential oils are not suitable for directly applying to the skin because of their high purity. Direct applying it is easy to aggravate the skin burden, resulting in skin allergies or even burns. Therefore, basic oils are generally diluted before use.

Compound essential oil

It refers to the deployment of a variety of plant essential oils based on its different characteristics.

Under normal circumstances, the effective ingredients of a bottle of compound oil are only about 3%, and the rest are mainly used for harmonious basic oils. Compound essential oils can be directly applied to the skin. According to the product instructions, directly apply to the face, arms, and legs. Skin at the part.

Basic oil

It is also called base oil or blended oil. It is a non -volatile oil that is squeezed and extracted by the seeds of various plants, which is used to blend one or more high -concentration of unilateral essential oil. After blending the basic oil, you can use massage and other methods directly on the body. Basic oil is mild and easy to be absorbed by the human body. It can be used as skin care oil or massage oil alone.

Essential oil also has a by -product called pure dew, also known as water essential oil, which is a 100%saturated distilled raw solution separated during the distillation extraction process of essential oils. In addition to a small amount of essential oil, it also contains plants in the plant body The water -soluble substance is lower than that of essential oils, and the concentration of pure dew is lower, and it is easier to absorb.

The use of essential oil safety needs to pay special attention to the following points:


In order to ensure the safe use of essential oils, it is recommended to apply it in a small range.

Try from local and short time, and pay attention to observing the skin’s allergic reaction.

If the skin releases an unsafe signal to you during use, do not ignore it. If it is suspended in time, if you continue to be serious, you need to obediently go to the hospital for treatment.

Do a good job of storage of essential oils. Unilateral or compound essential oils are volatile. Once they contact the air, they will be volatile quickly, and oxidation and deterioration will be oxidized due to the changes in ultraviolet rays and temperatures, and essential oils will dissolve plastic. Essence

If the unilateral essential oil after Kaifeng is preserved properly, it can be preserved for 2 years, and the complex essential oil of basic oil or basic oil will be preserved short and easy to deteriorate. Try to use it as much as possible. The spoiled essential oils will have the phenomenon of turbidity and darker or color, which can easily cause adverse reactions such as skin irritation. Pay attention to observation before use.

Author: Wang Lina (Shanghai Disease Control)

Edit: Li Chenzhen

Photo source: Wen report information photo