Chengdu Sutama Motor Film | Audi A8 Piece Paste Vitu V10 Hidden Car


Weigu · Suda Honorary Wall

Construction model: Audi A8

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Model color: legendary black

Construction project: Weigu V10 stealth car jacket

Construction unit: Kuanda Motor Film Factory, Wuhou District, Chengdu

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Product Features:

Thickness 7.2mil ± 3% ultra -strong anti -anti -yellow resistance changes

TPU material Aquacoat ™ top coating

Specification 1.52 × 15.24M

For 10 years

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

We all know the more expensive the car itself, which means that the cost of maintenance and maintenance in the later period is indispensable. The repair of the car paint shakes the wallet. At the same time, after the reform of premiums, the protection of the paint surface is becoming more and more important.

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

With the Weigu TPU material invisible car, you don’t need to worry about small scratches. Adaptive repair or hot repair ability, you can solve it with a cup of hot water. The heroes have seen the same, and most of the owners who choose the invisible car jacket are how many driving force in their hearts.

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Construction process

01 · Paint -surface correction+car body cleaning

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Audi lacquer surface dizziness pattern

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Use import tool RUPES for paint surface correction

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

After correction, the brightness can be restored without affecting the thickness of the car paint

Further cleaning the vehicle that has been washed before construction

Mainly the edge of the paint surface, vehicle rubber strip, suture and other edges

Tools such as soft hair brush, scraper, non -woven fabric, volcanic mud, air gun and other tools

Further clean to the appearance of dustless gravel

02 · Membrane construction operation

Drive to a closed workshop with no temperature and dust -free

A large amount of negative ion cutter spray a large amount of spray for comprehensive dust reduction

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

The possibility of reducing dust and wool in the membrane glue layer

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Improve construction quality

Excluding the effects of small dust floating in the air on the effect of construction

Allocate the construction site before construction to cooperate with the construction

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Spray the installation liquid evenly, and exclude excess installation liquid during construction

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Fully cover the area of ​​each block of the membrane

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

The store is equipped with PCS global model data cutting system

No need to remove the logo, license plate, and no need to cut the edge with a knife

After completion, professional soft towel rubbing the surface of the film

Check whether the installation is qualified before the installation fluid evaporates

03 · Complete display

Weigu Paint Mask Protection Mask

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Have good stretching and ductility, good tough performance

Block the damage caused by scraping bumps, flying sand, and sour bird manure

Fix the groove scratches at a certain temperature to protect more lasting

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Hidden car jacket is perfectly fitted with the body

The body is round and round, and the traces of cutting can not be seen

After completion, the brightness of the car paint surface has increased at least 30%

Driving a new car every day


成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣



Official website inquiry

It can be required to log in to the Victorian connected network to inquire whether the authorized store is in the authorization list


Membrane number

Each volume of the packaging film packaging and the tube have batch information

The membrane batch number is the “ID number” of the biolithic membrane

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

The membrane batch number can be queried on the Weigu official website

Verify whether the prestige membrane comes from the Victorian database

No labels or tags in the volume are fake products


成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Anti -counterfeit watermark

The newly opened film roll can see the prestige anti -pseudo watermark

When the film is opened, the film roll can also see the edge of the prestige watermark

4. 4..

QR code

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Open the box, with a official QR code attached to the film roll head

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

Scan the two -dimensional code to enter View Eastman China authorized Wudu information


Electronic warranty

The prestige membrane is now electronic warranty

Assist in the store to apply online

You can get it after the film is completed

As long as the owner needs to enter the relevant information on the prompt on the Weigu official website

成都速达汽车贴膜 | 奥迪A8装贴威固V10隐形车衣

You can check your own vehicle film information anytime, anywhere

At the same time, electronic warranty is also a voucher for the 10 -year quality insurance of the Weigu membrane

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