The sixth National Congress endorsement, the first commercial value after “dehydration”, Lin Yun’s upper speed is faster than the Rockets


Lin Yun won the prize again!


This time is a very heavy, “dehydration” award.

Two days ago, the “Golden Data” China Entertainment Big Data Receptions held by Ai Man Data, Lin Yun won the “Most Business Valuable Potential Potential” female artist award.


This award is not casually issued.

As we all know, there are really many “waters” in the entertainment industry. The forgery and false reports of movies, TV series, web dramas, and star -related data have become the industry’s hidden rules, but data is still an important basis for the effects and communication level of film and television works and the judgment of star business value. And in order to eliminate the factor of the army and show a real entertainment industry, Eman shot!

The evaluation indicators of the “Gold Data” awards are very strict.


Cao Yongshou, president of Ai Man Data, said that all awards were evaluated after the special “dehydration” algorithm, and specifically through natural language processing technology, artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning model to allow the computer to from the user behavior mode and the content characteristics of the contents of the contents of the content With the three aspects of social relations, we can accurately identify the behavior of the water army, so as to “dehydrate” network data.


In other words, in the “golden data”, the sailor army is nothing, and the human relationship is not good.


These dehydrated data reflect the good and evil of the people who eat melon, and the famous film and television works and stars on the list of the awards have been tested by the “dehydration data”. There are applause!)

On the list of “the most commercial value potential female artist”, Lin Yun won the first place. Other artists on the list are also popular little flowers such as Ouyang Nana, Zhang Tianai, and Song Zuer.

The score of this award is based on the four dimensions of the image index, professional index, heat index, and endorsement index. This comprehensive scoring Lin Yun is still the first score, which can be said to be quite capable!

Lin Yun himself did not come to the scene to receive the prize at the scene in Shenzhen and only put a VCR -you see, you have to send her the award at the scene, not the “sitting sitting fruit”. Award.

Lin Yun was really busy with flying recently, not only filming Zhou Xingchi’s new work “Mermaid 2”, but also the advertising endorsement was also soft.


The latest official announcement is the image ambassador of the IPSA Mainland China.


This is also the first Chinese ambassador of this Japanese high -end brand.


Previously, she also won the Calvin KleinperFormance Series spokesperson, Sephora spokesperson, makeup brand MAC spokesperson, Ferragmu perfume ambassador …

Many of them are “the first” and “first” ambassador or spokesperson in China. Why are these high -cold brands willing to make an exception for Lin Yun?

“Star Girl” debuted, she won the starting line. Soon after her debut, she was invited to watch the Chanel show. The newcomer girl was loved by Lafayette.

If the advantage of her debut has a good foundation for Lin Yun’s next development, then the next trend is all relying on her own conditions and efforts -a “mermaid” halo does not allow her to eat incense for a lifetime.


Her fashion expression is recognized in the circle.

Such outstanding performance made her debut in the past few years. She was loved by major magazines, and the cover often brushed her face.

Now, she has unlocked the cover of the four front -line fashion magazines and completed the “quasi -slam”. This result is already the first person in the post -90s flower!

The outstanding performance made her magazine continue to brush her face, and because of the magazine’s face brushing, she kept pushing brand cooperation again -such a virtuous circle often happened on Lin Yun.

The high -cold brand also often extends her olive branches, 喏, Ferragmu, a Italian brand with a history of more than 90 years, found her the first perfume ambassador.


But it is interesting that Lin Yun himself is not cold at all!


Now everyone knows that Lin Yun is a “part -time” beauty blogger who often uses all kinds of skin care products to fans Amway online.


Lin Yun also often appeared in his face, demonstrated the mask in person, made lipsticks for everyone, and taught everyone how to make up … almost broke the inherent impression of the people who eat melon -the fairy who is not eating fireworks on earth Instead, people who are troubled by dark circles and fine lines.

In this way, the effect of going to the battle in person is that Lin Yun’s endorsement products sell out in minutes!

Not only can it be promoted in the magazine for the second time, but it can also bring the goods to increase sales. The brand finds her endorsement.


On the work, Lin Yun did not fall. Today, the legendary adventure movie “God of War” starred in her was officially released. Lin Yun and Chen Weiting collaborated to perform the Mongolian goddess of the Mongolian god in the youth.


In addition, “Mermaid 2” is also being filmed. With Zhou Xingchi’s consistent box office appeal, maybe Lin Yun’s record of 3.3 billion box office has been refreshed soon since his debut.

There are works, brushing your face, and being able to bring goods. How can such a small Nizi commercial value be taken off?

It is just that the pig girls are worried that the products endorsed by Lin Yun may be more and more difficult to grab …