After the 90s, college students made leather tools, and monthly income reached tens of thousands of yuan


Shi Yanpeng, who was studying at the Department of Art Design of Wenzhou University, opened a original leather art studio with his classmates.

The name of this store is of great significance. It is named “Original”, and the meaning of “original heart and the heart”. I hope to leave the traces of time through hand -made leather goods to find the most simple taste. To this end, in addition to the “private customization” service, the studio also encourages handicrafts and launched DIY leather goods, which is loved by countless college students. Today, when the performance is good, the monthly income of the studio can reach 13,000 yuan.

Unlike others, they rarely have personal time. They will be designed and produced in the studio full of leather and tools. In order to buy a piece of raw materials that they are looking for, as soon as they are free on weekends, they will run Huanglong Chamber of Trade City or Water Heart Market. It takes 2 hours to take a bus from the university town. After buying a good skin, they have to squeeze the bus again and hold them back, and they can always see them on the weekend. Which one is high -quality head skin, now they only need to touch it, and they can distinguish it when they smell it.

At the beginning, there was no studio, and they were sewn in the bedroom. The leather is different and rough. The four “female men” in the studio are almost injured in their hands. After concentrate, they now make the technology of making leather bags.


The division of this studio is clear. Cheng Si, Zhou Mengyi, and Yu Meizhen are responsible for product design and research and development. Guo Dupeng is responsible for Taobao photography, and Shi Yanpeng is responsible for connecting with the outside world. With the continuous launch of the product, more and more people are known, and they have also formed a unique original DIY leather circle, which contains a lot of stories. Now you come to the original, there are more than a dozen types of leather styles for customers to choose. Once the style and leather are selected, the “leather craftsmen” will teach customers how to make leather goods by step by step.


A boy ran to the studio and wanted to make a pocket for his girlfriend. On the first day, the leather was cut, and the holes were hit. The next morning, I just ran three stitches and ran away. Everyone thought he was going to “give up”, but the boys came again in the afternoon. “Later, I learned that he didn’t want to sew it when he saw so many needle lines, but later he felt that it had spent so much effort. So I finished hard, and DIY also practiced his patience, “Shi Yanpeng said. A shop that runs men’s shoes on the AliExpress made more than a dozen leather keychains in their studios. As a gift for foreigners and customers, it was well received by international friends.

In the ivory tower at school, they used the team’s power to create a world.

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