New Chinese weddings inspired by traditional Chinese ink painting, do you like this style?


Write a prosperous and prosperous


But I wish you and me a life well


Tianshan Muxue Yuyu Qionglou


I do n’t regret this life, I ’m tireless


I don’t know when the national style is becoming more and more popular. China’s traditional culture has been recognized and promoted by more and more people.


It is manifested in the wedding that more young people like Chinese weddings and new Chinese weddings.

I took the paintings with Jun, and I watched the mountains from the south.


This new Chinese wedding is used to a large number of Chinese elements. The main stage is the main presentation of the wedding scene.

Taking traditional Chinese ink painting as the background, plus the layered screen, bamboo, flower art and other elements, it directly determines the connotation and style of the entire wedding.

The runway uses milk tea -colored carpet, gentle and elegant,

The two sides are paired with floral art, and the folding fan is the finishing touch.

The bride’s background uses the same style background with the main stage, plus other decorations, echoing the main stage,

At the same time, the ceiling adopts the Chinese style veil, which increases the fullness of the on -site layout, and at the same time improves the style of the entire wedding.

The ancients said that the horizontal seemed to be the mountain side and the peak,


In different environments, watching the whole wedding will also have different effects,

The effect of the Ming field is more bright, and the dark field looks more romantic.

The bride’s white wedding dress looks more eye -catching. When the world is dim, there is only you in my eyes …

Photo: Love Du Wedding Customization

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