The TOP8 of Shenzhen Private School is coming, and graduates are mostly admitted to Cambridge, Tsinghua, Peking University and other prestigious schools!


Last week, Shenzhen Lily Foreign Language School Xiao Shengchu exam,


Over 10,000 students go to the exam,

The scene is hot comparable to the college entrance examination, but in the end

Only 600 students are enrolled

Essence Judging from the real questions exposed on the Internet, the test content kills an undergraduate student of ordinary universities. Many netizens feel that IQ is completely crushed by elementary school students.

(Netizens with graduate students said they couldn’t answer)

(Netizens rushing: university English level 6 has never been)

After watching the six test papers, the editor said that there were only two not: this is not, that’s not.


A private school was admitted from the “tip” of 10,000 people, but parents still wanted to go. In fact, in addition to Bai Bai, there are seven high -quality private schools in Shenzhen. Many parents lined up in line all night to grab a degree every night.

but! These private runs are not you can go up. It ’s not possible to have money alone.


What other high -quality private schools are in Shenzhen? How can I go in? How expensive is the tuition?

Mo Yu, Xiaobian dug out some “top schools” based on the reputation of the parents and the rate of further studies.

(Note: The following rankings are not distinguished)

1. Shenzhen Bestda Primary School: The admission rate is super low, and the advancement rate is super high!


Bai Shida Garden, Luohu District, Shenzhen, a non -profit state -owned and private school hosted by Shenzhen Bai Shida Real Estate Company, and one of the best private primary schools in Luohu District.


21,000 yuan/semester (excluding school uniform and meal fees)


According to statistics, most of the students of Bestda have successfully admitted to key middle schools, such as deep, deep, and lily foreign language and district key middle schools.

Raising a chestnut: From the score of Xiao Sheng in 2016, it has 125 graduates, 15 in Shenzhen and China, 18 people in depths, and 28 people who have admitted them, accounting for a total of half of the number of graduates.

In 2018, 120 graduates were admitted to Xiao Shengchu.

【Entrusted method】

Recruit children from grades 1-6 for all Shenzhen.

Children must participate in interviews held in the spring of the school each year, and they can enter school after passing. But interview screening has no fixed standard, it is so wayward!

It is said,

In 2017, the number of enrollment applicants for Xiaoyi exceeded 1,000, and the enrollment quota was only 120

Competition is not generally fierce. The interviewer understands the child’s performance to understand the family education concept behind the child, so that they judge whether they meet the school requirements.

【Teaching Features】

Bai Shida has an advantage in further studies, that is, schools that can freely choose district -level schools, are not restricted by the entrance of the Education Bureau and the nearest enrollment. The school attaches great importance to English. A weekly teaching lesson, teachers and students communicate in English.

2. Chunlei Primary School: The darling of Lily Foreign Language

192, Ronghua Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Tuition fee 9900+ breakfast 700+ lunch 1400

According to parents, the number of admission for four consecutive years in 2015-2018 has exceeded 100, and the number of enrollment in the school is 1/4, and the number of admission and admission rate is far ahead of the city.

In 2019, 134 Chunlei Niuwa was admitted to Baiwai, 2 people in Qinglin Elementary School, and 1 of Gao Feng School (non -final list).

Although it is a private school,

However, it is necessary to register in the public unified enrollment system of the Longgang Education Bureau.

Signing up Chunlei requires the first volunteer. It is reported that the public ownership of 110 points was modified and filled in the volunteer.

People who are used in Chinese, Northern Normal University for Mathematics, Hong Kong Langwen and Oxford Textbooks for English. Hong Kong Langwen textbooks are very difficult, and the pressure is not general. Starting from the third grade, the school has organized Pei Youyou, Peiyou, and new concept English.

3. Lily Foreign Language School: Shenzhen “the most cattle” junior high school?

No. 189, Ronghua Road, Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen



25,000 yuan/student · semester (excluding accommodation, food and other costs)

At first it was just a branch of Shenzhen Foreign Language School.

From 2015 to 2017, he won the first place in the city entrance examination for three consecutive years

It surpassed the traditional “four famous schools” of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, deep, advanced, and experiments, which is simply the legend of private schools.

Baiwai is a full -time boarding system, so it can be restricted by the location

Autonomous enrollment in the city.

The school opens up, unlimited places, and after information screening, you need to take the examination and interview.

Some time ago, the real questions were exposed outside Baiwai. The test method was:

Electronic screen answering+English debate (all the words are involved)

Many netizens exclaimed that the difficulty was super college entrance examination.

【School -run characteristics】

It is understood that there are a total of 38 classes in a hundred foreign, with an average of 40 people in one class. There are no special sharp classes and key classes. Baiwai adopts a small class system and fully closed management, and all junior high school students live in school.

4. Shenzhen Foreign Language Primary School (formerly Shenzhen Affiliated Primary School of Shenzhen Foreign Language School): “Dear Son” of Shenzhen Foreign Language School

No. 1 Xiangxuan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

16,000 yuan/student/semester (excluding school uniform costs, food fees and other expenses)

(Admissions announcement released on April 19 this year)

(The latest enrollment announcement of the school’s official website has been deleted before)

Shenzhen Foreign Language Primary School was originally called “Shenzhen Foreign Language School East China Sea Affiliated Primary School” and changed its name not long ago.

Although it is currently incorporated into the unified enrollment management of Shenzhen, it still maintains the “three unchanged”:


The system remains unchanged and is still a private nature.

2. The management is unchanged and still cooperates with deep foreign.

3. The teacher team remains unchanged and is still the original class.

According to industry insiders,

At present, the children of the first and second phases of Donghai Garden can still be admitted to priority.

It should be noted that although Shenzhen Foreign Language Primary School is a private constitution, there are also school districts and a degree locking system.

Xiaobian found a set of data from the Internet:

In 2018, 35 were entered into the depths (including insurance delivery), plus 8 hundred and 10 deep -level high -level tricks, which added up.

More than 50 % of students have been admitted to the four major.

As the “pro -son” of Shenzhen Foreign Language School, it has a great advantage. If you can enter Donghai Elementary School, the grades are stable in the middle, and basically half of the legs will enter the depths.

Foreign language teaching has always been the characteristic of the school’s school -affiliated elementary school affiliated to the Shenzhen Foreign Language School.

The Oxford Edition textbook is used,

The average English level of English in the fifth grade of elementary school is actually the level of the second grade of public junior high school. Extra -school interests are very rich, boys include football, basketball, chess, etc.; Girls also have sweater.

5. Shenzhen Nanshan Branch of Peking University’s Affiliated Middle School: Peking University is named, and the tuition will start 30,000 +

No. 3002, Moon Bay Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Primary school: 30,000 yuan/semester

Junior high school: 33,000 yuan/semester

Online exposure to Peking University’s Junior High School 2018 City Entrance Examination Ranking:

(Peking University Affiliated Middle School 2018 Shenzhen High School Entrance Examination Ranking)


Peking University Elementary School can rise to Peking University with junior high school. It can be seen from the data.

The junior high school entrance examination scores are among the best in Nanshan District.

In 2018, about 12 % of the students admitted to the four major students, about 27 % of students were admitted to the eight major, and about 30 % of students were admitted to the four major. The four major education rates ranked in the top five in Nanshan.

As of the end of last year, more than 60 people who have graduated from junior high school students and high school students have been admitted to the University of Cambridge University, the University of Turan, the University of Toronto, Canada, the University of Sydney, Australia, and Japanese Waseda University in the United Kingdom.

More than 200 people have been admitted to key universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China, and Hong Kong University


The main source of the south mountainous area is the main source

Students and parents need to participate in the school opening day experience activities,

Interview screening

Elementary school, junior and high schools jointly founded by Nanshan Education Bureau and Peking University Affiliated Middle School

Boarding system

State -owned and private schools.

Education resources are inclined to international students,

Strengthening English teaching, science and art courses all adopt the original English textbooks, which are led by foreign teachers. The third grade of junior high school opened international classes, and the high school and the US St. Mary Middle School co -organized 2+2 International Class to Study in the United States.

6. Shenzhen Nanshan Chinese and English School (formerly Shenzhen Baishizhou Chinese and English School): Full International Fan, Locked the number to school

No. 33 Shizhou Middle Road, Shenzhen

The tuition fees for bilinguals in primary schools and junior high schools are 32,000 yuan per academic year.

The school has an average of about 30%of students in the middle school entrance examination scores at the city -level key high school scores.

In 2018, about 35 % of the students admitted to the top ten, about 30 % of students were admitted to the eight major, and about 15 % of students were admitted to the four major. The four major education rates ranked in the top five in Nanshan.

The school implements the system of exemption from the nearby trial enrollment, adopted


“Register online, draw on -site, determine the admission”

The way of buying a house or renting a house in Nanshan can apply.


According to a parent’s memory, under the supervision of all parties such as the notary office, police station, and parent representatives,

More than 400 elementary schools draw 60 schools to school


Essence In the previous year, 80 children were listed in 80 children.

The school now has a bilingual department and an international department. The bilingual department is the normal teaching system of the school. The International Department is preparing to meet children who want to go abroad to go abroad in the future.

After students entering the fourth grade, they had a short -term curriculum to study abroad in Brisbane, Australia.

7. Zhongyinggong School: Gentleman Lady Development Education

243 Haicheng Road, Baoan District

32,000 yuan/semester per semester

37,000 yuan/semester per semester

The total score of 406.5 in the 2017 middle school entrance examination, the third in Shenzhen, the first Baoan.

In 2018, 22.36 % above 420 points, 64.47 % of 400 or more, 34 % of students have top ten students, 30 % of students have eight major students, 11 % of students have four major students. The four major education rates ranked in the top five in Nanshan.

at the same time,

49 students from the school received admission notices from countries such as Britain and the United States.

Among them, American universities admission comes from the top 100 universities in the United States.


Both deep households or non -Shenzhen households can apply, and the students are screened through teachers’ lectures, students listening, and teacher -student conversations.

The school is

Member School of the British British Education Association

Therefore, adopting the advanced education management model of first -class schools in the UK, the TOEFL/IELTS test courses have been opened, the ECA club course, CAS social practice course,

Gentleman lady etiquette course, etc.


, Cultivate a proper aristocratic temperament!

8. Mingde Experimental School (headquarters): The unit price of the four university districts is 100,000 +

Xiangmi Campus (headquarters): Located at No. 3010 Xiangmihu Road, Futian District, there are primary schools, junior high schools and public high schools.

Primary school junior high school is public and does not collect tuition; the international department is 120,000 yuan/year

In 2018, about 38 % of students in the school admitted to the top ten, about 32 % of students were admitted to the eight major, about 16 % of the students were admitted to the four major, and the four major enrollment rate ranked first in Futian.

This school is the first “public non -public” school in China. In the early days of the establishment of the school, Tencent invested 50 million start -up funds.

So with a certain private nature.

The school attaches great importance to English, and also attaches great importance to the training of students. The elective courses cover various categories such as fine arts, dances, music, and performances.

Mingde Experimental School

A large part of the students are the integration system of public schools, and the rest are selected exams.


It is a school with rare (almost no) schools that do not require students’ examinations to schedule ranking, so they are widely sought after by parents. It is estimated that you can only buy a bathroom for 20 years.


There are five degree houses in Mingde Experimental School, which are::

Xiyuan, Xintian International Famous Garden, Xiangmi Lake Hori Ting, Xianghui Yayuan, No. 9 Courtyard (belonging to the army, the analysis is omitted)

The unit price is 100,000 +. In 2018, the minimum score of admission in junior high school was 72 points, and the primary school was not announced. In 2017, the minimum admission accumulation of elementary school was 83.2 points.

School selection students:

The school will receive student resumes every year.


Selected examinations are mathematics, and 2 classes are admitted, with a total of 70 students.

After reading the above 8 private schools, the editor summarized the three most important points of successful study:

Rich, lucky, powerful

Essence Drive by yourself and spend your numbers. Here I wish everyone can be selected by the school they like.

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【Entrusted method】

【Entrusted method】

【Entrusted method】

【Entrusted method】


【Entrusted method】

【Entrusted method】

【Entrusted method】

【Teaching Features】

【Teaching Features】






【School -run characteristics】

【School -run characteristics】

【School -run characteristics】

【School -run characteristics】