Family practice of Bai Fuling Mask


Practice of Bai Fuling Mask:


(1) Take 100 grams of Poria, 50 grams of milk, and a moderate amount of honey. First of all, spread a clean gauze on the cage drawer, put Bai Fuling on the gauze, steam the water for 40 minutes, put the steamed white Poria into the mixer, then pour the milk in, stir, start stirring, keep stirring until all kinds There are no obvious particles. Then pour in the casserole, boil it with high heat, add a little amount of honey after cooling, and refrigerate the refrigerator. Take 2 spoons (about 20 grams) every day. Bai Fuling and milk can enhance each other’s dietary effects. Milk can make the role of Bai Fuling “play to the extreme”. Bai Fuling can also promote the absorption of nutrients such as protein in milk. The two are “complementary”. Honey is sweet and sweet, and it can neutralize the bitterness of Poria frost.

(2) Take the last two spoons of Bai Poria, one spoon of Baiye, white and the last spoon, and use milk or honey to blend face. It is said that it has a strong beauty and beauty. A mask of Herborist is this recipe. However, it should be noted that it is best to make a mask before going to bed at night. Do not see strong light after finishing, because the white pink powder itself has some light sensitivity, which makes the skin sensitive to light. Instead, the face turned black.


After understanding the practice of Bai Fuling Mask, you can make it easily at home, but every time you make the Bai Fuling mask, you must choose fresh on the use of materials so that the effect of the mask will be more effective. Well, and this kind of mask is used for time, not too long at a time, the best in about 15 minutes.